Gajim - 2014-02-11

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  2. pubis hi there
  3. pubis is it possible to hide enter/leave messages in group chats?
  4. Link Mauve I think so, but the only related option I can see seems to be print_status_in_muc set to none, in the ACE.
  5. Link Mauve I’m not sure it is the correct option, try it.
  6. pubis thank you very much
  7. Link Mauve I don’t use Gajim as my main client, so I can’t really help you more. :/
  8. pubis but hanging around here?
  9. Link Mauve If you don’t know where the ACE is, it’s in the bottom of the last tab, in Edit > Preferences.
  10. pubis (Y)
  11. Link Mauve Yeah, I like that client a lot.
  12. pubis btw: it would be great if all client's in the world would use the same Emojis / Smileys
  13. Link Mauve I’m not sure, I like having no icon at all for smileys. :p
  14. Link Mauve Plain text is much more expressive.
  15. pubis Emojis rulez! :P
  16. Link Mauve 😻
  17. pubis that's what I mean: I only see a square
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  19. Link Mauve pubis, install a better font. :)
  20. Link Mauve This one should be a cat with hearts in his eyes.
  21. Link Mauve It’s from the latest Unicode revision, or maybe the one just before.
  22. xmt Link Mauve, what's a good font? I often have problems with unicode characters.
  23. Link Mauve Dunno, I use the latest DejaVu and I almost never have missing characters.
  24. xmt You're right, it works in DejaVu.
  25. xmt I don't like DejaVu though :P
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