Gajim - 2013-11-21

  1. Darlan Out of date <> (version 0.13.1)
  2. Darlan (Wednesday, 21 July 2010; Nikos Kouremenos).
  3. Darlan When 0.16 is released I want to add an entry concerning to comprehensive BiDi support, which is the best available in IM.
  4. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #4603 (Support for OLPC Sugar platform) updated Relevant references: PersonalEnigmaCurry ​
  5. Darlan From 20% <> to 2% <>. It will be changed due to plugin system and other enhancements.
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  7. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #932 (Resize avatars so they are acceptable) updated I am not sure if this is the appropriate place to ask. Would you like to visually crop avatars to their square center, like ​Psi+ does?
  8. Darlan #6978
  9. bot Darlan: (Implement Microsoft Live XMPP)
  10. Darlan Should this commit be revoked?
  11. Darlan scippio, may I use your avatar as an example for ticket #932?
  12. Asterix not fully ... Oauth2 could be used elsewhere, even if that would require some modification as here it's oauth2 for MSN only, but that's a base for some other oauth2 implementation
  13. Darlan Nice :) For reference, may you add keyword Oauth2 to ticket?
  14. Darlan "vCard publication failed" is Information dialog; should it be set as Error dialog?
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  16. melodie hi
  17. Asterix Hi
  18. melodie Hello Asterix, a few days ago I could not join the salon from an account at and today I can't neither from nor from, so, having created one more account at I tried and that worked
  19. melodie however I might not want to do the same thing each time I connect to their salon, else I'd start to have too many accounts :o)
  20. melodie (o:
  21. Asterix yes I understand .. unfortunatly I don't see where the problem could be. Their certificate seems to be ok ..
  22. Asterix let me look in logs
  23. Asterix I see a connection timeout ...
  24. Asterix Nov 21 11:23:01 s2sout3b91c60 info outgoing s2s stream> closed: connection-timeout
  25. Asterix at 13h56 it worked
  26. Asterix but not tried on
  27. Asterix I can join with my account
  28. melodie Asterix, so this would be server's the guilty one?
  29. Asterix you should be able to join it via your account
  30. melodie yes, I have
  31. melodie yet with (my most ancient account) it still does not work and I don't have the first idea why
  32. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7565 (~5-10 second delay when sending GPG-encrypted message on Windows) updated Works nicely on both Windows 7 and 8.1 setups, delay disappeared. Thank you.
  33. Darlan
  34. Darlan It is, originally, a PNG image, so the black edges are transparent. What do you think of it as a default avatar when no avatar is set?
  35. Ge0rG why have a default avatar at all?
  36. Darlan Cosmetics
  37. Darlan Psi+ and Swift have default avatars, so do some AIM, ICQ and MSN Jabber transports.
  38. Ge0rG I would understand default avatars if avatar and presence would be displayed in one picture
  39. Darlan Swift has presence incorporated with avatar <>.
  40. Darlan Ge0rG, another reason to use default avatar, in Gajim, is to have constant row height.
  41. Ge0rG heh.
  42. Ge0rG I wonder how to do that in yaxim, in a proper way.
  43. Ge0rG there is not much screen space, and I should probably have distinct columns for avatar and status
  44. Darlan See arcad*, hoody_*, melodi*, mrDoctorWh* (wide avatar), x11ter*.
  45. Ge0rG sorry, I'm using a text-based client for this MUC
  46. Darlan ok
  47. dicson Darlan, about #7568. see roster tweaks plugin
  48. dicson Darlan, he can fix 'Rows are not equal in roster.'
  49. dicson Darlan,
  50. Darlan So I suggest to hide wider heights/widths (depends which is longer) would not that work?
  51. dicson Darlan, can't translate to russian
  52. Darlan Can you turn wide avatars <> to square avatars <> (the avatar itself is not modified in cache - it is like now)
  53. dicson I'm not interested. maybe someone will write a plugin
  54. dicson It's really slow down the start gajim
  55. Darlan Then Close with Patches Welcome
  56. Darlan Someone suggested to make an option (maybe, ACE) for that, but not by default.
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  58. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7568 (Display square avatars in roster and a default avatar) closed fixed: It's really slow down the start gajim • Ticket #7568 (Display square avatars in roster and a default avatar) reopened
  59. Darlan dicson, why did you reopen it?
  60. dicson who read closed tickets?
  61. Darlan Good point!
  62. Darlan Besides myself, nobody :D
  63. dicson if closed - plugin not welcom. I think
  64. dicson if closed - plugin not welcome. I think
  65. Darlan I will reopen ticket #1152 or #1615 after 0.16 is released. I do not want to pressure Asterix with another argument so I will not do so until a release.
  66. dicson #1152
  67. bot dicson: (Contact Always Visible)
  68. Darlan Sometimes, it is useful. Especially when I know a contact has connectivity problems on a given period and I do not want to keep chat window opened until s/he get online again.
  69. dicson Darlan, what about privacy list?
  70. Darlan Can I make a specific offline contact to be displayed by using privacy list?
  71. dicson will try
  72. dicson Darlan, no options for that
  73. Darlan Asterix does not like this idea; he thinks it is useless.
  74. dicson yes, useless :-)
  75. Darlan But what if I have 50 contacts and I wish to see only online contact + 1 who is, at the moment, offline?
  76. dicson no idea