Gajim - 2014-02-10

  1. Asterix Do you have ideas on what could be done in Gajim for GSOC this year?
  2. manu prepare an interface for a MUC search engine
  3. manu +to
  4. kcchouette Hoh yes, I want to search a think to do ^^
  5. Asterix that's a web interface, not related to Gajim, no?
  6. Asterix Each Gajim can't browse all jabber servers itself
  7. kcchouette a Mac version ?
  8. Link Mauve :D
  9. Asterix it has to be done once by a XMPP crawler
  10. Link Mauve Asterix, there is already one such project, but it isn’t free AFAIK.
  11. Link Mauve
  12. Link Mauve And is only accessible from the web.
  13. Asterix ok, so indeed a new crawler needs to be done, with a XMPP or Web API so that Gajim can ask it
  14. Asterix a new XEP should be done too I think
  15. Asterix ho no
  16. manu i think it could be really valuable for Gajim to include an interface retrieving search results from a service like Link Mauve said (despite these one is not free, an no API is define as far as i know)
  17. Asterix the search XEP should be ok
  18. Link Mauve manu, no, there shouldn’t be any integration in Gajim with specific services.
  19. Asterix manu: yep could be nice .. if such a service was developped ...
  20. Link Mauve That index should be accessible from XMPP, using standard methods like 55.
  21. Link Mauve But it’s out of the scope of a Gajim gsoc.
  22. Asterix a disco on this comonent and we can search through it, no?
  23. Asterix a disco on this component and we can search through it, no?
  24. Link Mauve Yeah, except there is no component already.
  25. Asterix improving the port to GTK3 isn't really doable under the umbrella of XSF ...
  26. Asterix Link Mauve: yep of course ...
  27. Link Mauve Adding support for some newer shiny XEP?
  28. Asterix MAM could be, but that's too small for a GSOC
  29. Link Mauve Yeah, perhaps with another XEP too?
  30. Asterix yes, you have examples?
  31. kcchouette visio-conference ?
  32. Link Mauve Ah, I want to read about technical details of Jitsi Videobridge.
  33. Link Mauve Ah, I want to read about the technical details of Jitsi Videobridge.
  34. Asterix kcchouette: hm?? we already have that
  35. Asterix ha multi-user visio ...
  36. kcchouette Yes
  37. Asterix would be a nice feature, but Link Mauve would be a better mentor than me ;) I'm not as good as he is with gstreamer / farstream
  38. Link Mauve I’m a student (*cough*), I can’t be a mentor too. :p
  39. mathieui coughs loudly
  40. Link Mauve And I’d like to participate this year, I still don’t know for which project.
  41. Asterix you can, but you can be the gsoc student that does it then!
  42. mathieui Link Mauve, resubmit your proposal for SDL?
  43. Link Mauve SDL would be my first choice, I’m in graphics things a lot lately.
  44. Link Mauve But I also like XMPP a lot.
  45. kcchouette Or voice call/visio call for windows ?
  46. Link Mauve kcchouette, xmt is already doing that.
  47. Asterix visio is graphic things :D
  48. kcchouette Link Mauve, what is xmt ?
  49. Link Mauve Asterix, graphics in the low-level sense, DRM, KMS, OpenGL and that kind of things.
  50. Link Mauve kcchouette, a guy, he’s here.
  51. kcchouette ah ok
  52. xmt Hello
  53. Asterix I have voice working for win, not video yet. xmt compiled everything, and it works for me for audio
  54. Asterix Link Mauve: you can do it without gstreamer if you want to be low level :D
  55. Link Mauve But indeed, multi-party conferences would be very sexy.
  56. Link Mauve Asterix, that isn’t low-level enough!
  57. mathieui Yes.
  58. kcchouette Hello xmt, good work ;-)
  59. Link Mauve I am very tempted to start working on an OpenGL driver. :p
  60. xmt :)
  61. Link Mauve I brought a computer without any working free driver, so I feel obligated to contribute.
  62. mathieui bought*
  63. Link Mauve I bought* a computer without any working free driver, so I feel obligated to contribute.
  64. Link Mauve Thanks.
  65. Asterix is there a consensus on a new e2e protocol that could be implemented?
  66. mathieui Asterix, xtls?
  67. Link Mauve XTLS !
  68. Link Mauve XTLS!
  69. Asterix really usable?
  70. Link Mauve Should be.
  71. Link Mauve Basically an OOB XML session negociated through Jingle.
  72. Asterix with out of band stream?
  73. Link Mauve So you get the full power of XMPP, encrypted.
  74. mathieui Asterix, with jingle
  75. mathieui (so it depends)
  76. Asterix ok, so that shouldn't be impossible to implement too ...
  77. mathieui Though I am not sure there are documents outside
  78. Asterix yes that's what I thought, so a non-released XEP with no information about XML stream.
  79. Asterix we already use this pre-XEP for securing jingle FT
  80. mathieui right, there is also the draft @ietf,
  81. Asterix ha yes this one could indeed be more detailed
  82. Asterix Link Mauve: For the multi-user visio thing, is there a XEP? or it's normal jingle video with some kind of proxy doing the connections between participants?
  83. mathieui but imho maybe we could check what is the consensus on XTLS, why it hasn’t been advanced to experimental, etc
  84. Link Mauve There are Muji, COIN, google’s proprietary stuff, and I want to look at what Jitsi Videobridge would work with the best.
  85. Asterix what is Jitsi Videobridge?
  86. Asterix a soft using its own protocol?
  87. Link Mauve A Java server to centralise streams, so you don’t have to send yours to every participant.
  88. Link Mauve It removes the need to have a good upload bandwidth.
  89. Link Mauve Ah, another video-related thing that would be cool to implement is WebRTC.
  90. Link Mauve It would make Gajim compatible with web clients.
  91. Asterix ok, and how to you talk with him? there is no XMPP way for the moment?
  92. Link Mauve I’m not sure where the standardisation is at, in XMPP.
  93. Asterix never saw a discussion about that ....
  94. Link Mauve I think there is, look at
  95. Asterix yes .. reading 21M of compressed source code ... you're funny ;)
  96. Link Mauve Err,
  97. Asterix ha ok ;)
  98. Asterix jitsi thing is only for webrtc, no?
  99. Link Mauve Nope, it can also work with plain RTC AFAIK.
  100. Link Mauve There was a presentation at the summit, but I didn’t understand everything, I’m pretty bad at English.
  101. Asterix support ice-> so yes should work
  102. Link Mauve I have to go to English events more, watch online talks, English movies, etc.
  103. Link Mauve It handicaps me way too much.
  104. Asterix but if there is a XMPP way to talk with it (I haven't found it yet), it's something not standardized
  105. Link Mauve Plain ICE?
  106. Asterix ""Support for ICE
  107. Asterix "Support for ICE"
  108. Asterix ho there is, there are tutos for connecting it with openfire and ejabberd
  109. Asterix so it's a component, then there must be some execute commands or something like that ...