Gajim - 2013-11-23

  1. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7570 (Add indication that globe icon is a link) created problem User may not know that globe icon on banner is a link. analysis When hover cursor on globe, it does not change. enhancement recommendation Change cursor just like it changes when hovering on hyperlink. P.S. I have set milestone to 0.16 because we may treat it as defect, even though it may be a new feature.
  2. Darlan dicson, the alternative icon suggestion I made at #7445 was quite foolish. 1. t is only relevant for history button where we want to replace Stock_Icon with Standard_Icon when Standard_Icon is available. 2. For icons such as gajim-upload (document-send), gajim-earth (applications-internet), we could merely rename them. See <>. 3. If you would like to, I suggest to revoke changes for gajim-upload and gajim-earth and just rename them, instead.
  3. dicson Darlan, my friend can't see icon for message correction
  4. dicson I do not wont change icons again
  5. Darlan It is a Stock Icon
  6. dicson it is not works for all
  7. Darlan No, just for the both I have mentioned.
  8. Darlan I will post a comment.
  9. dicson Darlan, you and Asterix removed icons and now we have no icon and warning in console
  10. Darlan XML Console?
  11. dicson terminal
  12. Darlan Is it good or bad?
  13. dicson it is super! User can not see the icon, but we have reduced the weight of the package
  14. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7570 (Add indication that globe icon is a link) closed fixed: In d95009635654b5e57035f5992bb8c1b558a8acf7: Change cursor on location icon. Fixes #7570 • Changeset [15171:d95009635654]: Change cursor on location icon. Fixes #7570 Change cursor on location icon. Fixes #7570
  15. Darlan lol, I did not understand the problem.
  16. dicson it is super! User can not see the icon, but we have reduced the weight of the package!
  17. dicson can you see icon now? message corrected
  18. Darlan dicson, I think it is because of "gtk-button-images=0".
  19. Darlan Yes
  20. dicson my friend can't see/ only warning in terminal
  21. dicson it is no problem? ok
  22. Darlan I do not understand the problem. Can you show me an example?
  23. dicson screenshot?
  24. Darlan Yes
  25. dicson I can made in gimp
  26. dicson remowe icon from chat
  27. Darlan How?
  28. Darlan I posted more alternatives for message correction <>
  29. dicson Darlan,
  30. dicson example
  31. Darlan Where is the problem?
  32. dicson
  33. Darlan Got it.
  34. dicson gajim not show icon!!!
  35. Darlan Maybe it is bug in KDE against the defunct Stock_Icons?
  36. dicson maybe
  37. dicson or bug in gajim
  38. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7445 (gajim-message_corrected.png looks rather disturbing in my environment) updated I suggest to revoke changesets for #gajim-upload and #gajim-earth, and rename file names, instead. gajim-upload > document-send src/ src/ gajim-earth > applications-internet src/
  39. Darlan GTK+ can rotate text. We can use a character and spin in by 360° degrees every 10 seconds.
  40. Darlan There is Rotated Text example for gtk-demo but not for pygtk-demo.
  41. Darlan mmlosh, what do you think of spinning this icon ⨁ by 360° degrees every 10 seconds instead of current last message correction icon?
  42. mmlosh would it cause nontrivial CPU load on systems that don't have GPU acceleration?
  43. Darlan I do not know, but I have thought about it.
  44. mmlosh I don't see the link between "⨁" and "message was corrected"
  45. mmlosh I also dislike animations
  46. Darlan And this ❍?
  47. mmlosh how does that relate to messages and corrections?
  48. mmlosh question: for how long time a message can be corrected?
  49. mmlosh question: for how long time can a message be corrected?
  50. Darlan For unlimited time.
  51. Darlan I assume Gajim would stop to play animation when message is outside of chat view dialog. I base this assumption by observing History Viewer with animated emoticons set.
  52. mmlosh There might be a difference between an animated icon and a text field being rotated
  53. Darlan Yes, this is why I posed it as an assumption.
  54. mmlosh And another thing - does rotating this symbol change text height?
