Gajim - 2014-01-26

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  5. Darlan >it's not humanly possible.
  6. Darlan is not a human :-P
  7. Darlan There can be a connection lag that would keep this loading search form for a while.
  8. Asterix Darlan: yes but I was not able to repro. And you didn't say it was before receiving the form
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  10. SouL brb
  11. Darlan Yes, indeed.
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  13. asteroid hi folks
  14. Darlan Hallo! :-)
  15. asteroid I'm upgrading from beta1 to beta2, and now I cannot connect (i'm running pidgin to talk with you). The traces : is it somethings known ?
  16. Asterix asteroid: yes
  17. Asterix update python-nbxmpp and that will be ok
  18. asteroid mmm ok, I'll do that, thx Asterix
  19. pvtlth Is there a release date for 0.16 final version?
  20. asteroid I hope it will be released when it will be ready ;)
  21. pvtlth Is beta2 stable and translated?
  22. Maranda eyes pvtlth suspiciously.
  23. asteroid yeaah Asterix thx, that rox
  24. Asterix a contributor is preparing video for windows ...
  25. Asterix let's wait for it
  26. Asterix at least audio ...
  27. Link Mauve Apparently video worked between you and him.
  28. Link Mauve Here it crashed on Linux. :/
  29. Asterix audio, yes
  30. Asterix video, not really
  31. Link Mauve ERROR:fs-rtp-discover-codecs.c:126:debug_codec_cap: assertion failed: (gst_caps_get_size (codec_cap->rtp_caps) == 1) zsh: abort (core dumped) PYTHON=python2 ./
  32. Asterix the best we could have is seeing first frame ...
  33. Link Mauve Ah. :/
  34. Asterix sometime I see his video, but he never saw mine
  35. Maranda
  36. Maranda Asterix, >_>
  37. Maranda _version pvtlth
  38. Maranda _ver pvtlth
  39. bot Maranda: Error! Feature not implemented!
  40. Asterix I saw the same thing ...
  41. Asterix his message must have a timestamp ... so Gajim considers it as restored message
  42. Link Mauve poezio does that too.
  43. Link Mauve It’s a Xabber bug AFAIK.
  44. pvtlth I'm using Xabber indeed
  45. Maranda Asterix, indeed.
  46. Link Mauve I wonder if it’s reported.
  47. Link Mauve They say they support “XEP-0203: Delayed Delivery” in their supported protocols, imo they didn’t understand its purpose in MUCs.
  48. Maranda not sure, I stopped reporting bugs for Xabber, I don't like when trivial to fix bugs stay there for 6 months for principle.
  49. Maranda Link Mauve, it's not the first thing they don't understand the purpose of in MUCs
  50. Link Mauve Do you have specific bugs in mind?
  51. xmt Morning all. :)
  52. Link Mauve xmt! \o/
  53. Link Mauve Our hero!
  54. xmt Ha. :P
  55. Asterix :)
  56. Link Mauve Maranda, ah, id on messages I guess.
  57. Maranda Link Mauve, the most interesting one...
  58. Maranda ditto.
  59. Maranda Me cloaking muc messages to Xabber users, or not seeing my own are funny :/
  60. xmt Link Mauve, Asterix, I want to get you two to do a test call and check your video/audio for problems.
  61. Maranda Link Mauve, it won't show messages coming from nick merged resources either.
  62. Link Mauve Huh, it seems I don’t even have a /dev/video0 device. :/
  63. Link Mauve Maranda, how could it tell they are merged?
  64. Maranda it doesn't, but if it sees a message coming from the muc with the same resource nick it'll discard it.
  65. Link Mauve Oh. :/
  66. Maranda it doesn't, but if it sees a message reflected from the muc it didn't send with the same resource nick it'll discard it.
