Gajim - 2014-01-15

  1. xmt hello all
  2. xmt is it possible to use voice/video chat on windows?
  3. Link Mauve Not before someone actually succeeds in compiling gstreamer, its required plugins, farstream 0.1 and python2-farstream on it.
  4. xmt Hmm, that's not impossible... I know of Windows builds for gstreamer. Would be a pita though.
  5. xmt Do you know of any Windows clients that can do video? (apart from Jitsi)
  6. Link Mauve No, but I would very much like to see one.
  7. xmt Indeed.
  8. Link Mauve Google’s proprietary client did, I’m not sure if it still works.
  9. xmt Is Gajim my best bet, or should I look at Pidgin or something?
  10. Link Mauve For Gajim, all it’d take would be a knowledgeable windows user, but so far we’ve been unable to find one.
  11. Link Mauve Pidgin relies on farstream too AFAIK.
  12. Link Mauve As is Psi, Empathy and so on.
  13. Link Mauve are*
  14. xmt Depends on your definition of "knowledgeable". If you mean someone who can use VS/MinGW and google error messages then I'm your guy. :P
  15. Link Mauve Yeah, probably someone like that. ^^
  16. Link Mauve Asterix, could you share your previous experiences?
  17. xmt Is this page current?
  18. Link Mauve Python 2.6 instructions should be removed, and the links to GTK+ and the likes updated to their latest version.
  19. Link Mauve But from a quick skim through it, they look ok.
  20. xmt Which python version should I use, 2.7?
  21. Link Mauve Yes.
  22. Link Mauve 0.17 will probably use 3.4 instead, and GTK+ 3 and Gstreamer 1.2, but 0.16 will still use the legacy versions.
  23. xmt Ok, I'll look into this over the next few days.
  24. Link Mauve Great. :)
  25. xmt No guarentee you'll ever hear from me again though :P
  26. Link Mauve I know what it feels to compile for windows. ^^'
  27. xmt Yes it can be a bit of a nightmare. ;)
  28. Link Mauve Wine and Mingw made it a little easier for me, since I can introduce them into my normal workflow.
  29. Asterix Hi
  30. Asterix I use to compile most of the gstreamer plugins needed by farstream
  31. Asterix but failed compiling farstream and it's python module
  32. Asterix I don't really remember why though :/
  33. xmt Ah, that sounds like a good place to start then.
  34. Asterix with 0.17 we'll use py3
  35. Asterix and py-gi
  36. Asterix so no need of python module anymore
  37. xmt I'm not a python guy, what's py-gi?
  38. Link Mauve A way to expose gobject-introspection libraries to Python.
  39. Link Mauve And gobject-introspection is a way to do introspection in any gobject-based library (yeah, right :D).
  40. xmt So should I work with 0.16 or 0.17 branch? If 0.17 is experimental it might be easier to just stick with 0.16
  41. Link Mauve Basically you write your C code once, using gobject, and it will be usable from every language supported by g-i.
  42. Link Mauve Where “you” is the library author.
  43. xmt Can't say I'm a GTK fan really :P
  44. xmt Qt is more my thing.
  45. Asterix m,ake it work in 0.16 would be excellent
  46. Asterix 0.17 won't be out before a long time I think
  47. Asterix 0.16 is not out yet
  48. xmt Ah ok.
  49. xmt brb