Gajim - 2014-01-05

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  2. Asterix Darlan: I can't reproduce #7614
  3. Asterix #7614
  4. bot Asterix: (Gajim treats to MUC as Contact)
  5. Darlan This occurs to me on every invite.
  6. Asterix for me the invite is on the contact row
  7. Asterix not a new muc row
  8. Darlan It appears under Group chat row but is treated as a contact.
  9. Darlan Or Group Chats (I do not use English Gajim)
  10. Darlan Asterix, reject the next two invitations and see if bug occurs.
  11. Darlan Asterix, reject the next three invitations and see if bug occurs.
  12. Asterix I rejected all 3 invitations
  13. Darlan Do you have roster items under Group Chats row that are treated as contacts?
  14. Darlan I do not see rejection messages in chat-view.
  15. Asterix because I didn't set a message
  16. Asterix no I don't have roster items at all
  17. Darlan I will send you log.
  18. Asterix as I alreay told you when I get the invitation the even is on your contact row, not on a new muc row
  19. Asterix no need of logs
  20. Asterix I need to repro
  21. Asterix but receiving an invitation doesn't cause me any problem
  22. Darlan Close ticket, then.
  23. Asterix if you can repro there is something wrong somewhere ...
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  25. Darlan I do not know where. I will make another update and test again.
  26. Asterix Darlan: maybe you already have this room in your contact list ...
  27. Darlan No.
  28. Darlan It occurs every time with bookmarked and new MUCs
  29. Asterix Darlan: you see the new line at the moment you get the invitation?
  30. Darlan Am I correct to assume that you meant to write when I *send* the invitation?
  31. Darlan I get a new alert (systray icon changes) and an invitation dialog appears when I click on it.
  32. Asterix send ??
  33. Asterix Steps to reproduce Let contact invite you to a group chat where you are not at.
  34. Asterix so it's when you receive an invitation
  35. Darlan I see a new dialog not a new line. Where should I see that new line?
  36. Asterix you say that it's in roster under groupchat "group" ...
  37. Asterix I understand nothing to you bug report ...
  38. Darlan Oh, what I see in roster. Please send me an invitation.
  39. Darlan I think all of the invitations I had problem with were sent from Gajim 0.15.x.
  40. Darlan Dialog "You are already in group chat %s" should be a warning dialog, not an error dialog. Related to (I will not reopen).
  41. Darlan Also "You are already in group chat %s" always transient on roster but is appearing when clicking on xmpp: link in Chat and History Viewer.
  42. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7194 (Info Bar dialogs) updated An idea for dialog You are already in group chat %s. That message is displayed when: Clicking on a bookmark of MUC where user is already at. Clicking on an XMPP URI xmpp: gajim@…?join in chat-view or history viewer. When user clicks on xmpp: gajim@…?join when they are in chat dialog (chat-view), this dialog should appear as an Info Bar with these buttons: You are alre[…]
  43. Darlan Maybe it should be an Info dialog.
  44. GreenBlood "About 65% of persons with CH are, or have been, tobacco smokers"
  45. GreenBlood Ahah
  46. GreenBlood oops
  47. GreenBlood wrong window
  48. Asterix :)
  49. Maranda CH?
  50. GreenBlood Maranda: Cluster Headache.
  51. Asterix Darlan: about #7471, sound work in pref window if you press the play button?
  52. Darlan Yes. Sometimes sound is played, sometimes it is not.
  53. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7614 (Gajim treats to MUC as Contact) closed worksforme: I can't reproduce that, nor can the reporter. Don't hesitate to reopen if you can reproduce.
  54. Asterix randomly?
  55. Darlan Yes.
  56. Asterix Darlan: what is the value of soundplayer option in ACE?
  57. Darlan mplayer -quiet
  58. Darlan It occurred with aplay too.
  59. Asterix works well with maplyer
  60. Asterix aplay doesn't read ogg correctly on my machine ...
  61. Asterix works play with play too
  62. Asterix (in manage sound window)
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  64. nils Hi
  65. nils and by..
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