Gajim - 2013-12-19

  1. loomsen o/
  2. loomsen can I use mutiple languages in use_speller please? I tried separating by comma, but it doesn't do the trick
  3. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim Plugins • Ticket #87 (OTR Plugin doesn't work on Win32) created On Windows (Win7), the OTR Plugin doesn't work because of missing libraries. The Plugin isn't shown in Pluginlist. After copying, and from Python Git. The Plugin works.
  4. crow Hi, is there a way to disable E2E and only use OTR if posible on both side? Currently first is E2E activated, then i need to disable it and start OTR
  5. vorner There's some esessions config in advanced configuration manager.
  6. vorner However, is there reason to prefer OTR? Because it encrypts only messages, while e2e encrypts everything.
  7. crow vorner: because i prefer OTR, when you write, E2E can encrypt everything, what do you mean with that?
  8. vorner crow: Well, there are „packets“ that go over the protocol. Some of them contain the text of messages. OTR encrypts the text inside. But there are other „packets“ ‒ the ones with feature negotiations, audio call requests, file transfer offers and many more. OTR leaves these unencrypted. esessions encrypt the whole packets, no matter what is inside.
  9. vorner My guess this is the reason esessions are preferred by gajim
  10. crow I see, well i would still like to be able to Disable it and enable if needed then to be preferred.
  11. vorner As I said, look into the advanced configuration manager and look for esession
  12. loomsen i hope 5 hours idle time are enough for a question to be repeated? can I use mutiple languages in use_speller please? I tried separating by comma, but it doesn't do the trick
  13. crow Gajim on Windows 7, does not recognize audio or video device. Is here someone who use Windows with Audio/Video ?
  14. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim Plugins • Ticket #87 (OTR Plugin doesn't work on Win32) updated Status changed Have you tried this with the gajim-0.15.4 installer? It looks to me like those packages are already included in the
  15. Dmitriy Vaskin Hello. Maybe anybody can help with error 'Unable to decrypt message from' ?
  16. afflux hi there
  17. afflux I see this commit on gajim_0.15 branch but gajim_0.16 or default don't seem to have an equivalent:
  18. afflux since in there is a complaint about exactly these missing modules I'm wondering if we should keep this up, ie. if we should add explicit includes to the py2exe for the plugins. It sounds unfeasible, but the only alternative I can think of putting those (stdlib!) modules in the plugins distribution and I don't think that makes a lot of sense either
  19. crow afflux: I used gajim-0.15.4-3.exe on Windows 7 x86_64 and I did not have problems with OTR
  20. afflux crow: yeah, that is in fact because the commit I linked above is only in the gajim_0.15 branch but not in gajim_0.16. I need the HTMLParser module from the python stdlib, but since py2exe per default strips the python stdlib from unreferenced modules it either needs to be listed explicitly by gajim or I have to distribute it myself
  21. crow afflux: thanks for explaining it so deelple. Well I would suggest to distribute it yourself and not depend on stdlib and py2exe
  22. afflux I'm considering it, but I am a little bit hesitant, because on normal systems (eg. linux) this would override the HTMLParser that is supplied by the system. That's why I'd like to hear a gajim-dev opinion on this :)
  23. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7601 ("received receipts" are not being recognized occasionally.) created Bug description While chatting with a friend, that uses the exakt same Gajim version as me (since he also uses Arch Linux) it occasionally happens, that sent chat messages are shown as undelivered, even though they definitely reached the other end. So that little yellow triangle pops up. This usually happens for three or four consecutive messages before that behavior di[…][…]
  24. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7601 ("received receipts" are not being recognized occasionally.) updated Could you test with 0.16 beta2 to see if you still have this issue? It seems it's dup of #6937
  25. Darlan > I only drink on days that begin with T: Tuesday, Thursday, Today, Tomorrow. haha
  26. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7571 (Do not fetch internet images when utilizing XEP-0071: XHTML-IM) updated A rather easy solution would be to add a configuration toggle to strip out all elements from XHTML-IM content.
  27. Darlan Maranda, unless I am misunderstand you, your solution is not relevant for Gajim 0.16 due to string-freeze.
  28. Maranda You misunderstood.
  29. Maranda if you strip out all <img> elements from the xhtml-im body there won't be an image to load.
  30. Darlan Then I guess you were referring to a configuration entry in ACE, am I correct?
  31. Maranda If you use placeholder objects instead: A) You will have to draw and render 'em, B) You will have to attach on press events to 'em as well.
