Gajim - 2013-11-20

  1. Mikail Подскажите пожалуйста, это нормально, что в Windows gajim не передаёт файлы, или же нужно делать какие-то специфические настройки? Используется свой xmpp-сервер в локальной сети, и через другие клиенты передача файлов работает ровно.
  2. Mikail В linux всё работает ровно.
  3. Mikail Версия 0.15.4
  4. dicson Language is English
  5. Mikail Thank you
  6. dicson Darlan, I imlemented showing chatstate in muc :-) but not implement send chatstate to muc
  7. Darlan Does this mean that only users who are being messages can see chatstate of another user who is composing a message for them?
  8. dicson I can see composing a message from jappix
  9. Darlan Will chatstate support be committed before or after Gajim 0.16?
  10. dicson Darlan, chatstate plugin ))
  11. Darlan ok
  12. dicson I will find a way to send chatstate
  13. Darlan I want to see if Gajim supports in-line account registration with .onion servers (Tor hidden services) <>. Neustradamus, do you know a working .onion XMPP server?
  14. henk hi
  15. henk How do I get a systray icon for gajim?
  16. dicson you mean icon file?
  17. henk dicson, No, I just want gajim to appear in the systray. At least when there is an unread event.
  18. dicson trayicon option in ACE
  19. henk Value = "always", Type = "Text"
  20. henk Also the trayicon was just there on my other laptop without having to use the ACE …
  21. dicson maybe DE problem
  22. dicson works fine in XFCE
  23. henk hm, restarting stalonetray helped …
  24. henk thanks
  25. henk hey, gajim on my other laptop says "You have unread messages" when I try to quit. I don’t see any messages anywhere though. Any idea what’s going on?
  26. dicson 0.15.4?
  27. henk dicson, 0.16-beta1
  28. dicson have unread messages in systray tooltip?
  29. dicson
  30. henk dicson, ah, thank you. Tooltip showed me who the messages were supposed to be from, opening a chat to this person showed the messages and gajim does not complain anymore when trying to quit (:
  31. dicson nice
  32. henk bye
  33. 0xAFFE henk: in the menu of the tray icon there is also entry 'show pending events' (or similiar, I dont have a english gajim here)
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  35. Neustradamus Darlan: no, but there is a module for Prosody :)
  36. Darlan I know; it is also mentioned in the article I referred to. Thank you for your time and dedication, as always ;-)
  37. Neustradamus Darlan: I have not read the article, but I know this, thanks for your reply :)
  38. Darlan ^_^
  39. Asterix Hi dicson, I read very quickly, but in [80a8c45b873f] is "identities = ..." line really usefull?
  40. Asterix [80a8c45b873f]
  41. bot Asterix:
  42. Asterix :/
  43. Asterix it's in trac-plugins
  44. Asterix
  45. dicson hmm
  46. Asterix identities is not used in this function
  47. dicson agree
  48. dicson removed
  49. dicson Asterix, thanks
  50. dicson Asterix, what you think about chatstate in muc?
  51. Asterix I'm in favor of it, I don't have time to look at that currently. It needs to factorize this code correctly in chatControlBase class so ChatControl and MucControl can use it correctly
  52. dicson I imlemented showing chatstate in muc send chatestate - very hard..
  53. dicson Asterix, ok
  54. Asterix I don't think it's that hard, just need to move function from ChatControl to chatControlBase
  55. dicson yes
  56. Asterix (it's not only cut&past, but the idea is there
  57. dicson ok. I understand
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  59. Asterix I wonder if I have started to do it ... but I don't really remember if it was only a dream :)
  60. dicson :-)
  61. Asterix I see you started ... I see it in your last commit ...
  62. dicson I add code to chatstate plugin and it is works
  63. Asterix for muc?
  64. dicson yes
  65. Asterix don't you thing it should go in Gajim directly?
  66. dicson colored name
  67. Asterix or maybe only in PM in gajim core and in muc roster in plugin to be consistent with what we do in roster?
  68. Asterix or maybe only in PM control in gajim core and in muc roster in plugin to be consistent with what we do in roster?
  69. dicson internet problem
  70. dicson Asterix, I am not sure
  71. dicson this is new feature and if we want past to core - we need use gtk3...
  72. Asterix yep
  73. dicson Link Mauve, typing ))
  74. Link Mauve Asterix, I remember you at least said you were going to take a look at it, when I wanted to implement it and asked you some advices.
  75. Link Mauve I don’t think such a basic feature should go into a plugin.
  76. Asterix yep, but for roster we don't show chatstate in roster in core
  77. dicson he he. it is usable
  78. dicson but where?
  79. dicson I see 2 ways
  80. dicson colored nicks
  81. dicson or add icon
  82. Link Mauve Colored nicks seem fine.
  83. Link Mauve Colored nicks seems fine.
  84. dicson Colored nicks in jappix
  85. Asterix collored nick is nice
  86. Asterix colored nick is nice
  87. dicson
  88. Link Mauve Is that active?
  89. Asterix + typing message in PM control as we do for normal chat now
  90. dicson Link Mauve, yes
  91. Asterix but what do we put in core and what in plugin?
  92. dicson green - when you type
  93. dicson inactive
  94. dicson
  95. Link Mauve Asterix, I would think everything would go in core, chatstates is a bit fundamental for IM.
  96. dicson Asterix, all in core
  97. Asterix ok
  98. Link Mauve In poezio an inactive user is displayed the same way as an user who don’t send chatstates.
  99. dicson I use colors from gajim config
  100. dicson can be change in GUI
  101. Link Mauve Great.
  102. dicson Asterix, chatstate in main roster - in plugin. chatstate in muc roster - in core
  103. Asterix ok for that
  104. Link Mauve dicson, gone can’t happen in a MUC.
  105. dicson wow. I do wrong commit
  106. dicson Link Mauve, yes
  107. dicson gone not used
  108. dicson I need revert last commit..
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  110. Asterix nice
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  112. Darlan Link Mauve is the star of this group chat for this evening :)
  113. Link Mauve I am? ^^
  114. Darlan Yes, look at all these screenshots posted ;-)
  115. Darlan Last message correction bug. >[21:30:15] Asterix: color is orange > ... >[21:31:22] Asterix: color is red (message corrected)
  116. Darlan dicson, you were right, the "red" color of ✖ is TOO bright.