Gajim - 2013-11-25

  1. Darlan I do not want to report a bug for the following issue: Do not prompt dialog "You are about to create a metacontact. Are you sure you want to continue?" when user uses "Make %s first contact" because a metacontact row already exist.
  2. Darlan I think bug #7574 occurs with metacontacts. If someone here has more than a Jabber account please contact me.
  3. Darlan dicson, what do you think of not displaying dialog in "Make %s first contact"?
  4. dicson can't see dialog
  5. Darlan Merge to contacts, then expand metacontact and move sub-contact to upper-contact.
  6. Darlan s/to/two
  7. dicson no dialog
  8. Darlan Not even a "Make %s first contact" context menu?
  9. dicson menu not dialog
  10. Darlan I see menu and dialog.
  11. dicson I can make video
  12. dicson no dialog
  13. Darlan Did you check "Do not ask me again"?
  14. dicson in menu? I not remember
  15. Darlan In dialog.
  16. Darlan ACE: confirm_metacontacts = yes
  17. dicson =no
  18. Darlan I will open a ticket.
  19. dicson ok
  20. dicson Darlan, I write patch
  21. dicson Darlan,
  22. Darlan Would you like me to try it?
  23. dicson it is works. add to ticket please
  24. Darlan I did not open any. I will open right now.
  25. Darlan #7574
  26. Darlan dicson, am I correct by assuming that this patch solves the issue with confirm metacontact dialog?
  27. dicson no dialog then "Make %s first contact"
  28. Darlan Okay, I will open a ticket for it.
  29. dicson thanks
  30. dicson maybe we need new dialog for confirm set metacontact order. I am not sure - then patch added(not commit)
  31. Darlan dicson,
  32. Darlan Oops. If you do, then milestone should be deleted, I think.
  33. dicson Darlan, thanks
  34. Darlan There is no package named python-libasyncns <>
  35. Darlan 3rd result is Gajim <> (popular).
  36. Darlan
  37. dicson bot, Hi!
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  39. Darlan ehehhe
  40. Darlan I think there is a minor bug in chat view. When disabling formatting, changing font style to Italic will not change font style of messages.
  41. Darlan messages + nicknames
  42. Darlan Unless we can style Italic similarly to *bold* and _underline_
  43. Darlan Invalid! *bold* /italic/ _underline_
  44. Darlan :-\
  45. Darlan Valid but minor.
  46. Darlan When ascii_formatting is disabled.
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