Gajim - 2014-01-21

  1. Maranda Dave Cridland, sent.
  2. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7629 (Update data/other/cacert.pem) created Bug description The data/other/cacert.pem is quite outdated. For example some of the CA certificates in data/other/cacert.pem are expired: ABA.ECOM Root CA Expires: 09.07.2009 beTRUSTed Root CAs Expires: 20.06.2010 DST RootCA X1 Expires: 28.11.2008 DST RootCA X2 Expires: 27.11.2008 GTE CyberTrust? Root Expires: 23.02.2006 IPS SERVIDORES Expires: 29.12.2009 cacerts.pem - TC TrustCenter? Class 3 C[…][…]
  3. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7629 (Update data/other/cacert.pem) updated We could indeed remove it from installed filed under non-windows OSes (if someone know how to tune for that …). nbxmpp already uses /etc/ssl/certs folder. Any idea how to update this file for windows users? List certs from a linux distribution? We should maybe have a script in src/scripts for that.
  4. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Changeset [15320:09ddc6b18704]: Remove the set of default CA certificates, use only the system CA … Remove the set of default CA certificates, u[…] • Ticket #7629 (Update data/other/cacert.pem) closed fixed: In 09ddc6b18704345dbb28413e6fc67bd7b53e7938: Remove the set of default CA certificates, use only the system CA cer[…]
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  6. Numinos hey there. got to report another problem with gajim (don't slap me. :D) - i guess it has problems with muc-channels which contain an '-' inside the name
  7. Numinos "is not a name of a room" i get, when trying to join my muc-channel. works with multiple clients, also worked with gajim days before... :(
  8. Link Mauve Numinos, do you have that MUC in your roster?
  9. Link Mauve Or did you receive an invitation to it?
  10. Numinos well, i HAD it in my roster
  11. Numinos but it's gone
  12. Numinos don't know why, actually
  13. Numinos it's also under my auto-joined list
  14. Numinos (saved chatrooms)
  15. Numinos should i add this muc as contact again?
  16. Link Mauve No, you should make sure it isn’t here anymore.
  17. Link Mauve Possibly quitting Gajim and reconnecting.
  18. Numinos already quitted and reconnected a few times, it's not there anymore
  19. Numinos well, wait... it's still there as offline contact, sorry
  20. Link Mauve ^^
  21. Numinos so i should remove it and reconnect, right?
  22. Link Mauve Remove it and try again to join it.
  23. Numinos alright
  24. Link Mauve I will make sure the error message is improved after the release of 0.16, too many people are getting this issue.
  25. Link Mauve Mostly people that were previously using Mcabber.
  26. Link Mauve For example with a dialog asking the user if they want to remove that contact from their roster, if it really is a MUC.
  27. Numinos and i was so stupid to recommend my buddies that they should add the muc also as a friend... i could hit myself... ^^
  28. Link Mauve :D
  29. Numinos didn't knew that there was already a save function... some time has passed since i really used gajim
  30. Link Mauve Yeah, bookmarks are the way to go.
  31. Numinos well, it worked flawlessly now
  32. Numinos thank you very much :)
  33. Numinos will be end-to-end encryption improved? it often deactivates itself... now using otr, since it's also available for the most clients anyway
  34. Link Mauve Hmm, IIRC mathieui found the issue we had with OTR in poezio, I don’t remember if it is the same in Gajim or not.
  35. Link Mauve But OTR disables all the fancy features of XMPP, as does OpenPGP, so it isn’t very nice.
  36. Numinos fancy features?
  37. Link Mauve Currently the best thing to do is to use a server you trust, if you want both security and features.
  38. Numinos yeah, already picked a good serve
  39. Link Mauve Stuff like XHTML-IM formatting, chatstates, corrections, etc.
  40. Numinos *server
  41. Numinos hm okay
  42. Link Mauve Anything that is not plain text messages. :)
  43. Numinos guess i've never used a lot of these features though
  44. Link Mauve Because OTR encrypts just that.
  45. Numinos but i can clearly see your point
  46. Numinos end-to-end would be just the ideal solution for beginners and gajim-only-buddies
  47. Link Mauve Yeah, I have to check what is the status of XTLS, which would be XMPP over an encrypted p2p session.
  48. mathieui Link Mauve, I found a bug with the OTR lib and python3, yes
  49. mathieui and yes, both poezio and gajim use the same lib
  50. Link Mauve Not python2, so not the same bug, right?
  51. mathieui yep
  52. xmt Building python extension modules on windows without visual studio is a pain :D
  53. Link Mauve I had to modify something in distutils for PyTouhou to compile.
  54. Link Mauve Since the python binary released on was built with vc, I had to tell it to explicitely use mingw.
  55. Link Mauve I use wine for that, since I don’t have any real Windows always available and it integrates better in my dev environment.
  56. xmt Hmm. These autotools scripts are just assuming they're on linux. So I've resorted to copy / pasting the libtool link commands from the build process and manually modifying and running them. :\
  57. Link Mauve Ow.
  58. xmt They don't use distutils, just do it all themselves through libtool
  59. Link Mauve :/
  60. xmt Where do the "A programming error has been detected" pop up messages come from? Because I've no idea where the exception shown is being raised.
  61. Asterix we have a module that catches the exception and show it in a dialog
  62. xmt Would be nice if it showed a traceback too. :P
  63. xmt Or can I disable the module and not catch the exception?
