Gajim - 2014-01-28

  1. bullgard4 Can Gajim 0.15.1 operate in Off-the-Records mode?
  2. anton you should install plugin
  3. bullgard4 anton, In the "Plugins" dialog, > Available I highlighted the "Off-The-Record Encryption 1.7.7" entry which is shown as "Available". Iasserted its "Install /Upgrade" button and pressed the "Install/Upgrade" button. A new message "All selected plugins downloaded" appeared. But the "Off-The-Record Encryption 1.7.7" is still marked as not asserted.
  4. bullgard4 s/Iasserted/I asserted/
  5. anton i dont use it, but i think you should try to configure it
  6. anton let's try it in PM
  7. Maranda _ver
  8. bot Maranda: Error! Remote server not found!
  9. Maranda Hang >_>?
  10. Maranda somehow doubts it.
  11. arcade try adding some random account from this server
  12. arcade when it crashes you can fix it by removing everything about this account from .config/gajim/config
  13. Maranda
  14. Maranda reserved for Network Interconnect Device Benchmark Testing [RFC2544].
  15. Maranda ~$ dig +short
  16. Maranda >_>
  17. Maranda It's more possible your router's dns forwarder just trampled on the response, and Gajim just stills waiting for the response I don't see it happening here after a while it'll fail.
  18. Maranda Link Mauve, are you about?
  19. Link Mauve I am about many things.
  20. Maranda Do you happen to have a Prosody instance with MAM deployed handy?
  21. Maranda nm.
  22. Link Mauve Not here, sorry.
  23. Link Mauve I have one on my phone, but it’s not powered on right now.
  24. Maranda Link Mauve, it's ok.