Gajim - 2013-12-01

  1. Maranda _ping
  2. bot Maranda: Ping from 2.382 sec.
  3. Maranda _ping
  4. bot Maranda: Warning! Exceeded the limit of sending the same message. You are blocked for a period of 1800 sec.
  5. Maranda O_o
  6. Darlan lol
  7. Darlan It seem to me that dialog Custom Status and dialog Status Message of Local account should be switched by each other. Is it possible to send custom PEP information?
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  9. Maranda Darlan, "Custom PEP information"?
  10. Darlan Yes, when we send Custom Status to a contact.
  11. Maranda that's not possible (with the current protocol).
  12. Maranda You're publishing the data to the server which then broadcasts it to all interested contacts, that's how it works.
  13. Darlan What is not possible? (Custom PEP or Status)
  14. Maranda Custom PEP
  15. Maranda when you set the "custom status" Gajim just sends a directed presence stanza to the contact and the server just has to route it, for PEP you send data to your account service the server processes it and broadcasts it to all interested contacts. :)
  16. Maranda bbiaw food.
  17. Darlan ok
  18. Darlan Asterix, Local account should have the same Status Message dialog of Custom Status.
  19. azerttyu hi thank a lot about xmpp / bosh patch
  20. Asterix azerttyu: no pb, thanks for reporting the problem
  21. azerttyu with bosh no pb, i use it every time :)
  22. Asterix I never use it .. I don't even know if it work on my server :)
  23. Asterix I have a question about jingle audio / video behaviour (related to #7580)
  24. Asterix when we start a session, we most of the time want video and audio
  25. Asterix and it's currently 2 buttons
  26. Asterix what about having only one button Start audio/video session
  27. Asterix or one for audio only and one for audio / video ?
  28. Asterix I agree audio only could be usefull, but video only ...
  29. Asterix (or maybe for screen sharing)
  30. Link Mauve I think an unique button would be easier for most users.
  31. Link Mauve And maybe the next step would be a window or menu to select audio only, video only, audio/video, screen sharing or whatever else.
  32. Link Mauve One more click, but a much less cluttered UI.
  33. Asterix click on the button then choose more options in a dialog?
  34. Link Mauve Yeah.
  35. Asterix not really doable for 0.16 ... string are frozen
  36. Asterix keep it for 0.16 and change that after 0.16 is probably the best solution
  37. Asterix but ... having a dialog isn't really user friendly ... as most users will want audio / video session
  38. Asterix maybe in advanced funtion menu?
  39. Asterix "audio / video options"
  40. Asterix that will change the behaviour of the button?
  41. Asterix or in edit -> preferences, audio / video tab
  42. Asterix "choose what the audio / video button will do"
  43. Link Mauve Or some semi-hidden way to bring that dialog, like right-click or something.
  44. Link Mauve Since most users would want audio/video, left click would do just that, and in the tooltip add a note about right click to select the other options.
  45. vorner I don't think I've seen it with gajim, but the usual way in many places is have an icon that does the default and small arrow button that opens more options just right besides the icon.
  46. vorner Like having Paste button and more special ways to paste in a menu
  47. Link Mauve Ah, true, I’ve also seen that quite a lot.
  48. Asterix yep sounds a good option indeed!
  49. Asterix some kind of combobox, but it's a button instead of a text that we select ...
  50. Asterix not sure there is something like that in GTK :/
  51. Link Mauve My idea about right click was from Firefox’ back/forward button.
  52. Link Mauve I was trying to find again the widget vorner is talking about, but so far I couldn’t find it.
  53. Asterix in FF it's also a long click that does the same
  54. Link Mauve I’m sure I’ve seen it in a GTK+ software.
  55. Link Mauve Oh, I didn’t know.
  56. Link Mauve Thanks. ^^
  57. Asterix I didn't know about right click ;)
  58. Asterix it could be something similar to iconset button: normal click will do the call, long click will open the menu and a small arrow button on the right which will also open the menu
  59. Asterix it could be something similar to emoticon button: normal click will do the call, long click will open the menu and a small arrow button on the right which will also open the menu
  60. Link Mauve The arrow would be easier to discover for users.
  61. Asterix yep, it's why I add an arrow button on the right
  62. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7580 (VoIP context menu) updated for contact row, yes, but not for account row: it's not possible to do audio / video call to someone not in roster 'cause we need the resource and caps. and this item would do a audio / video call, so we need a better string
  63. Darlan >My idea about right click was from Firefox’ back/forward button. From Konqueror of KDE3.