  64. Asterix it does show the tb
  65. Asterix at least it is supposed to
  66. Asterix there is no option to disable it.
  67. Asterix you can disable it in sources by commenting "import gtkexcepthook" in src/
  68. xmt All it says is "ImportError: could not import gst", which isn't very helpful because i can run python -c "import gst" just fine.
  69. xmt Asterix, ah, thanks.
  70. Maranda 67k hull, hmm.
  71. Maranda Oops, wrong tab :D
  72. xmt Asterix, can you help me debug?
  73. xmt >>> conference = gst.element_factory_make('fsrtpconference') >>> session = conference.new_session(farstream.MEDIA_TYPE_AUDIO) Traceback (most recent call last): File "<stdin>", line 1, in <module> glib.GError: Could not create the rtp muxer element
  74. Asterix it's what you get under windows?
  75. xmt Yes this is on windows.
  76. Asterix wow so you seem to be close !
  77. xmt Audio only for the moment, if I can get farstream to work.
  78. Asterix
  79. Asterix in that case it was gstreamer0.10-plugins-bad missing ...
  80. xmt Oh, yes, I don't have plugins-bad installed.
  81. xmt Lemme do that then.
  82. xmt You've got a good memory Asterix. :)
  83. xmt That fixed it.
  84. Asterix google has a good memory!
  85. Asterix so you're able to make a call?
  86. xmt Works fine in the python shell. Not working in gajim atm.
  87. xmt I'm having trouble geting the exception that's being raised :\
  88. xmt Seems like the exception is getting hidden / ignored somewhere.
  89. xmt Is something calling sys.exc_clear?
  90. Asterix no I don't think so
  91. Asterix but there are some try/catch
  92. xmt Ok, finally got the traceback.
  93. xmt Seems like gajim is hooking all imports?
  94. xmt Do you have an auto pastebin in here or am I going to cause a mess if I paste this?
  95. Asterix yes we have
  96. xmt Traceback (most recent call last): File "j:\code\gajim\hg\src\common\", line 193, in <module> conference = gst.element_factory_make('fsrtpconference') File "j:\code\gajim\hg\src\common\", line 86, in __getattribute__ self._load() File "j:\code\gajim\hg\src\common\", line 58, in _load mod = _origimport(head, globals, locals) File "c:\Python27\lib\site-packages\gst-0.10\gst\", line 193, in <module> from _gst import * File "j:\code\gajim\hg\src\common\", line 95, in _demandimport return _import(name, globals, locals, fromlist, level) ImportError: DLL load failed: The specified module could not be found.
  97. Asterix you should disable demandimport to test
  98. xmt How?
  99. Asterix in src/, comment the line demandimport.enable()
  100. xmt It loads!
  101. xmt AV is enabled in features :)
  102. Asterix wow good start!
  103. xmt Got the jid of an echo bot that does audio?
  104. Asterix yes I have that
  105. Asterix Darlan gave some jid in devel ML
  106. Asterix (6NUM.NET SIP->XMPP YouTube Wall > ) NEW! STREAM A/V GTALK -> YOUTUBE (public!!!) (6NUM.NET SIP->XMPP AVI dumper ) NEW! STREAM A/V GTALK -> YOUR EMAIL (as video attachment) (6NUM.NET SIP->XMPP Ideal World Radio streaming) (6NUM.NET SIP->XMPP Audio/Video Echo Test) NEW! BRIDGES TO GOOGLETALK ECHO (INUM.NET Offici
  107. Asterix (6NUM.NET SIP->XMPP YouTube Wall > ) NEW! STREAM A/V GTALK -> YOUTUBE (public!!!) (6NUM.NET SIP->XMPP AVI dumper ) NEW! STREAM A/V GTALK -> YOUR EMAIL (as video attachment) (6NUM.NET SIP->XMPP Ideal World Radio streaming) (6NUM.NET SIP->XMPP Audio/Video Echo Test) NEW! BRIDGES TO GOOGLETALK ECHO (INUM.NET Official Audio/Video Echo Test) (INUM.NET Official Digits Echo Test) iNUM via XMPP (XMPP Echo-Test @Voxbone) (XMPP Echo-Test @Voxbone via @QXIP)
  108. Asterix time to sleep
  109. Asterix GN and good luck with your tests
  110. Asterix (we can test tomorow if you want)
  111. xmt have AAAA records but apparently aren't connectable via ipv6 :P
  112. xmt cya!
  113. xmt Thanks for the help.
  114. xmt Next problem:
  115. xmt Traceback (most recent call last): File "j:\code\gajim\hg\src\", line 2241, in on_audio_button_toggled self.on_jingle_button_toggled(widget, 'audio') File "j:\code\gajim\hg\src\", line 2227, in on_jingle_button_toggled 'start_' + jingle_type)( File "j:\code\gajim\hg\src\common\", line 125, in start_audio jingle.add_content('voice', JingleAudio(jingle)) File "j:\code\gajim\hg\src\common\", line 322, in __init__ self.setup_stream() File "j:\code\gajim\hg\src\common\", line 346, in setup_stream farstream.MEDIA_TYPE_AUDIO, 16000), GError: Could not create the nicesrc element
  116. xmt Oh, I think that's because libnice decided to build a static library instead of shared... lol
  117. xmt I think it's working!
  118. xmt Yep, audio between Gajim and Psi on my pc works. :)