  32. Maranda not sure what's "ACE" I meant Gajim's configuration
  33. afflux Maranda: ACE = advanced configuration editor
  34. Green' Uh.
  35. GreenBlood Ohaio.
  36. Green' WOW
  37. Green' So much lag
  38. Green' :|
  39. Green' Hay guys
  40. Darlan Hallo!
  41. Darlan Ha! I did not notice afflux is here :-)
  42. afflux hiya
  43. Maranda afflux, no I meant in the "not advanced" one.
  44. Darlan ^^'
  45. Darlan Maranda, that would require adding an additional string.
  46. Darlan Maranda, that would require adding a new string.
  47. GreenBlood Guys I've somehow a problem, and it might be gajim related but I ain't sure
  48. GreenBlood There's this muc where the topic is displayed, but not the one who wrote it
  49. Maranda well there's an option to strip out xhtml from incoming messages, if you think this is important for privacy adding another will not harm, leaving it as an ACE's option is useless.
  50. GreenBlood its like " changed the topic in blah blah"
  51. Maranda GreenBlood, which muc?
  52. GreenBlood Maranda: The chat on the website
  53. GreenBlood want full address ?
  54. Maranda No need
  55. Link Mauve GreenBlood, some servers can prevent the disclosure of the nick of that user.
  56. afflux Maranda: I think the point is that gajim 0.16 is not going to get new strings added, because that would require getting new translations
  57. Link Mauve It’s a configuration options sometimes.
  58. GreenBlood Link Mauve: Oh. Yeah but with psi the nick is dispayed
  59. GreenBlood displayed*
  60. Maranda some MUC implementations strip out the nick of who changed the topic
  61. Link Mauve For the MUC, or for the whole MUC server.
  62. Maranda as Link Mauve said
  63. Maranda I suppose jabberd2 does that
  64. Link Mauve GreenBlood, can you get an XML dump?
  65. Maranda (it's what runs)
  66. Link Mauve From both Psi and Gajim, if possible.
  67. GreenBlood Yeeah I can try
  68. Link Mauve Maranda, yes, that’s right.
  69. Link Mauve Info> is running jabberd version 2.2.14 on Linux x86_64
  70. Maranda <message type='groupchat' to='' from=''> <subject>La room de Noël</subject> <body>Le -Stitch- Fouettard has set the topic to: La room de Noël</body> </message>
  71. Maranda stripped.
  72. GreenBlood Yep
  73. GreenBlood But its not displayed, for me at least
  74. GreenBlood But using Psi, it works
  75. GreenBlood Aaand here it works
  76. Maranda I doubt it would work...
  77. Maranda see what Metronome outputs on a room on
  78. Maranda <message type='groupchat' to='' from=''> <subject>LW.Org IM Service general chat. -- More information on our service: -- Our featured rooms: </subject> </message>
  79. Maranda notice the /Maranda (resource) after
  80. Maranda brb
  81. GreenBlood That is strange.
  82. Maranda GreenBlood it may have worked on Psi when the occupant changed the topic but otherwise I doubt it.
  83. GreenBlood I've been using psi for a long time now
  84. GreenBlood well I'm gonna check now but
  85. Link Mauve It could also be that Psi displays the body instead of the subject.
  86. Link Mauve I don’t remember which approach is the correct one, XEP-0045-wise.
  87. GreenBlood There's two fields, the one in the main window and the at the top of the window
  88. GreenBlood And on psi it totally works
  89. GreenBlood Just checked
  90. Link Mauve 7.2.16 Room Subject After the room has optionally sent the discussion history to the new occupant, it SHALL send the current room subject. This is a <message/> stanza from the room JID (or from the occupant JID of the entity that set the subject), with a <subject/> element but no <body/> element, as shown in the following example.
