Gajim - 2013-11-24

  1. Darlan It seems that henk problem is valid here, too. I sent 3 single messages and non was received nor was logged in History.
  2. Asterix [d8f3e9e535f3]
  3. Asterix [d8f3e9e535f3]
  4. bot Asterix:
  5. Asterix [bdce0232c899]
  6. bot Asterix:
  7. Darlan Thank you. Tomorrow, I will verify myself.
  8. Darlan Oh no
  9. mmlosh so sent single messages will be logged again?
  10. Darlan These are a month old.
  11. mmlosh my gajim version is probably about that age or older
  12. Asterix server restart ...
  13. Darlan Asterix, should I report at <> or open a new ticket?
  14. mmlosh is the current nightly a good version to update to? well.. this version of gajim doesn't seem to respond well to server restarts..
  15. mmlosh (I was stuck with a "snapshot" of the state before the restart)
  16. Asterix it works correctly for me
  17. Darlan mmlosh, I think current nightly, which I now use, is good.
  18. mmlosh I had to part/join manually
  19. mmlosh till then sent messages were lost
  20. Asterix you hide gajim version, so I can't check
  21. Darlan Asterix, I will send you a single message. Subject: 1; Message: 2.
  22. mmlosh it's 0.16-alpha2-43cb2c78ccef
  23. Darlan Asterix, sent.
  24. Darlan Gajim 0.16-beta1-d95009635654
  25. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim Plugins • Changeset [663:6c24c2596aba]: Colored traceback.prevent tb Colored traceback.prevent tb
  26. Darlan Asterix set snapshot to use 0.16 branch.
  27. mmlosh I guess thats good :)
  28. mmlosh now running 0.16-beta1-d95009635654
  29. Dr. Watson Why does Gajim freeze when looking for a server's pubsub list?
  30. mmlosh_condemned mmlosh, D'oh, the ghost is still online?
  31. mmlosh_condemned any attempt to log in gives me an error.... in a modal window -> I can't copy it easily
  32. mmlosh_condemned it's generic "Authentication failed with"
  33. mmlosh_condemned ha.. that happened exactly at the moment when I opened a MUC-PM session with it
  34. mmlosh finally :)
  35. Asterix restart again ...
  36. mmlosh_condemned aand stuck frozen again
  37. mmlosh_condemned I can send whatever and I'll get lost
  38. mmlosh_condemned still stuck
  39. Darlan mmlosh_condemned, what are you doing?
  40. mmlosh_condemned watching a movie, why?
  41. mmlosh_condemned the gajim tab from my normal account is still stuck
  42. Darlan Do you know how to reproduce broken tab?
  43. mmlosh_condemned not anymore, I forgot
  44. Darlan >watching a movie, why? What were you doing? (I ask upon reading your last messages)
  45. mmlosh_condemned I was sitting in the room
  46. mmlosh_condemned asterix restarted the server
  47. mmlosh_condemned my normal account is still sitting there
  48. mmlosh_condemned sees no changes in the room
  49. mmlosh_condemned sent messages are blackholed
  50. Darlan lol
  51. mmlosh_condemned Asterix said it should auto-fixed itself.. but obviously it won't
  52. mmlosh_condemned Darlan, I should be using the very same gajim version as you do
  53. mmlosh_condemned and you weren't affected?
  54. mmlosh_condemned strange
  55. Darlan did not hear messages highlight sound.
  56. Darlan I am not affected by broken tab, lately, and this is why I have asked Dicson to remove 0.16 milestone from
  57. Darlan I am not affected + I do not have time and partner to test it with.
  58. mmlosh_condemned this was caused by a server restart... having a partner won't help
  59. mmlosh (this was a manual restart)
  60. mmlosh (this was a manual room rejoin)
  61. Darlan I do not understand. I am at the kitchen most of these hours and most occupants are not automatically joined, as if Gajim 0.16 handles auto rejoin better.
  62. Darlan than 0.15.x
  63. mmlosh but I got the same version.. and also was affected
  64. mmlosh could it be my server not doing things right?
  65. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7573 (Traceback on start) created Bug description I get the following traceback when starting gajim, with the current version of gajim and nbxmpp from hg. Traceback (most recent call last): File "/home/andreas/pool/local/lib/python2.7/site-packages/nbxmpp/", line 534, in _process_events return IdleQueue._process_events(self, fd, flags) File "/home/andreas/pool/local/lib/python2.7/site-p[…] • Ticket #7573 (Traceback []
  66. Darlan OTR is breaking sending of single messages.
  67. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim Plugins • Ticket #85 (Send Single Message… is broken) created There is an error on attempt to Send Single Message…. 24/11/13 16:59:19 (D) gajim.c.ged stanza-sent Args: (<common.connection_handlers_events.StanzaSentEvent object at 0x9c04dcc>,) 24/11/13 16:59:26 (D) gajim.c.ged message-outgoing Args: (<common.connection_handlers_events.MessageOutgoingEvent object at 0x9c04dcc>,) 24/11/13 16:59:26 (E) potr exception […]
  68. Darlan afflux, did I alert you?
  69. afflux you did :)
  70. Darlan :-)
  71. afflux Darlan: did you get a debug message starting with "processing message=... from fjid=..." before the traceback?
  72. afflux if so, I'm interested in the value of fjid=
  73. Darlan afflux, I will post all lines of debug of when it has occurred.
  74. afflux thanks. I'll dig a little in the gajim code in the meantime
  75. Darlan posted
  76. Darlan I hope it would be helpful.
  77. afflux I'm afraid not
  78. afflux --loglevel .potr=DEBUG
  79. Darlan I will restart and get back here.
  80. afflux thanks!
  81. Darlan afflux, did you receive a private message from me?
  82. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim Plugins • Ticket #85 (Send Single Message… is broken) updated Ignore first line. The first line is the last presented line before I pressed on Send button. 24/11/13 17:16:59 (D) gajim.plugin_system GajimPlugin.local_file_path() <left> 24/11/13 17:17:14 (D) gajim.c.ged message-outgoing Args: (<common.connection_handlers_events.MessageOutgoingEvent object at 0xa39b2ac>,) 24/11/13 17:17:14 (E) potr exception in outgoing message handler, […][…]
  83. afflux yup
  84. afflux Darlan: helps
  85. Darlan Great. I will be am away from keyboard for awhile. Do you need anything else before then?
  86. Darlan Great. I will be away from keyboard for awhile. Do you need anything else before then?
  87. afflux I need someone to explain to me why the jid is suddenly a list
  88. afflux other than that, no :)
  89. Darlan [d8f3e9e535f3]
  90. bot Darlan:
  91. Darlan [d8f3e9e535f3]
  92. bot Darlan:
  93. Darlan Maybe what you need.
  94. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7573 (Traceback on start) updated Whoops. Forgot hg update after hg pull. git guy here. Sorry for the noise.
  95. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7574 (Gajim assigns group "General") created Bug description Group General is unexpectedly assigne[…] • group_general_english.png attached to Ticket #7[] • group_general_english-removed.png attached to T[] • group_general_hebrew.png attached to Ticket #75[] • group_general_hebrew-removed.png attached to Ti[]
  96. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7574 (Gajim assigns group "General") closed invalid: Users that don't have a group are put in the General (written with current l[…] • Ticket #7574 (Gajim assigns group "General") updated As you can see, Gajim does assign a General (string depends on used locale) group. Sw[…]