Gajim - 2013-11-17

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  4. halu /help
  5. halu Dry just found out Xabber doesn't like commands
  6. halu Does anyone know why xabber for android only connects to Google accounts?
  7. arcade in my case it connects to all my accounts
  8. melodie hi
  9. Darlan :-)
  10. melodie have people making Gajim noticed the number of servers which don't respond when trying to create a new account? There are plenty
  11. melodie ie so far all the swissjabber.* servers have responded the service is unavailable
  12. Darlan SwissJabber had made some changes lately.
  13. melodie and the changes were not ported to the Gajim internal?
  14. melodie I think other servers from the list are also unreachable
  15. melodie is unauthorized, I tried yesterday
  16. Darlan This is server-side issue, not client-side (i.e. Gajim). Though, there should be a dialog asking user if /he want to stop to scan service due to regular time exceeding, similarly to Parole.
  17. Darlan This is server-side issue, not client-side (i.e. Gajim). Though, there should be a dialog asking user if s/he want to stop to scan service due to regular time exceeding, similarly to Parole.
  18. melodie Darlan, I would not say it takes long to scan it doesn't but what would be nice would be a prior scan to check servers which are really available, don't you think so?
  19. Darlan Definitely. I think it should be reported to <>. See <>
  20. melodie Darlan, I'll look if it is not too complicated
  21. Ge0rG melodie: if you are looking for a server with in-band registration, might be for you :D
  22. melodie Ge0rG, I look, thank you very much
  23. Darlan Look at these cute GNUs ^_^
  24. Ge0rG these are Yaks! :P
  25. Darlan Still cute ;-)
  26. melodie Ge0rG, is it where you have your account?
  27. melodie I took an account at to allow me connecting to the salon because would not connect it anymore, but I fear I can loose it because sometimes I stay a long time without starting Gajim
  28. Ge0rG melodie: this is where I have the admin account ;)
  29. Ge0rG melodie: is deleting inactive accounts?
  30. melodie I had during a long time, then suddenly it was not available anymore and I have to recontact all my contacts to invite them to my new adress
  31. melodie yes, after one month
  32. melodie that's what it says on the web page where I have registered
  33. melodie Ge0rG, how do you plan to make it a professional activity? This is what I see on your website
  34. melodie me registering now
  35. Ge0rG melodie: look at the date.
  36. Darlan > is deleting inactive accounts? Yes, last time I checked.
  37. Darlan After inactivity of 12 or 6 months.
  38. melodie Darlan, on the web page it says one month
  39. Darlan Which server?
  40. melodie
  41. Ge0rG accounts are cheap :>
  42. Darlan ok
  43. melodie Ge0rG, which date?
  44. melodie Ge0rG, is your xmpp server recent?
  45. Ge0rG melodie: <- April Fool's day!
  46. melodie Ge0rG, I have an account at your place now, thank you
  47. Ge0rG melodie: are you considering prosody 0.9.1 as recent?
  48. melodie no idea
  49. Ge0rG then: yes!
  50. melodie I don't deal with servers else than installing websites on them :D
  51. melodie yaxim ?
  52. Ge0rG melodie: yaxim!
  53. melodie that's for embedded systems?
  54. Ge0rG if you consider android as embedded
  55. melodie of course
  56. melodie is it also ok for linux distributions on pc ?
  57. Ge0rG nope
  58. Ge0rG unless you run it in an android emulator... which is not very useful
  59. melodie ok :)
  60. Darlan Ge0rG, the listed Plans are too expensive; you should have set bigger (reasonable) numbers.
  61. Neustradamus melodie: swissjabber has migrated to Prosody but I think there are problems...
  62. melodie hi Neustradamus yes, that would explain
  63. Ge0rG Darlan: you can offer a cheaper service!
  64. Darlan I meant that that April 1st post would have been more convincing if numbers were higher.
  65. Neustradamus melodie: I have not other informations about this, only that there are different servers and different versions: Maybe server upgrades fail... (not same OS)
  66. melodie no idea
  67. melodie I am most an IRC user, and I start Gajim just once a while
  68. melodie however I will try to use it a bit more often from now on
  69. melodie at least for some time
  70. Neustradamus Welcome on the XMPP network :)
  71. Ge0rG melodie: use bitlbee or irssi-xmpp :P
  72. melodie no thanks
  73. Darlan melodie, you can access IRC using
  74. melodie I like Gajim
  75. melodie Darlan, I like Xchat for irc
  76. Darlan By the way, you can set value of preference "tabs_position" to "left" or "right" to get tabs ordered like XChat has.
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  78. Asterix you have a problem with the spam Darlan?
  79. Darlan Not at the moment. I was writing this for future reference.
  80. Asterix most of the free solutions are enabled AFAIR
  81. Darlan I want to request at trac project to add other services and techniques.
  82. melodie hi Asterix have you fixed the access to the gajim registration page for Firefox?
  83. Darlan I suggest, after FT bugs are fixed, to release a new beta version, that is if no official version is soon to come.
  84. Asterix just did it :)
  85. Asterix could you also suggest that I win to loto so I can stop working and have more time?
  86. Darlan I wish you will!
  87. Darlan Life is really horrible. There are so many idiot people who are constituting a setback to others whom existence is meaningful.
  88. Asterix I'm quite happy with mine for the moment
  89. Darlan I have a handful of so-called clients who want free service. I think of quitting criminal cases, unless it is a rich person who would actually pay, at least 80%, in advance.
  90. Asterix ppl don't understand that even lawyer need money to live ... Same for all services
  91. Darlan Indeed.
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