Gajim - 2013-12-21

  1. SouL Ohayo ~
  2. Darlan I encourage not to use GTalk (defunct) and have always encouraged not to use it. Partial XMPP support and, now, no support whatsoever.
  3. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7469 (Remove built-in email support of a specific provider) updated I think this feature is to be completely removed. See ​
  4. Darlan Programming error on attempt t st Group for MUC occupant
  5. Darlan Programming error on attempt to set Group for MUC occupant
  6. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7603 (Programming error on attempt t st Group for MUC occupant) created Bug description Programming error. Steps to reproduce Open a PM chat with MUC occupant. Open banner context menu. Manage Contact Rename… Press OK. Edit Groups… Click a group name. It is as if Gajim thinks it has auto-generated temporary Private Conversations group in roster like the one of Psi, which i[…]
  7. Darlan truth, hello!
  8. truth Darlan: Hello
  9. Darlan Do you speak Arabic?
  10. Áɱǻƞ hello guys
  11. Darlan Ahalan, Áɱǻƞ.
  12. Darlan truth, if you do, please consider translating Gajim into Arabic or refer someone else who would. Gajim 0.16 is going to be released with comprehensive BiDi support in chat view and GUI.
  13. Áɱǻƞ didnt get u
  14. Darlan Hello, Áɱǻƞ. (Ahalan = Hello; Arabic)
  15. Áɱǻƞ oh is this arabic room?
  16. Darlan No, I just made a guess by reading your nickname.
  17. Áɱǻƞ lol
  18. Áɱǻƞ i am indian
  19. Darlan Welcome to Gajim group chat!
  20. Áɱǻƞ thanks
  21. Áɱǻƞ is this gajim develop's room?
  22. Darlan Yes.
  23. Áɱǻƞ so u all are developers
  24. Darlan No, but some here are patch writers; all developers are not here at the moment. At least one of them is going to be here tomorrow, I hope.
  25. Áɱǻƞ oh okey
  26. Áɱǻƞ where u frm
  27. Darlan is not from a good place :-)
  28. Áɱǻƞ :O
  29. Áɱǻƞ in which language gajim has been developed?
  30. Darlan Python; Gajim is using GtkBuilder for its GUI.
  31. Áɱǻƞ i guessed so