Gajim - 2014-01-22

  1. xmt G'night.
  2. Asterix xmt: awsome!
  3. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7628 (Support SHA-2 for SSL certificate fingerprints) reopened This ticket can't be solved in 0.16, because GUI strings are already fixed for 0.16
  4. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7629 (Update data/other/cacert.pem) reopened cacerts.pem is still needed for Windows platform.
  5. xmt Asterix, are you there?
  6. xmt Link Mauve
  7. Link Mauve Yes, always.
  8. xmt hehe
  9. Link Mauve 「えぇ、ずっと。」
  10. xmt Can you help me do a test call?
  11. Link Mauve Not right now, but in a bit sure.
  12. xmt Ok np.
  13. Link Mauve I don’t know if my Gajim is set up properly though.
  14. xmt Hmm. Do you know any jingle echo bots?
  15. xmt The three I've tried so far are all "offline".
  16. Link Mauve No, I wanted to find one a long time ago, but eventually I found a real user.
  17. xmt :P
  18. xmt I don't have upnp support working yet, so it may not even work over the internet.
  19. Asterix will be available for tests in ~2h
  20. xmt Got upnp working. :)
  21. xmt Is this correct for opus? <payload-type channels="0" id="97" name="X-GST-OPUS-DRAFT-SPITTKA-00" clockrate="48000" />
  22. xmt Looks a bit suspicious.
  23. Asterix I don't have OPUS listed when I initiate a sessions ...
  24. Asterix here is my list: <payload-type channels="1" id="103" name="SPEEX" clockrate="16000" /> <payload-type channels="1" id="104" name="SPEEX" clockrate="8000" /> <payload-type channels="0" id="96" name="SIREN" clockrate="16000"> <parameter name="bitrate" value="16000" /> </payload-type> <payload-type channels="0" id="0" name="PCMU" clockrate="8000" /> <payload-type channels="0" id="8" name="PCMA" clockrate="8000" /> <payload-type channels="0" id="97" name="MPA" clockrate="90000" /> <payload-type channels="0" id="3" name="GSM" clockrate="8000" /> <payload-type channels="0" id="9" name="G722" clockrate="8000" /> <payload-type channels="0" id="98" name="DV" clockrate="90000" /> <payload-type channels="1" id="99" name="AMR" clockrate="8000">
  25. xmt Hmm, well here's mine: <payload-type channels="1" id="101" name="SPEEX" clockrate="16000" /> <payload-type channels="1" id="102" name="SPEEX" clockrate="8000" /> <payload-type channels="0" id="96" name="SIREN" clockrate="16000"> <parameter name="bitrate" value="16000" /> </payload-type> <payload-type channels="0" id="0" name="PCMU" clockrate="8000" /> <payload-type channels="0" id="8" name="PCMA" clockrate="8000" /> <payload-type channels="0" id="97" name="X-GST-OPUS-DRAFT-SPITTKA-00" clockrate="48000" /> <payload-type channels="0" id="98" name="telephone-event" clockrate="16000"> <parameter name="events" value="0-15" /> </payload-type> <payload-type channels="0" id="99" name="telephone-event" clockrate="8000"> <parameter name="events" value="0-15" /> </payload-type> <payload-type channels="0" id="100" name="telephone-event" clockrate="48000"> <parameter name="events" value="0-15" /> </payload-type>
  26. xmt Pretty similar.
  27. Asterix I have the telephone-event too
  28. Asterix yep I have a few more, and you have OPUS that I don't have
  29. Asterix so audio work well?
  30. xmt It works locally. I think video might be working too, but I haven't tested it.
  31. xmt Want to try a test call?
