Gajim - 2014-01-13

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  5. David Miranda Aragon hola
  6. David Miranda Aragon saludos para todos
  7. David Miranda Aragon Greetings to all
  8. David Miranda Aragon someone present who speak Spanish
  9. aman just como te yamas
  10. David Miranda Aragon david
  11. David Miranda Aragon tengo un problema
  12. Asterix sorry it's an english room
  13. aman i dont know more
  14. David Miranda Aragon I have a problem, download the beta version of gajim for windows and need to know how to use the audio and video, I have to do, I have a microphone and a webcam installed on PC
  15. Asterix unfortunatly, audio / video are not available for windows for the moment. Only linux
  16. David Miranda Aragon when I go to preferences Audio / Video I get disabled device audio input, audio output device, device video input, video input device,
  17. David Miranda Aragon ok thank you very much for your help
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  19. daurnimator Asterix, hey; figured I should drop by to chat about again
  20. Asterix Hi daurnimator
  21. Asterix daurnimator: could you explain me exactly what you do?
  22. daurnimator Asterix, I'm chatting with a particular resource; then I send an invite
  23. daurnimator it goes to the bare jid
  24. Asterix this contact is connected several times?
  25. daurnimator no
  26. daurnimator but I am explicitly messaging a certain resource
  27. Asterix if he is connected only once, what's the difference?
  28. daurnimator the server is running a plugin that treats that resource specially
  29. daurnimator but in general: there are race conditions here: e.g. if you send to bare jid; but before delivery a second resource comes online
  30. Asterix hmm that's very specific ...
  31. Asterix race condition: if the user goes offline while you're invithim ...
  32. Asterix or change resource
  33. daurnimator then you'd get an error message back: which is expected and fine
  34. Asterix no, I want to invite this contact, even if he changes his resource, so it's not expected
  35. daurnimator Asterix, in that case you won't be explicit on the resource
  36. Asterix indeed, it's why Gajim is not explicit on the resource
  37. Asterix when there is only one connected resource
  38. daurnimator sometimes it is...
  39. daurnimator e.g. start chat -> -> right click -> invite
  40. daurnimator should go to the full jid
  41. daurnimator where as: start chat -> -> right click -> invite
  42. daurnimator should go to the bare
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  44. Asterix daurnimator: ^
  45. daurnimator Asterix, thanks; will have to check it out :)