Gajim - 2013-12-13

  1. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7591 (Can eat 100% CPU under rapidly varying network connectivity) updated I think the same as @inducer. You can find another realization where Gajim is wasting CPU power when switching Iconsets.
  2. halu Which xmpp app is best on android? Chatsecure and xabber both don't connect to non-google accounts
  3. vorner xabber does connect to non-google account. I don't have google account and I'm able to connect both to my personal and company accounts.
  4. vorner And I use yaxim.
  5. vorner Of course, when I get enough free time, I want to make gajim work on my android tablet O:-)
  6. pvtlth I finally got it now and managed to connect with my preferred account. So here we go with xabber
  7. Link Mauve vorner, oh, GTK+ on Android?
  8. Link Mauve gtk2 or gtk3?
  9. pvtlth Vorner, does yaxim have otr?
  10. vorner pvtlth: I don't know. But it has SMACKS and carbons O:-)
  11. vorner Link Mauve: with debian in chroot, everything is possible ;-)
  12. Link Mauve But that isn’t android anymore.
  13. vorner I did say on android tablet. The tablet still has android on it ;-)
  14. vorner (Though I'd prefer a GNU/Linux tablet)
  15. Link Mauve Oh ok, well, I already ran it on my Debian phone, the only issue was the ergonomy is totally not fine there.
  16. Link Mauve On my phone I use poezio, because it isn’t hampered by the small screen size and the virtual keyboard.
  17. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7594 (logo_small.png transfered over HTTP) created Bug description On page ​ the logo_small.png is transfered over HTTP, it should be transfered over HTTPS. Steps to reproduce Open ​ there is the tag • Ticket #7594 (logo_small.png transfered over HTTP) updated the same for ​