Gajim - 2014-01-19

  1. GreenBlood Bouyah.
  2. DropSQL Hi all
  3. Asterix Hi
  4. DropSQL I added account with self-sign cert, if i click to "Ignore this cert", gajim not reconnecting to my account
  5. DropSQL after reopen gajim
  6. Asterix no error dialog?
  7. DropSQL o
  8. DropSQL no
  9. DropSQL for fix it, i need delete account and recreate in gajim
  10. DropSQL can you help me please
  11. Asterix which Gajim version?
  12. Asterix wha does gajim -v says?
  13. DropSQL Gajim 0.15.4
  14. DropSQL A GTK+ Jabber/XMPP client GTK+ Version: 2.24.20 PyGTK Version: 2.24.0
  15. Asterix give the 0.16 beta2 a try
  16. Asterix there is a .deb
  17. Asterix
  18. DropSQL have is gajim ubuntu repository?
  19. Asterix you need python-nbxmpp and gajim
  20. Asterix it has a debian repos
  21. DropSQL will i have a problem with this repository in ubuntu?
  22. Asterix I don't think so
  23. DropSQL thanks, it's bad... will wait new release
  24. DropSQL how i can enable by default "Minimize on click" for all chatrooms?
  25. Asterix you can do that only for bookmarked rooms
  26. Asterix in bookmark manager dialog
  27. DropSQL Asterix: it's not default config... i need click for all bookmarked rooms this parameter :(
  28. Asterix yep