Gajim - 2013-11-27

  1. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7580 (VoIP context menu) created enhancement recommendation Add VoIP context menu items. Roster rowMenu item AccountStart Chat… Start Voice Chat… Join Group Chat ContactStart Chat Start Voice Chat Send Single Message… Maybe Start Voice Call or Call to Contact would sound better.
  2. Julien hi all
  3. Julien I'm having problems accessing facebook via gajim lately, are there any known issues, or is ti just me ? :)
  4. Asterix no idea .. I don't use it ...
  5. Asterix what's your peoblem?
  6. Julien the contact list stays empty, and most of the time the state stays disconnected
  7. Asterix you run Gajim from console?
  8. Julien right now, yes
  9. Julien I have a personal jabber server that works fine in the same gajim
  10. Asterix no error in console?
  11. Julien some :
  12. Julien I don't think that's related tough
  13. Julien (there are dirs creation cause I deleted local conf just to be sure)
  14. Asterix indeed it's not related
  15. Asterix so what would help would be to run gajim -v, try to connect to FB, and show us the result (connect only to FB to not bloat logs)
  16. Julien < I made a test, right now still not in state available
  17. Julien i'll launch with -v, brb
  18. Asterix ha
  19. Asterix so connection work
  20. Asterix ok the problem is that you send an iq (id=98) but the server never answers
  21. Asterix but the server MUST answer
  22. Julien here, have my log :
  23. Asterix same thing. the iq with id=6 never get an answer
  24. Julien strange
  25. Julien I tested with pidgin, it worked
  26. Julien maybe there is something in the request formed by gajim that the facebook server does not understand
  27. Asterix pidgin doesn't ask metacontacts
  28. Asterix when server does not understand (which is the case here as they don't support metacontacts) they MUST reply with an error
  29. Julien it worked before, maybe they changed something
  30. MattJ When did it stop working?
  31. MattJ They rolled out an upgrade to their XMPP stuff over a month ago I think
  32. MattJ which was supposed to improve things like this
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  34. daurnimator does Gajim support direct muc invitations? (XEP 249)
  35. dicson
  36. daurnimator :(
  37. daurnimator [14:16:56] asterix: that shouldn't be hard to do, but in which case should we do direct invite, in which not ...
  38. daurnimator is there a todo list I can place it on? :)
  39. daurnimator Also possible bug; when using a mediated invite; the resource is removed from the `to`
  40. daurnimator Asterix, ?
  41. Asterix there is a trac to post tickets
  42. Asterix it's the room that sends the invite, not us, so removing the resource is not our fault ... or I don't understand what you mean?
  43. daurnimator Asterix, sure it is :) <!-- Out --> <message xmlns="jabber:client" to="" id="9648"> <x xmlns=""> <invite to="" /> </x> </message>
  44. daurnimator when I actually invited
  45. Asterix ha, this "to"
  46. Asterix I'm working on something else currently, so I won't implement that now
  47. daurnimator Asterix, tickets created :)
  48. Asterix ok thanks
  49. daurnimator shouldn't be too hard to fix ;)
  50. Asterix indeed
  51. Asterix but I'm working on jingle FT + XTLS
  52. daurnimator ps; need to compact the hg repository or something; 70MB of history...
  53. Asterix 8 years old of project ...
  54. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7581 (Direct MUC Invite (XEP-0249) Support) created [14:09:44] daurnimator: does Gajim support direct muc invitations? [14:16:56] asterix: that shouldn't be hard to do, but in which case should we do direct invite, in which not … [14:17:07] asteri[…] • Ticket #7582 (Mediated MUC Invites do not contain resource) created When using a […]
  55. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7582 (Mediated MUC Invites do not contain resource) updated btw; this was initiated while in the chat room, and from an open chat with right clicking on the bar area at the top of the chat window, selecting "Invite To" -> "room"
  56. Asterix yay, jingleFT progresses!
  57. Asterix still need a GUI dialog when there is a problem with certificate ... but the reste seems to work
  58. Link Mauve Encrypted file transfer is a very good thing, thank you!
  59. Link Mauve I wonder how hard it would be to implement it in the client I mainly use.
  60. Asterix just switch to a client that supports it ;)
  61. Link Mauve I know none that would work on a server. :p
  62. Asterix but it would be nice to have another client supporting it to do some interrop
  63. Asterix arf you're wrong, just install X and a vnc server on your server and that's ok ;)
  64. Link Mauve I should note that I have only one GiB of RAM on my server. :p
  65. Link Mauve Also, VNC is slow as hell over the Internet, in LAN it’s about usable but that’s it.
  66. Nick no, I use VNC over t'internet all the time
  67. Nick it's fine
  68. Link Mauve If you want to go that way, I’d suggest xpra instead, it works for a single program unlike VNC, but it integrates with your normal desktop.
  69. Link Mauve Nick, you don’t have my connection, then. :p
  70. Link Mauve Sometimes even plain text ssh lags.
  71. Nick I'm languishing at around 5mbit down / 10mbit up
  72. Asterix but if you have it implemented in poezio, I'd be very happy to have feedback on our implementation
  73. Nick the important bit is ensuring the vnc client is using the right encodings
  74. Link Mauve 300 KiB/s down, 80 KiB/s up, mostly taken by bittorrent.
  75. Nick mm, that's a bit more restrictive ;)
  76. Link Mauve (I dislike speaking in bits, it increases the numbers for nothing.)
  77. Link Mauve Asterix, I would first have to look at your implementation, I guess. ^^
  78. Link Mauve Both being written in python, there is no need to reinvent the wheel.
  79. Asterix latest patch is not commited yet ...
  80. Link Mauve I haven’t planned to work on it yet, just someday in the near future.
  81. Asterix but it's "just" exchanginf cert over XMPP, then enable openssl and trust the cert we received over (of course secured) XMPP
  82. Nick is planning on switching to a self-signed cert + dane come January. don't suppose gajim is going to support it by then? ;)
  83. Asterix dane? no. I don't even really know what it is. I just saw there was big discussions about it
  84. Nick dns-based certificate authentication
  85. Nick I was just reminded of it as I had to go and install the cacert root certificate to see trac ^^
  86. Asterix yep ... I don't really want to pay for having a cert that is distributed
  87. Nick I just don't trust CAs enough any more
  88. Link Mauve You don’t have to pay for it, but it means you can bypass CAs.
  89. Asterix you know a way to get certs that are signed by root CA that are spread enough?
  90. Nick dane introduces a new dns record type that says "this certificate fingerprint is valid for this port on this hostname". combined with dnssec, life is good
  91. Nick well, until the NSA compromise the .uk signing key or whatever
  92. Asterix ok, but client has to support all that DNS stuff ...
  93. Asterix time to sleep, GN guys
  94. Nick heh, irssi has dane support... ;)
  95. mathieui oh
  96. mathieui I wonder how they did it, it looked like you have to trick openssl to get that
  97. mathieui 23:11:09 Link Mauve> I haven’t planned to work on it yet, just someday in the near future → « near future » of the 50 next years?
  98. Link Mauve Tomorrow. :D
  99. Nick
  100. Link Mauve I feel like in Majora’s Mask, trapped in a few days. I hope the day after tomorrow will come someday.
  101. Link Mauve That day when everything in my TODO list is done.
  102. Nick that's actually very little code. it's leveraging a C library called libval
  103. Nick gnutls and openssl are getting / have built-in support too