  91. Maranda GreenBlood, how does it work?
  92. Link Mauve So both Psi and Jabberd2 are wrong.
  93. Maranda because it won't show a nickname which is not there.
  94. Maranda (and that was the issue right?)
  95. Link Mauve Maranda, there is a body, and Psi displays it instead of the subject element.
  96. GreenBlood Link Mauve: In fact, it uses both
  97. Link Mauve GreenBlood, you should report them this issue.
  98. Link Mauve First to Jabberd2, but also to Psi.
  99. Maranda afflux, ok (sorry for the delay)
  100. GreenBlood So its a jabberd2 issue ?
  101. Maranda [19:37:26] ‎GreenBlood‎: There's this muc where the topic is displayed, but not the one who wrote it -> i thought this was the issue Link Mauve
  102. Link Mauve GreenBlood, yes.
  103. Maranda aka that the nick won't be shown.
  104. Maranda (but it won't irregardless in Psi :D)
  105. afflux no worries
  106. Link Mauve Maranda, Jabberd2 doesn’t send the subject from the correct JID, as you noticed it lacks the resource/nick.
  107. Maranda Link Mauve, but that's probably on purpose
  108. Link Mauve Instead it sends a body, which is disallowed by the XEP.
  109. Maranda That's another matter I think though :)
  110. Link Mauve Maranda, I doubt it, it wouldn’t include that information in a body if it were sensitive or something.
  111. Maranda <message type='groupchat' to='' from=''> <subject>XMPP Operators Room |</subject> </message>
  112. Maranda M-Link does strip as well :)
  113. GreenBlood Well.
  114. Link Mauve That would be for privacy reasons.
  115. Maranda (at least I think that's M-Link)
  116. Link Mauve Maranda, anyway, either Jabberd2 shouldn’t include the nick in the body, or it should include it as the @from resource.
  117. Maranda Link Mauve, though GreenBlood said he could see "who changed" on Psi, which is frankly impossible.
  118. Link Mauve Look at his stanza, it’s quite possible that Psi displays the body.
  119. GreenBlood Well if psi displays the <body>
  120. Maranda Oh
  121. Maranda :O
  122. Maranda lol I'm blind
  123. Maranda <body>Le -Stitch- Fouettard has set the topic to: La room de Noël</body>
  124. Maranda Sorry just noticed it now
  125. GreenBlood Link Mauve: So the "from" is supposed to contain the jid who made the subject ?
  126. Link Mauve Yes.
  127. GreenBlood Not jid
  128. Maranda Yes
  129. GreenBlood Okay
  130. Maranda Including that info in the body is wrong xep wise
  131. Link Mauve JID of the form room@server/nick.
  132. GreenBlood Wonderful.
  133. Link Mauve So yeah, report the bug to the Jabberd2 people. :)
  134. Maranda The nick should be obtained from the resource of the muc jid.
  135. Link Mauve Like for every other MUC message.
  136. Maranda (Resource == what is after "/")
  137. GreenBlood Okay
  138. GreenBlood Soooo if the resource was put after the muc jid gajim would display it right, right ?
  139. Link Mauve Yes.
  140. GreenBlood 'kay, thanks for your help.
  141. Link Mauve You’re welcome. :)
  142. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7602 (The message does not reach its destination, only until the recipient opens …) created Bug description This is a very strange issue, and I don't know if this is a Gajim issue or a Jitsi issue, and is very hard to me explain this issue because I don't speak english very well. 1.-There are 2 computers, one with Slackware Linux 14.0 and the other with Windows 7. 2.-The Linux machine have Gajim 0.16-beta2 3.-The […]
  143. GreenBlood Weeell, all broke \o/
  144. GreenBlood Fack.
  145. GreenBlood Question, how can a server stop allowing to give us JID and the MUC is still working ? :|
  146. Link Mauve The two of them could be unrelated.
  147. GreenBlood Yeaaah but thats wierd.
  148. Link Mauve Also, IIRC Jabberd2’s architecture is fairly modular, a part of it could have crashed without the others.
  149. GreenBlood Oh I see
  150. GreenBlood Thats ... good.
  151. Link Mauve Yes.
  152. Link Mauve But I prefer a server which doesn’t crash at all. ^^
  153. GreenBlood good point
  154. Maranda <<how can a server stop allowing to give us JID>>, ...
  155. Maranda can't compute that sentence.
  156. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7602 (The message does not reach its destination, only until the recipient opens …) updated Are you using the OTR plugin in Gajim? Have you tried to disable OTR in Gajim, what is the behaviour with OTR disabled?