Gajim - 2014-02-01

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  2. Asterix Hi xmt, I'm trying your build. I set your usr/local/bin in my PATH, then run python -> import gst, and I get a "DLL load failed" error I ran dependency walker on it, and I miss libiconv-2.dll and libxml2mod.pyd. Do you have them?
  3. xmt Oh, yes, I have them.
  4. Asterix where are they from? you compiled them?
  5. xmt libiconv-2.dll is from mingw, libxml2mod.pyd I compiled yes
  6. Asterix ok, could you send me them ?
  7. xmt Done
  8. xmt Y'know that libiconv might be the problem I was having.
  9. Asterix the .pyd was in site-package?
  10. xmt yes
  11. Asterix I had to put the libiconv-2.dll in system32 so that dependency walker can find it, and it still doesn't find the .pyd
  12. xmt You put the pyd with farstream.pyd? and I imagine libiconv should go in bin with the other dlls
  13. Asterix msjava.dll is missing too. I thought it was not necessary , but I still get the DLL load failed message
  14. xmt I don't have a msjava.dll
  15. Asterix ok :/ dependency walker don't find any other missing dep, but I still can't import gst or libxml2mod
  16. Asterix import libxml2mod -> DLL load failed: specified procedure not found import gst -> DLL load failed: specified module not found
  17. Asterix xmt: are you able to "import libxml2mod" in python console?
  18. xmt Ah, I think you're missing libxml2
  19. xmt .dll
  20. xmt Lemme send it
  21. xmt Well, check if you have libxml2-2.dll
  22. xmt I can import libxml2mod if I have both libxml2mod.pyd and libxml2-2.dll in the current directory.
  23. Asterix I have libxml2-2.dll in PATH
  24. Asterix it's in gajim/src/gtk/bin, and it's in my path
  25. Asterix it's your dll. It was previously in our gtk folder, but I replaced it with yours
  26. xmt Hmm.
  27. Asterix ha ...
  28. Asterix I can import libxml2mod
  29. Asterix if I have the dll in current path as you said
  30. Asterix but when I import gst, it says me I miss pthreadGC2.dll
  31. xmt Another mingw file. I will send it.
  32. Asterix entry point _gmtime32 can't be found in library msvcrt.dll
  33. xmt Asterix, hmm, make sure you have this installed:
  34. Asterix I have only the 2008
  35. xmt If that doesn't work try the 2012 one as well,
  36. Asterix hmm the 2010 doesn't install on my winxp :/
  37. xmt Oh :(
  38. xmt What's the error?
  39. Asterix I need windows installer 3.1 or higher
  40. xmt Have you run windows update?
  41. Asterix never
  42. xmt Hehe
  43. xmt Can you run windows update?
  44. xmt Also, are you on at least xpsp2?
  45. Asterix yes it's SP2
  46. xmt Do windows update if you can.
  47. Asterix will try
  48. xmt (by "if you can" I mean of course "if you don't have a pirate copy") :P
  49. Asterix that's the pb ...
  50. GreenBlood Windows installer can be downloaded standalone i think
  51. Asterix yep it's what I'm doind
  52. Asterix yep it's what I'm doing
  53. xmt True, but you might have other strange problems on an old unpatched xp machine.
  54. Asterix still the same _gmtime32 error :/
  55. xmt Any more details?
  56. Asterix no, it just says: entry point _gmtime32 can't be found in library msvcrt.dll
  57. xmt Do you know which dll wants _gmtime32?
  58. Asterix no
  59. GreenBlood And what if you pick some msvcrt.dll on the web and put it in the folder ?
  60. Asterix it's when I import gst
  61. xmt What version of msvcrt.dll do you have?
  62. xmt i have a random msvcrt.dll with gmtime32 in. It's version 6.0.8337.0
  63. xmt It was bundled with some app in \jre\bin
  64. Asterix I search for this file
  65. xmt ;)
  66. Asterix v7.0.2600.2180 in system32
  67. xmt hmm
  68. GreenBlood xmt: It says "instantly", its really that fast ? How ?
  69. GreenBlood indexation ?
  70. xmt GreenBlood, yes, it's kinda like `locate` for windows.
  71. xmt It is instant
  72. GreenBlood locate ?
  73. xmt Nvm, `man locate` if you really want to know.
  74. Asterix and there is only _gmtime64 in it ...
  75. xmt Asterix, how strange.
  76. xmt Ah, I've found my proper msvcrt.dll
  77. xmt 7.0.7601.17744
  78. xmt Do you want it?
  79. GreenBlood Oh my bad xmt, I misanderstood, i thought you were talking about a windows program.
  80. Asterix eyes please
  81. xmt Asterix, I dunno if we should ship this with gajim.
  82. Asterix I already ship msvcr80.dll
  83. xmt Hmm
  84. xmt This stuff really needs to be tested by a bunch of windows people.
  85. xmt All we know right now is it works on win7 x64 and not on xpsp2
  86. Asterix a lot of missing dll with your msvcrt.dll ...
  87. Asterix I'll maybe switch to a win7 VM to build Gajim ...
  88. Asterix even with this error, I can create the conference and the session from python console
  89. Asterix but audio/video is not listed in help ->feature
  90. Asterix and like you python crashes on every exit
  91. Asterix ha printing tb says it doesn't found ElementNotFoundError: fsrtpconference
  92. Asterix but from console it does find it
  93. xmt I think the crash is due to loading farstream.
  94. Asterix hmm ok not the same path ...
  95. Asterix hehe I have audio/video checked !!
  96. xmt Woo!
  97. Asterix opening a audio call fails ...
  98. Asterix but it's time to sleep now!
  99. Asterix I'll re-install all the build environment on a win7 next time