  67. Maranda rather
  68. Link Mauve So I guess it also displays sent messages, instead of incoming messages.
  69. Link Mauve Breaking server order.
  70. Maranda didn't verify but I suppose that's highly possible.
  71. Maranda thinks the new wireless router hasn't got the same "wall & wardrobes penetrating factor" as the old one.
  72. Maranda That or Ubuntu's wpa_supplicant is highly broken.
  73. Asterix Link Mauve: we can use videotest to do tests
  74. pvtlth Is there an alternative xmpp app for android?
  75. mathieui There is yaxim
  76. Asterix hangout ? :D
  77. mathieui Asterix, stay serious please, he said xmpp :D
  78. Darlan pvtlth, there are also ChatSecure and Xabber which support OTR.
  79. Darlan Oh, you are already using Xabber.
  80. pvtlth Hangout doesn't support otr
  81. pvtlth Btw is hangout not using xmpp?
  82. Asterix not federated at least
  83. mathieui « it’s complicated »
  84. pvtlth Ok I see. But sayin doesn't seem to support otr, does it?
  85. pvtlth I mean yaxim
  86. pvtlth Auto correct is bullshit
  87. Maranda loves « it’s complicated »
  88. Maranda :D
  89. Maranda There's yaxim, Bluejabb IM, jTalk
  90. Maranda Bluejabb IM supports OTR, but "until the next version" (TM... the dev said) will keep crashing while in BG
  91. pvtlth What do u think about chatsecure?
  92. Maranda If it weren't that I can't choose nor change the nickname in MUCs it could be decent.
  93. Maranda (it automatically uses the jid node part)
  94. pvtlth I'll give it a try
  95. Maranda I suggest the trunk version of yaxim (which has MUC support, I think?) but you need to build the APK.
  96. pvtlth Can anyone read this?
  97. Asterix yes
  98. Asterix xmt: I'm available if you want to do some tests. But if you want to debug video, Link Mauve maybe probably be a better help
  99. Link Mauve I’m not really available right now.
  100. xmt Asterix, Link Mauve's video doesn't even work.
  101. Asterix videotest is enough for tests
  102. Asterix no need of a webcam
  103. Asterix or screen sharing
  104. xmt Yes, his videotest doesn't work.
  105. Asterix ho .. ok, strange. it's a pure software thing, no?
  106. Asterix xmt: were you able to have it working in an installed Gajim?
  107. Link Mauve Asterix, I had this error: ERROR:fs-rtp-discover-codecs.c:126:debug_codec_cap: assertion failed: (gst_caps_get_size (codec_cap->rtp_caps) == 1) zsh: abort (core dumped) PYTHON=python2 ./
  108. Link Mauve I tried two times.
  109. xmt I'm having trouble with the build_exe stuff right now.
  110. Asterix core dump ... too bad. we should catch that, or at least do some tests before running the command that crashes Gajim
  111. Asterix xmt:
  112. Asterix you have some modification is Gajim's code?
  113. xmt Yeah
  114. Asterix IIRC I just installed cx_freeze, then run the build.bat script
  115. Asterix xmt: I can build a Gajim with those diff if you want
  116. Asterix the xid -> handle?
  117. xmt Yes, and a few other things.
  118. Asterix If you want, send me the diff and I'll build an installer with it
  119. xmt The problem was that cx_freeze created Crypto.Cipher._AES.pyd and nsis wants Crypto.Cipher.AES.pyd. It's the same with a few other pyd's.
  120. Asterix ha strange ...maybe I have an old cx freeze :)
  121. Asterix you don't really need nsis
  122. Asterix just build the gajim.exe then you can run it from there
  123. xmt Oh, there was another problem too. Something about your gtk (or the path modifications does when it finds a gtk/ subdir) causes some imports to fail.
  124. xmt So it only works when I remove your gtk and have it in my path instead.
  125. Asterix yes you need to have the gtk hg repository in src IIRC
  126. Asterix our GTK hg repository
  127. xmt No, I'm saying it doesn't work when I use your GTK.