  32. xmt Brb, few minutes. Add
  33. Asterix Sure!
  34. xmt Traceback (most recent call last): File "j:\code\gajim\hg\src\", line 5348, in on_voip_call_received_messagedialog_response in_xid = ctrl.xml.get_object('incoming_drawingarea').window.xid AttributeError: xid attribute not supported
  35. Asterix excellent, sound works well, and there is this xid problem to be fixed for testing video
  36. xmt Sound was very quiet on my end, even with the sliders up to max, but otherwise fine. :)
  37. Asterix yes me too, I had to move my headset very high
  38. xmt I'll have to test with Link Mauve to see if it happens again.
  39. Link Mauve My sysadmin tasks are taking more time than planned. :(
  40. xmt That's ok, no rush.
  41. xmt Asterix, did you get a log of the XML console? I managed to have mine disabled for the call :(
  42. Asterix disabled too :/
  43. Asterix xmt: would that work if you replace xid by handle? (and same thing a few line later with out_xid)
  44. xmt I can try.
  45. xmt A different xid traceback this time.
  46. xmt Traceback (most recent call last): File "j:\code\gajim\hg\src\", line 2244, in on_video_button_toggled self.on_jingle_button_toggled(widget, 'video') File "j:\code\gajim\hg\src\", line 2217, in on_jingle_button_toggled out_xid = self.xml.get_object('outgoing_drawingarea').\ AttributeError: xid attribute not supported
  47. Link Mauve Isn’t xid X11-specific?
  48. xmt I can probably fix this.
  49. Link Mauve I know you can’t do that in Wayland, for example.
  50. Asterix xid -> handle too
  51. xmt Oh, btw, gajim (python?) crashes on exit. :(
  52. Asterix ho, strange
  53. xmt Has done ever since I enabled farstream
  54. Asterix got your request
  55. Asterix and answered
  56. Asterix and I have the XML logs
  57. xmt I didn't get your answer.
  58. xmt Or at least, I don't see any video
  59. xmt I forgot the xml console again :x
  60. Asterix I see my answer in XML logs
  61. xmt Hmm, let me try again.
  62. Asterix you got my answer 'cause there is the iq result
  63. Asterix and you should also see yourself in chat window
  64. xmt Seems like it's not sending you the list of codecs?
  65. Asterix I'm supposed to get it after?
  66. xmt Not sure. But it seems like I'm only sending transport candidates, not payload descriptions.
  67. Asterix just tried with my laptop, same XML, same result ( I don't see it :/)
  68. Asterix ha now it works when setting a framerate and size
  69. xmt Ah
  70. xmt I sent you the right stuff this time... but something else went wrong
  71. xmt Your client sent me an error :P
  72. Asterix so no you're not supposed to snd me anything after my answer
  73. Asterix yes, I'm testing with my laptop withthe same Gajim :)
  74. xmt Hmm, gstreamer error this time.
  75. xmt hold on I'm copying this error dialog down
  76. Asterix you got my request?
  77. xmt yes
  78. xmt But this modal dialog is in the way :P
  79. Asterix the one to accept?
  80. xmt Error: GStreamer encountered a general stream error. Debug: gstbasesrc.c(2625): gst_base_src_loop(): /GstPipeline:pipeline3/GstBin:bin14/GstVideoTestSrc:videotestsrc3: streaming task paused, reason error (-5)
  81. Asterix yeah, I see your test video !!!
  82. xmt oh?
  83. xmt I don't :P
  84. Asterix atleast I see the first frame :)
  85. xmt Ah :P
  86. xmt Try again
  87. xmt Hmm, same error.
  88. xmt Let me start it.
  89. Asterix much better
  90. xmt Oh, I don't see anything
  91. Asterix I get your video test nicely
  92. xmt I might need to restart after that gstreamer error.
  93. Asterix idem: I see your test video ok
  94. Asterix do you see your own videotest?
  95. xmt I see my test video, yes
  96. xmt I don't see your video,
  97. Asterix but not my webcam
  98. xmt I can't actually find my webcam atm :P
  99. Asterix I indeed see only d/l on my eth0, no u/l
  100. xmt Will look for it later.