  55. Darlan I do not know.
  56. mmlosh in that case it would force GTK to re-consider position of everything below the changed line
  57. mmlosh every time the next bit of the animation is played :D
  58. mmlosh People aren't using last message correction against me much. Perhaps that's why I don't see any need for a focus-distracting notification?
  59. Darlan I do not think so.
  60. mmlosh btw: figured out why you wanted to use "+"
  61. mmlosh If that would "expand a list" and insert the older version of the message into the view
  62. mmlosh then it would make sense to mark that button "+". Still won't communicate what's under it.
  63. mmlosh Perhaps both "+" and the pencil symbol?
  64. Darlan Nice thought.
  65. dicson >People aren't using last message correction against me much. people do not know about message correction.
  66. Darlan Not sure about pencil as it is too small.
  67. mmlosh or, well, aren't using gajim
  68. Darlan I want to use an animation or a color so users would not be able to mislead others by just putting a character like ✖
  69. mmlosh good point
  70. Darlan By the way, mmlosh, which one of the three ✓ ✖ do you prefer? <>
  71. mmlosh but "delivery notification" doesn't appear on arriving messages, only on sent
  72. mmlosh and how exactly does color fix this?
  73. Darlan The color is also animated :-P (see comment 6)
  74. Darlan Either switching color or spinning character.
  75. mmlosh what is the harm of someone doing pranks by faking an error?
  76. Darlan >but "delivery notification" doesn't appear on arriving messages, only on sent I presented a bad example. Anyhow, it is possible to mislead with last message correction.
  77. mmlosh I am sure there are many other ways to play pranks
  78. Darlan No harm, but I think it would be good to immune user against pranks where possible.
  79. mmlosh If someone starts doing this to me.. I would be happy to figure it out.. and then just disable formatting for him (that's possible, right?)
  80. Darlan Maybe Vladimir Putin is using Gajim and some USA trolls would lead him to engage in an atomic war if they would prank him with last message correction :-P
  81. mmlosh how?
  82. mmlosh you can fake that your message was corrected, while it was not
  83. Darlan No idea, just a joke,
  84. mmlosh not the other way around
  85. Darlan Let me try.
  86. mmlosh same with delivery notification
  87. Darlan delivery notification - no. last message correction - yes.
  88. Darlan mmlosh, please enter to test@ channel.
  89. Darlan /join test
  90. Darlan Libya Truth (DnB Soundtrack) (by pimpdarlin) The Truth About Libya -- Not Shown On Your TV
  91. Darlan fuck, wrong channel!!
  92. Asterix hey, use test@ !!!
  93. Asterix ha ok
  94. mmlosh about moving / rotating for LMC.. won't make the LMC button moving target for the mouse?
  95. Darlan I guess it would stay in thee same square, but we need to test it.
  96. Darlan >mmlosh: fetching from net can reveal user location... Asterix, I think you should disallow http:// images.
  97. mmlosh I can't choose whether I want that or say not to (while I can do that for a filetransfer)
  98. Darlan Alternatively, Gajim should hide images by default, like Email clients do, and reveal content on demand.
  99. mmlosh yeah.. I thought about that solution too
  100. mmlosh display the address and load it on demand
  101. Darlan Now YouTube/NSA logged the IP addresses of the occupants of this MUC.
  102. Darlan Psi does not support (or forbid?) http:// images - only base64.
  103. Darlan There should be an Info-Bar (like the one appears on FT) that asks "Do you want to load image?".
  104. Darlan Did I cause it?
  105. mmlosh Disconnected: not-well-formed? oh
  106. Darlan >Disconnected: not-well-formed? oh Yes. Is it a bug?
  107. Darlan I had a redundant </a> and I also had a not-well-formed </abbr>.
  108. mmlosh I thought you were kicked because of trying to add the tooltip to the thing
  109. Darlan Did Gajim or server kicked me?
  110. Darlan Did Gajim or server kick me?
  111. mmlosh I thought that only servers can kick participants
  112. Link Mauve Darlan, it was your server, you are not allowed to send invalid XML.
  113. Darlan I was disconnected from the account I was using to send that malformed message.
  114. Darlan ok
  115. Darlan Thanks for the information.
  116. Darlan Thanks, mmlosh.
  117. Darlan Fake last message correction mesages
  118. Darlan HTML tooltips are always plain text so it is imperfect + I failed to add a tooltip to image with title="text".
