Gajim - 2014-02-04

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  2. Racki Hi there. How can I enable that Gajim gives me a notification when something habbens in a conference chat?
  3. Racki I only found a solution for direct messages
  4. Racki habbens = happens
  5. dicson Racki, notify_on_all_muc_message in ACE
  6. Racki @dicson what is ACE and where can I find it?
  7. mathieui Racki, advanced configuration editor
  8. mathieui a button in the last tab in the preferences windows
  9. Racki where can I find it? :-$
  10. Racki oh, just a moment please
  11. Racki thank you @discon and @mathieui ! I didn't see that button before
  12. Racki I enable this setting. Do I have to restart Gajim?
  13. mathieui I don’t know
  14. mathieui but it won’t hurt
  15. Racki so, restartet
  16. Racki thank you. Is there any place in the wiki where I can find this solution?
  17. dicson I think no
  18. Racki ok
  19. Racki thank you for the quick response and help (Y)
  20. Maranda _ping Neustradamus
  21. Maranda thinks j.o is having hiccups again.
  22. Maranda _ping
  23. bot Maranda: Error! Remote server not found!