  128. Asterix weird, it works here
  129. xmt Your gajim isn't trying to import gst, since farstream isn't found.
  130. Asterix let me start the VM to see where it is
  131. xmt It's the import gst that fails.
  132. Asterix haaa
  133. Asterix ok
  134. Asterix gst is build with another version of glib than the one in Gajim?
  135. xmt Dunno, maybe. I just used the latest windows binaries from
  136. Asterix you have a message when you try to import gst?
  137. Asterix we have glib 2.28.8 in Gajim
  138. xmt Ah. Yeah the version I have is 2.24 something
  139. xmt If I can get all the dev files for your version of gtk I can rebuild with that.
  140. pvtlth Does this work?
  141. Asterix pvtlth: yes
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  143. xmt Asterix, the exact error: Traceback (most recent call last): File "j:\code\gajim\hg\src\common\", line 190, in <module> import gst File "c:\Python27\lib\site-packages\gst-0.10\gst\", line 193, in <module> from _gst import * ImportError: DLL load failed: The specified module could not be found.
  144. xmt That's with your gtk.
  145. Asterix to be sure it's a glib version pb, just put your libglib-2.0.0.dll in our gtk/bin folder
  146. xmt Oh. No I have the same glib version. Sorry my mistake, it's GTK that is 2.24.10. My glib is indeed 2.28.8.
  147. xmt I copied it into your gtk bin dir and hg put a green tick next to it. It's identical. :P
  148. Asterix ok, so that's not the problem :/
  149. Asterix what's the difference between your GTK and our?
  150. xmt Don't know.
  151. xmt Where did you get yours?
  152. xmt Mine is from
  153. Asterix, we got the libs there
  154. xmt Then it might be to do with the PATH manipulation gajim does.
  155. Asterix our isn't that recent, but we have enchant for ex
  156. Asterix Gajim removes your gtk from the path and add ours
  157. Asterix just put all your dlls in our gtk to see what's the difference and if that works
  158. xmt Ok, will do.
  159. pvtlth I just tried chatsecure for android. Doesn't work for me because of bugs all over
  160. asteroid there is a gajim version for android ?!
  161. xmt pvtlth, which version of chatsecure?
  162. pvtlth No idea, the latest in play store
  163. xmt Ah. I'm sad to hear it's still buggy. I'll stick to yaxim then.
  164. pvtlth 13.1.2 it says in play store
  165. Link Mauve pvtlth, I’ve heard the latest version is much better.
  166. pvtlth Where so I get it?
  167. xmt I think 13.1.2 *is* the latest version.
  168. Link Mauve
  169. Link Mauve 13.1.2 indeed.
  170. Link Mauve
  171. pvtlth If the playstore is up to date, but I don't know about that.
  172. xmt Link Mauve, yep that's what I had in mind. :)
  173. Link Mauve According to they fixed the most pressing issues.
  174. pvtlth I could not connect to this muc with chatsecure. And my contacts weren't shown properly
  175. xmt Where does he confirm they fixed his issues?
  176. pvtlth So let's wait for an update
  177. Link Mauve xmt, nowhere, he just says they think it is fixed.
  178. pvtlth Is it posible to make gajim an android app?
  179. Link Mauve I don’t think so, at least not with the current closedness of Android’s environment.
  180. pvtlth Too bad
  181. Maranda Android is a bit too javaesque for Gajim's likings as well.
  182. Darlan Exporting logs as CSV would be a good idea. CSV is supported by LibreOffice Calc too.
  183. Darlan What do you think?
  184. Asterix a cli script to go from sqlite to csv if you want csv would be much faster
  185. Darlan SQLite of Gajim lists messages under "logs" table according to date. How can I export log of all messages of a specific JID (contact or group chat).