  119. Darlan The best way to prevent spoofs is to locate status icons before timestamp, like Psi+ does. ✓ [00:00:00] ✖ [00:00:00]
  120. Darlan To fill the gap, we use arrows, like Psi+ does, in MUC.
  121. SouL Thank you Darlan for remembering me that D:
  122. Darlan Welcome aboard :-)
  123. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7571 (Do not fetch internet images when utilizing XEP-0071: XHTML-IM) created phenomenon Unwilling disclosure of user IP address. background analysis Send HTML message with image file, using XML Console, to user or MUC. implementation recommendation Gajim = 0.16 Do not load images from internet. Gajim > 0.16 Add an Info-bar that would ask user whet[…]
  124. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7571 (Do not fetch interne[…] • Ticket #7571 (Do not fetch internet images when utilizing XEP-0071: XHTML-IM) updated Psi just does not load internet images and is displaying a placeholder of unloaded image, so I think it won't harm Gajim if it will behave in the same manner. Please add keywords: se[…]
  125. kcchouette Hi, I have an error in my traceback :
  126. kcchouette ERROR:dbus.connection:Exception in handler for D-Bus signal: Traceback (most recent call last): File "/usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/dbus/", line 230, in maybe_handle_message self._handler(*args, **kwargs) File "/home/jeremy/Developpement/gajim/src/", line 199, in on_action_invoked notification.on_action_invoked(id_, reason) File "/home/jeremy/Developpement/gajim/src/", line 439, in on_action_invoked gajim.interface.handle_event(self.account, self.jid, self.msg_type) File "/home/jeremy/Developpement/gajim/src/", line 1695, in handle_event session = event.parameters[8] AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'parameters'
  127. Darlan kcchouette, why do you not report about it at trac?
  128. kcchouette Darlan, I do it ;-)
  129. Darlan What about the last traceback you posted here, on last week or two?
  130. kcchouette Darlan, I don't remember, It's about what ?
  131. Asterix kcchouette: you know how to repro?
  132. kcchouette Asterix, no idea, I only start gajim :-/
  133. Darlan kcchouette, I guess it was a month ago.
  134. Asterix because that sounds like there is an event by notification, you clicked on it, but the event doesn't exist anymore ...
  135. kcchouette Asterix, when I connect to my account, I receive some message, It can be this ?
  136. Asterix maybe ... you have a notification about it, you open it via roster, then click on popup? Could that be something like that?
  137. Darlan #6802 (maybe related)
  138. Darlan #6802
  139. bot Darlan: (Contacts and Transports are messed-up)
  140. kcchouette Asterix, yes I think
  141. kcchouette It's a contact message
  142. kcchouette I don't see popup, only the message icone
  143. kcchouette Darlan, no report, but I don't have these traceback now
  144. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7572 (Traceback about dbus) created Bug description This is my traceback : ERROR:dbus.connection:Exception in handler for D-Bus signal: Traceback (most recent call last): File "/usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/dbus/", line 230, in maybe_handle_message self._handler(*args, **kwargs) File "/home/jeremy/Developpement/gajim/src/", line 199, in on_action_invoked notification.on_action_invoked(id_,[…]
  145. Darlan ok
  146. Darlan has sent to developers an realisation.
  147. Darlan has sent to developers a realisation.
  148. Asterix whay ... you need to know my jid to get my jid ?
  149. Darlan No, but I get the IP associated with your JID.
  150. Asterix then disable HTML as dicson told you
  151. Asterix when I go to a webpage, I don't have a button to load images
  152. Darlan But I am ready for it.
  153. Asterix I don't understand what you just said
  154. Darlan HTML is not disabled by default and even when enabled, Gajim should not load images automatically.
  155. Darlan >when I go to a webpage, I don't have a button to load images It is expected, and I am ready for it.
  156. Asterix then if you accept html it is expected you get imsages
  157. Darlan Psi does not do so.
  158. Darlan Jappix behaves like Gajim, though.
  159. blackdog hiya
  160. Darlan #7571
  161. bot Darlan: (Do not fetch internet images when utilizing XEP-0071: XHTML-IM)
  162. blackdog what is the suggested solution to that bug?
