Gajim - 2013-12-04

  1. Darlan Asterix, when I decline a group chat (not direct) invitation, no message appears in chat view.
  2. Darlan For direct invitation, there should be an information or warning dialog when invitee rejects an invitation, because chat view is not available.
  3. fedor.brunner Regarding End-to-End encryption, there was some discussion about current trends in [Standards] mailing list.
  4. Darlan Thank you for references.
  5. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #4455 (Invite to a MUC in my bookmarks) updated For this feature, Gajim should have a new information or warning dialog transient for roster, because we are not present in bookmarked and unvisited group chat, chat-view is not available and so there is no place where we can a decline message. Title : Groupchat Invitation Message : %(jid)s declined the invitation: %(reason)s Both strings are already available.
  6. Darlan #7574
  7. bot Darlan: (Gajim assigns group "General")
  8. Darlan Does any Gajim user here here have a meta-contact in roster?
  9. Maranda Not myself.
  10. Darlan Gajim assigns group General to sub-meta-contacts. I will reopen ticket #7574.
  11. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7574 (Gajim assigns group "General") reopened Try to cancel any assignment to any group, including General, from a sub-meta-contact and Gajim would always keep group General assigned.
  12. Darlan Even though "_Open Containing Folder" and "_Pause" appear in .po files, their translation does not seem to be applied in context menu of File Transfer.
  13. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Changeset [15183:f0dce43a7cb1]: both sender and receiver request remote SSL certificate, but only if it's … both sender and receiver request remote SSL certificate, but only if it's a new one. Correctly verify remote SSL certificate.
  14. Darlan Last message correction does not work on Isode M-Link XMPP server.
  15. Darlan The M-Link page is
  16. Darlan Part of conversation at Swift group chat: [19:22:11] Darlan: How can Gajim bring Last Message support for this server? [19:22:34] Kev: It doesn't need server support. [19:22:57] Kev: Ah, right. This is because M-Link is rewriting the stanza id, I guess. [19:24:05] Darlan: Is there an API? [19:25:51] Darlan: Or maybe it is a bug in M-Link. [19:26:32] Kev: It's not technically a bug - the spec doesn't say that the message a MUC sends has to have the same ID as the message that the user sent to the MUC.
  17. Darlan I guess M-Link should treat to last message correction stanzas differently.
  18. Darlan From Swift group chat: [19:52:08] Darlan: Should M-Link treat to last message correction stanzas differently? [19:52:29] Kev: I think it's possible we need to change the LMC spec.
  19. Maranda Hmmm...?
  20. Maranda Gajim should not look at the sent message stanza id, it should look at the reflected message stanza one. And the id attribute on the <replace /> element.
  21. Darlan But what if ID is modified on next sent message?
  22. Maranda You mean the correction message stanza?
  23. Maranda "And the id attribute on the <replace /> element."
  24. Maranda Oh
  25. Maranda It doesn't rewrite it
  26. Maranda M-Link just removes id attributes meh.
  27. Darlan >You mean the correction message stanza? Yes.
  28. Darlan You can join and ask there.
  29. Maranda <!-- Out mer 04 dic 2013 20:50:31 CET --> <message xmlns="jabber:client" to="" type="groupchat" id="68"> <body>;</body> </message> <!-- In mer 04 dic 2013 20:50:32 CET --> <message type='groupchat' to='' from=''> <body>;</body> </message> <r xmlns='urn:xmpp:sm:2'/>
  30. Maranda I think the message was already delivered to the interested person.
  31. Maranda << The 'id' attribute is included on the replace to prevent situations where messages being routed to a different resource than the intended cause incorrect replacements. >>
  32. Maranda It's not exactly mandated, but the server SHOULDN'T just plainly remove the id attribute off a stanza, rewrite it is okay but remove it is not.
  33. Darlan Maranda, chat with Kev about it. He is at jDev.
  34. Maranda [20:53:28] ‎* Maranda thinks that M-Link doesn't rewrite ids on reflected message stanzas, it just removes id attributes >_> ‎[20:53:39] ‎Maranda‎: ... which is not pretty.
  35. Darlan I see it; thanks.
  36. Maranda more then saying this, I don't think there's nothing else to add. It's not up to me to infer on development of something I'm not involved with :)
  37. Darlan I guess, Kev will probably convey this issue to next council meeting.
  38. Maranda .
  39. Maranda Darlan I think it's because we don't have an affiliation on jdev.
  40. Maranda which is why M-Link doesn't rewrite an id.
  41. Maranda but that's entirely a M-Link issue.
  42. Darlan If ID should be stripped from an occupant, it should be occupants of Visitor status. I hope to see some news i this regard in next council meeting log.
  43. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • JingleFileTransfer edited draft-meyer-xmpp-e2e-encryption-02 (diff)
  44. Maranda Darlan, and actually tried testing and it's not that
  45. Maranda so is clueless.
  46. Darlan The sound manager of Gajim is able to play OGG, but Gajim does not play OGG audio format in real time.
  47. Darlan For certain events.
  48. Maranda Darlan, Gajim still shouldn't be concerned honestly this is all a "M-Link" issue.
  49. Darlan Thanks for the information.
  50. Maranda mathieui's server runs on Prosody 0.9.1, gajim runs on the same. So it's rather erratic that it behaves differently for an obscure reason.
  51. Darlan Maybe that is how NATO want it to operate on their XMPP servers, assuming NATO or whatever military force is a client of Isode.
  52. Darlan >For certain events. First received message. It is probably related to ticket #7471.
  53. Link Mauve Maranda, it doesn’t matter much how it is broken, the fact is, m-link’s muc component is broken.
  54. Maranda Link Mauve, indeed. But it's still curious enough.
  55. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7471 (Sound doesn't work) updated In Sound Manager, set file Kopete_Received.ogg for First Message Received and you would see that Gajim would fail to play it on real-time. I have set Attention Message Received to play Kopete_User_is_Online.ogg and I have had no problems, yet. Sounds from ​