Gajim - 2014-02-14

  1. Maranda _ping
  2. bot Maranda: Ping from 3.119 sec.
  3. Maranda _ping
  4. bot Maranda: Ping from 3.119 sec.
  5. Maranda _ping
  6. bot Maranda: Warning! Exceeded the limit of sending the same message. You are blocked for a period of 1800 sec.
  7. Maranda >_>
  8. pubis does anyone know when Gajim 0.16 final will be released?
  9. crow I have this msg in gajim.log '09:40:20 (W) gajim.c.x.transports_nb: calling send on empty buffer and queue' when gajim started with 'gajim.exe -p portable -c ../DataDir --loglevel .potr=DEBUG'
  10. johnny crow, as long as it still works.. no big deal
  11. johnny it's not unsual to have warnings like that
  12. crow well i am trying to do otr authentication with chatsecure android user, and when i get question and write answer, and then press ok, nothing happens, question window is still there. and not authenticated
  13. johnny ah.. well you should mention it has something to do with otr
  14. johnny does it work without OTR?
  15. crow johnny i would need to test it without otr. but for me without otr is no go :)
  16. dgombault Hi
  17. dgombault I have found a typo in fr.po file
  18. dgombault line 3403
  19. dgombault "Montre l'aide sur une commande donnée ou une listre des commandes possibles "
  20. dgombault listre should be liste
  21. Vincent hello ! :)
  22. Vincent any news about the workaround for facebook?
  23. Link Mauve I’m reading Gstreamer’s FOSDEM slides, and at page 10 they say they are now providing binaries for Windows and OS X, source:
  24. Link Mauve xmt,
  25. Link Mauve Only for 1.x though.
  26. Link Mauve Gajim should be ported to it, it looks much more awesome. :x
  27. xmt :D
  28. Link Mauve I guess not for 0.16 though.
  29. xmt I think it should probably land with gtk3.
  30. johnny i was wondering what the status of gtk3 port is
  31. Link Mauve I don’t think it has got any love lately, Asterix is focused on releasing 0.16.
  32. Link Mauve And is very busy IRL.
  33. pep. I heard there was some work done on windows for VOIP, when is it gonna be released? (or is it?)
  34. Link Mauve xmt, a client for you.
  35. pep. woah, I finaly realized you weren't talking to me ..
  36. pep. I was looking for "xmt xmpp client" on the web
  37. GreenBlood Link Mauve sounded like an ads sentence
  38. Link Mauve Really? :D
  39. pep. yeah
  40. xmt There has been work done, voice works nicely but video is a bit buggy.
  41. xmt As for release, hopefully voice with 0.16
  42. xmt But that's up to Asterisk
  43. pep. okay
  44. pep. I'll finaly be able to ditch skype
  45. pep. (not a big fan of jitsi's solution)
  46. pep. (not a big fan of jitsi's solution for that)