  163. Darlan Do not load images at all - replace internet image with an unloaded image placeholder.
  164. blackdog placeholder + security info?
  165. blackdog why put a blank image there at all?
  166. Darlan No, we can not add anymore strings to 0.16 release due to string freeze.
  167. Darlan Because Psi does so too.
  168. blackdog But for 0.16b2?
  169. dicson Darlan, who will write patch?
  170. Darlan For release cycle after 0.16 - Add an info-bar (run gtk-demo to see what it is) with a warning, like in web browser when a popup is blocked.
  171. Darlan Not me :-P
  172. blackdog you mean it would be possible to fetch anyway?
  173. Darlan blackdog, since Gajim 0.16 went into beta stage, no strings allowed.
  174. Darlan No, it would not be possible to fetch at all.
  175. blackdog then why display the placeholder?
  176. Darlan To indicate that an image exists.
  177. blackdog but there's no additional info.
  178. Darlan Psi does it too, but I do not know what is the reason for it.
  179. Darlan I guess not.
  180. dicson
  181. Darlan On the other hand, Gajim can convert info with </img> to plain text.
  182. Darlan After 0.16 cycle, Gajim can have warnings and additional texts.
  183. blackdog empty images need additional info. that means no additional text until next cycle?
  184. Darlan dicson, then, at least, disable it by default and for next release cycle we should add a warning to this preference (Edit/Preferences/General).
  185. Darlan Yes.
  186. dicson I do nopt want
  187. blackdog if there's a string freeze then that's the only option now, imho.
  188. dicson I do not want
  189. blackdog is there a good alternative?
  190. Darlan If you would convince Asterix to add more strings, we may have better options.
  191. blackdog is there a plan b if that fails?
  192. dicson Darlan, a ha. and not forget send patch
  193. Darlan dicson, I wish I was skilled enough to do so :-)
  194. Darlan Plan b is to not load images, in a similar manner to Psi.
  195. Darlan Psi only loads base64 images.
  196. blackdog so alternative a is impossible because of a string freeze and alternative b is not an option either it seems. Is there an alternative c?
  197. Darlan I do not know, other than disable XHTML by default and those who want it must enable it.
  198. blackdog isn't xhtml the standard setting?
  199. Darlan I do not know; I meant to formatting feature.
  200. blackdog could someone explain to me what would happen if xhtml is disabled?
  201. dicson blackdog, see tooltip in option
  202. Darlan You would not see formatted messages - We are discussing on the option I have asked you to enable when I wanted to show you inline image.
  203. blackdog all formatting is lost. i see.
  204. dicson Darlan, formatted messages can damage your eyesight...
  205. blackdog one wants to disable formatting and the other wants to disable images.
  206. Darlan That's true, but not my privacy.
  207. blackdog so the best option would be to have a security level slider in the settings?
  208. Darlan Exactly, blackdog.
  209. blackdog but that's a later solution
  210. blackdog the above bug is a security one now.
  211. Darlan I must go. Good luck :-)
  212. blackdog c ya.
  213. dicson gajim have option for paranoid user
  214. blackdog ok?
  215. blackdog what is that?
  216. dicson ignore_incoming_xhtml
  217. blackdog the standard setting is on.
  218. Darlan Edit/Preferences/General/Ignore rich content in incoming messages.
  219. dicson gajim not in paranoid mode by default
  220. Darlan lol
  221. dicson if you're sick - customize the program for yourself
  222. blackdog i see.
  223. blackdog well, i can confirm the bug then.
  224. Darlan
  225. Asterix "may choose to" ...
  226. Darlan Of course, no one is obliged and one certainly can (is able) to do so.
  227. Darlan Tor Hidden Service users (.onion) would not like this XHTML feature.
  228. Asterix tor users should be able to disable XHTML
  229. Darlan Yes, indeed.
  230. Darlan If there will not be any change in this matter, I suggest, at least, to disable XHTML by default.