Gajim - 2013-11-18

  1. al.raek.8.8 HI
  2. Darlan Asterix: Do you think key files should be located at directory ~/.local/share/gajim/keys?
  3. Darlan dicson, may you add an empty line for gajim --help and gajim-history-manager --help? <>
  4. dicson Show this help message and exit\n ?
  5. dicson in what place?
  6. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Changeset [15170:2a0673b623a6]: Add emty line to the end of help strings Add emty line to the end of help strings
  7. Darlan Thank you :-)
  8. dicson welcome
  9. Darlan Gajim is one of the few XMPP clients featured in xabber-android <>.
  10. Darlan Review <> wtf@Cons: The large number of options may be confusing for a beginner.
  11. Darlan No such cons for Psi <>.
  12. Darlan Do you think Gajim should accept "/attention" with no arguments. When it does, default message would be "/attention /me has buzzed you!"
  13. Darlan No.