Gajim - 2014-01-06

  1. Darlan #7481
  2. bot Darlan: (Add Minimize on close option to Join Group Chat dialog)
  3. Darlan I think tooltip would be appropriate. Close it if you want.
  4. loomsen hi folks, something very odd happened to one of my accounts, almost all my contacts are gone. is there any way for me to get a list of all contacts I had in this account from my backups somehow, so i can readd them, please?
  5. loomsen sigh
  6. loomsen can i write now? have you been able to see my messages?
  7. Darlan Yes. What did you do that caused to contacts to be erased?
  8. loomsen Darlan, some server side issue, i added transports and removed them again
  9. loomsen after that all my contacts were gone
  10. Darlan Were these XMPP contacts or transport contacts?
  11. loomsen it's not a gajim bug, i was just hoping to find a way to restore my contacts, even if it's just a list and i add them manually
  12. loomsen xmpp
  13. loomsen so no easy way? I was hoping from the logs.db somehow, if the whole contact list is stored there
  14. Darlan There are several ways: $ ls .cache/gajim/avatars/ $ ls .cache/gajim/vcards/ $ sqlitebrowser .cache/gajim/cache.db
  15. Darlan I do not find contact addresses in cache.db (Cache database file of transports, caps, roster entry, and roster group).
  16. loomsen i can't find sqlitebrowser in the repos -.- and of course i exclude cache from my backups --.-- noooooooo
  17. loomsen the account seems totally broken, doesn't even show my other accounts as online (one of the few contacts that weren't removed was ironically my own contact -.- )