  101. Asterix I can test video videotest too
  102. Asterix it doesn't work when I request
  103. xmt yep
  104. xmt I get that gstreamer error
  105. xmt Basically what happens is the VideoTestSrc pops up in its own window, and I get the Accept dialog from gajim. When I click Accept it tries to move the VideoTest into the chat window and that's when I get the gstreamer error.
  106. Asterix stream paused ... we maybe do something not correctly, that works under linux and some reason ...
  107. Asterix ha ok ...
  108. Asterix try to disable your own video
  109. xmt Ok,
  110. xmt I have your first frame.
  111. Asterix I see yours, but very slowly
  112. Asterix too high size / framerate
  113. xmt Ok.
  114. xmt Yours isn't moving...
  115. xmt I'm not receiving any data.
  116. Asterix I don't see any u/l on my eth0 indeed
  117. xmt What's a good framerate/size?
  118. Asterix use the smallest
  119. Asterix 2.5fps 320x240
  120. xmt Done.
  121. xmt Don't see anything now.
  122. Asterix no eth0 input / output
  123. Asterix I see your stream
  124. xmt I can't see yours.
  125. Asterix I see some u/l
  126. xmt I see u/l and d/l but no video on screen :\
  127. Asterix idem
  128. xmt Is it normally this buggy on linux? :P
  129. Asterix I don't think so. I use it very rarely but each time I use it it works
  130. xmt Hmm. Well at least I can provide the binaries to one of you devs to debug. :P
  131. Asterix let's try to enable sound before
  132. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7630 (A programming error has been detected) created Bug description Traceback (most recent call last): File "/usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/nbxmpp/", line 534, in _process_events return IdleQueue._process_events(self, fd, flags) File "/usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/nbxmpp/", line 395, in _process_events obj.pollin() File "/usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/nbxmpp/", line 424, in pollin self.[…][…]
  133. xmt So I'm trying to copy my files into gajim's install dir. Where do I put .py files so the gajim.exe can find them?
  134. Asterix it's in the
  135. Asterix but it's done automatically when freezing the application
  136. crow xmt: thank you for trying make windows user happy with audio/video support
  137. Asterix
  138. xmt crow: no problem, my reasons are mostly selfish :)
  139. Asterix it's more than trying, we made an audio call!
  140. xmt Asterix, I tried running python setup_win32 build_exe but I'm missing freeze or something?
  141. Asterix video is not working properly for the moment ... Not sure where theproblem is for the moment ...
  142. Asterix you need to install cx_freeze yes
  143. xmt Ok, so where do I put things so that build script will pick them up and automatically include them?
  144. Asterix in the standard python installation
  145. Asterix but that's already the case if you run Gajim from sources, no?
  146. xmt Yeah, I'm wondering how it knows what to copy.
  147. Asterix for the gstreamer binaries, they won't be included them self
  148. Asterix it shecks the imports in the code
  149. Asterix it checks the imports in the code
  150. xmt Oh, clever. :)
  151. Asterix :)
  152. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7630 (A programming error has been detected) closed invalid: It's not a Gajim traceback, but a nbxmpp one Without a way to reproduce, it's hard to guess what happend
  153. Asterix after the app is frozen, we use nsis to create an installer
  154. Asterix it's at this step that we need to tell him to include gstreamer binaries
  155. xmt Should I dump the gstreamer binaries into bin or into bin/gtk/bin?
  156. Asterix you can copy them by hand for the moment
  157. xmt Yes
  158. Asterix I's say bin
  159. xmt ok
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  161. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Changeset [15323:cbef240ad3f1]: New set of CA certificates is in cacert.pem, used only on Windows. These … New set of CA certificates is in cacert.pem, used only on Windows. […] • Ticket #7629 (Update data/other/cacert.pem) closed fixed: In cbef240ad3f1658e2371e6c45cfc5de0327555c4: New set of CA certificates is in cacert.pem, used only on Windows. These CA certifica[…][…]