Gajim - 2014-01-24

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  4. Ge0rG I wanted to ask how gajim handles display and translation of error stanzas and their contition codes (like "service-unavailable")
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  6. xmt Link Mauve, are you around for a test call later on?
  7. Link Mauve Yeah.
  8. xmt Ok great, what definition of "later on" is convenient for you? :)
  9. Link Mauve “Whenever you want”
  10. xmt Ok, probably between 4 and 5 GMT then.
  11. Link Mauve Alright.
  12. xmt Link Mauve
  13. Link Mauve xmt, add me to your roster, I’m ready.
  14. Link Mauve Updating Gajim~
  15. xmt Hehe, ok. I'm test2@...
  16. xmt Pfft, untrusted s2s certificate :P
  17. Link Mauve It’s signed by MattJ! :o
  18. Link Mauve You don’t trust MattJ?
  19. Link Mauve Even George told me I should trust MattJ!
  20. xmt :P
  21. xmt Ok, I'll initiate voice call first. If it works then you can initiate.
  22. Link Mauve Wait, I’m still on poezio right now.
  23. MattJ I was a witness to the signing of that certificate
  24. xmt Oh ok.
  25. MattJ So if you trust your server software, trust it
  26. xmt But how do I know this MattJ is the real MattJ. ;)
  27. MattJ Because Link Mauve said so
  28. Link Mauve I know this isn’t real oob, but your e2e string is mixpf right?
  29. xmt I've no idea :P
  30. xmt Oh, yes, it is
  31. Link Mauve Alright.
  32. Link Mauve Do you want me to initiate the call?
  33. xmt No i'll do it now.
  34. Link Mauve So, first test results: I can call just fine and we can then speak, but if xmt calls me the connection is established but no audio gets through.
  35. Link Mauve Got a big red point, apparently my messages don’t get acked anymore.
  36. Link Mauve ERROR:fs-rtp-discover-codecs.c:126:debug_codec_cap: assertion failed: (gst_caps_get_size (codec_cap->rtp_caps) == 1) zsh: abort (core dumped) PYTHON=python2 ./
  37. Link Mauve When I clicked on the video icon.
  38. xmt That's strange.
  39. xmt Is your gstreamer set up properly?
  40. Link Mauve Should be, I installed it from my ArchLinux chroot.
  41. xmt Seems like you and Asterix should do a test call and make sure it works fine.
  42. xmt Before testing with me.
  43. Link Mauve Anyway, time to breakfast. \o_
  44. xmt Breakfast O_o
  45. mathieui it’s only 18:45
  46. Link Mauve Yeah, was starting to get hungry, and my parents too.
  47. Link Mauve Oh btw, Traceback (most recent call last): File "/home/linkmauve/dev/gajim/src/", line 1946, in on_num_button_pressed self._get_audio_content()._start_dtmf(num) File "/home/linkmauve/dev/gajim/src/common/", line 148, in _start_dtmf event = {'*': farstream.DTMF_EVENT_STAR, AttributeError: 'module' object has no attribute 'DTMF_EVENT_STAR'
  48. pvtlth In which timezone is it breakfast time now?
  49. GreenBlood On UTC+11 its almost 9 in the morning.
  50. GreenBlood 8, not 9
  51. pvtlth Almost 10 pm UTC+1
  52. GreenBlood yep
  53. Link Mauve It was 19pm in my timezone when I ate. :)
  54. Link Mauve CET
  55. pvtlth I'm in CET too, but that is not a time for having breakfast :D
  56. Eimann hi
  57. Eimann can you please fix your broken IPv6 on Thanks.
  58. Eimann has working IPv6 and redirects to, which hast broken IPv6
  59. Eimann $ host
  60. Eimann is an alias for
  61. Eimann has address
  62. Eimann has IPv6 address 2001:bc8:342f:101::1
  63. Eimann $ host
  64. Eimann has address
  65. Eimann has IPv6 address 2a01:e0b:1000:37:5054:ff:fe00:43
  66. Eimann mail is handled by 10