  186. Asterix get jid_id of this JID in jids table
  187. Darlan Please write down a command to export logs of this group chat (jid id = 50) into CSV.
  188. Darlan Column "kind" (message/status) would also be nice to have exported.
  189. Asterix see
  190. Asterix ot that (script attache by you):
  191. Darlan sqlite3 -csv -line 2013-04-03_logs.db 'select * from logs where jid_id==NUMBER'>log.csv
  192. Darlan But it is not the same CSV table as produced with sqlitebrowser.
  193. Darlan sqlite3 -csv logs.db 'select * from logs where jid_id = NUMBER' > gajim_logs.csv
  194. Darlan I have a problem with: sqlite3 -separator \",\" 2013-04-03_logs.db 'select * from jids where type = 0' > gajim_type.csv sqlitebrowser > "4","","0" sqlite3 > 4","","0
  195. Darlan I am missing " at start and " at end
  196. Darlan This command would generate a LibreOffice Calc compliant table: sqlite3 -separator , logs.db 'select * from jids where type = 0' > gajim_type.csv
  197. Darlan Dang!
  198. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Changeset [15330:83e9630fc543]: include HTMLParser module in windows build for OTR plugin include HTMLParser module in windows build for OTR plugin
  199. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim Plugins • Ticket #80 ([Gajim 0.16-beta1] Uninstallable plugins) closed fixed: Snarl is instalable in beta2-2, I ​just re-added HTMLParser module for OTR. • Ticket #87 (OTR Plugin doesn't work on Win32) closed fixed
  200. Darlan I would set Type 3 as MUC-PM Type 1 = MUC Type 0 = MUC-PM or PM
  201. Darlan It is still possible to distinguish: Type = 0 + / = MUC-PM
  202. Darlan Sign / is muc@server/nickname
  203. Asterix
  204. Asterix it's what you want?
  205. Darlan I think it is.
  206. Darlan I will open a new ticket "Export as CSV" under Patch Welcome.
  207. Asterix and why not xls? sql? ods? tex? pdf?
  208. Asterix we have it in sqlite database. User can do every script they want.
  209. Asterix so scripts are welcome in wiki, but not in sources IMHO
  210. Darlan The reason for csv is because it is plain text. Also, it would be a good opportunity to increase popularity of csv format.
  211. Asterix our current plain text is also plain text, tex is also plain text. I don't see why exporting logs as there is already search tool in Gajim.
  212. Darlan I do not know of any chat client that stores or exports logs in CSV format.
  213. Link Mauve In poezio and mcabber, we use a plain text file format.
  214. Link Mauve No csv, since it’s quite complicated for multi-lines.
  215. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7636 (Export log to CSV file) created problem Messages in default (plain text) log format are not easy to read. analysis See #7634. You on 00:00:01 said: Hello! Darlan on 00:00:02 said: Hallo mister! enhancement recommendation Add ability to export log in CSV (supported by LibreOffice?) format. "time","who","message" "00:00:01","","Hello Mister!" "00:00:06","You","Hello Jane!"
  216. Link Mauve For example the last two lines of logs are: MI 20140126T20:56:34Z 000 ---> afics joined the room MR 20140126T20:56:40Z 000 <Link Mauve>  No csv, since it’s quite complicated for multi-lines.
  217. afics Link Mauve, thanks for the highlight :D
  218. Link Mauve Not standard, under-documented, but works well.
  219. Link Mauve afics, sorry. ^^'
  220. afics np :D
  221. Darlan Maybe TSV format would be better.
  222. Darlan Trac uses TSV/
  223. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7636 (Export log to CSV file) updated Because of multi-lined and complicated messages (e.g. Traceback outputs), that can break CSV, I guess TSV (Tab-separated values) would be preferable than CSV (Comma-separated values). TSV is also compilable with LibreOffice. Edit: Ignore this statement.
  224. Asterix Darlan: you're incredible ... I just told you that it's not a feature I want to see in Gajim, you still open the ticket ... ;)
  225. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7636 (Export log to CSV file) closed wontfix: As I told you in the room, I don't see any reason to do that. Publish your one line script in GajimHelp, but I see no reason to include that in Gajim.