Gajim - 2013-11-16

  1. mélodie hello
  2. mélodie I am happy to see a few people here, I was wondering if my gajim was still working
  3. mélodie in case no one can help me I might come back tomorrow, I would need help to regain my contacts which were on another adress which seems not to be available anymore (maybe the server is dead, or my setup is misconfigured, not sure about that)
  4. mélodie bbl
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  7. mélodie hi
  8. hoody_k hello
  9. mélodie I can't join the legtux salon from Gajim since several days: and I don't know why, here it works and for other people from they say it works. any idea why gajim sends a windowed message stating the salon does not exist ?
  10. mélodie hi hoody_k
  11. mélodie I tried starting gajim from console but the message is not much more explanatory
  12. hoody_k I have the same for some room, but i'm there
  13. hoody_k on this rooms
  14. mélodie as you see same
  15. mélodie well it is strange, because on their forums they say the salon can be accessed and they are several using it
  16. kcchouette Yes, the room works provided by Simon, the admin of Legtux
  17. kcchouette But it doesn't work too with jappix
  18. kcchouette Please report this issue to legtux, I think
  19. mélodie kcchouette, hi, has the address changed?
  20. mélodie kcchouette, my bug report is in the general section of legtux forum
  21. kcchouette No, it doesn't change
  22. mélodie kcchouette, could you add your testimonial there about jappix?
  23. kcchouette I can't access too at legtux, so I write to Simon
  24. kcchouette Simon know the problem with jappix
  25. kcchouette *
  26. kcchouette *knows
  27. mélodie trying to access the forum now
  28. mélodie Salon down -
  29. mélodie using the Cold plugin to "shoot" urls :p
  30. mélodie kcchouette, I would really have liked to have a talk with Simon on the Jabber salon
  31. mélodie kcchouette, you are using gajim on the legtux salon don't you? If so which version do you use?
  32. Asterix I can join it from server
  33. mélodie Asterix, is that so?
  34. mélodie I try
  35. mélodie is that ?
  36. mélodie Asterix, what is it exactly?
  37. Asterix no no, on legtux server
  38. Asterix the room JID you just gave
  39. Asterix I can join it
  40. Asterix but my JID is on server
  41. kcchouette Asterix, I can't join it too
  42. kcchouette with @devosi JID
  43. Asterix the problem is with the link between your server and server
  44. mélodie Asterix, does that mean you have created your account on gajim?
  45. Asterix yo're there
  46. kcchouette mélodie, with a @im.apinc, it works
  47. mélodie ?
  48. Asterix please don't write it, logs of this room are public
  49. mélodie kcchouette, a few years ago I used an account with im.apinc and it was frequently down so I got fed up
  50. mélodie Asterix, oh sorry! I didn't know that. My most humbel apologies!
  51. Asterix it's on server
  52. mélodie what is on that server? (got lost)
  53. mélodie to sum up, will it work better if I create myself an account ?
  54. Asterix it's another domain on the same server
  55. Asterix yes it will work
  56. Asterix but I have no idea why the link between your server and legtux don't work
  57. mélodie ok I will try then, thanks a lot and again sorry for the blunder!
  58. Asterix np :)
  59. mélodie I have also joined the jabber salon to ask why I can't access from their server
  60. mélodie well I just tried im.apinc and the authentication failed :(
  61. mélodie crap
  62. mélodie hi agin
  63. mélodie again
  64. mélodie ok, I got an account at now, at it works! Just one thing I could not register on the website from within Firefox, for unknown reason I could not reach the page. I fired Midori and there it worked.
  65. Asterix ha I know why ...
  66. Asterix I'll fix that
  67. mélodie Asterix, I am on legtux salon but I don't see what I say there: what is that new issue about ???
  68. mélodie it looks like I would me muted
  69. Asterix I see what you say
  70. Asterix ‎[17:36] ‎melodie‎: bonjour ‎[17:36] ‎melodie‎: salut ―――――――――――――――――――― ‎[17:37] ‎melodie‎: Merci de vous exprimer en français correct, sans police ni couleur et de respecter les utilisateurs du salon // que cela signifie-t-il ?
  71. mélodie strange, I don't see anything
  72. mélodie I can do a screenshot to show you?
  73. Asterix I have to go now, will be back in ~1h
  74. mélodie I don't see anyone talking btw
  75. mélodie Asterix, ok, any advice for me in the meantime?
  76. mélodie maybe should I quit and restart gajim in case
  77. Darlan mmlosh, is red for ✖ too bright?
  78. Darlan Do you want to use a darker version for current red?
  79. mmlosh not sure.. can you send more exaples of red-s?
  80. mmlosh I guess this one could be OK
  81. Darlan Fine, I have suggested to rename green to darkgreen.
  82. mmlosh how exactly would a dark-red cross look like?
  83. Darlan I do not know. I will rename and check.
  84. mmlosh thanks
  85. Darlan Currently, darkgreen is somewhere at #046605 #0D6B0E #157016 #418946
  86. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7476 (Replace pixmap with text where possible) updated Green color is too bright. Please make this proposed change: - tag.set_property('foreground', 'green') + tag.set_property('foreground', 'darkgreen') I guess darkred would be better than red, but since mmlosh has not complained about it, I did not suggest it.
  87. Darlan From #00FF00 to #046605
  88. mmlosh Darlan, that's green. I am talking about red
  89. mmlosh I am not sure how does the darkred actually look like
  90. Darlan From #FF0000 to #8B0000
  91. Darlan Bright ✖ seems better than darkened ✖
  92. Darlan mmlosh, what do you think?
  93. mmlosh I am either going colorblind od the dark-red is just too close to black and I hardly notice it's red
  94. Darlan It is very dark and, as it seems to me, is closer to brown.
  95. Darlan So do we agree to rename green to darkgreen?
  96. Darlan ha! I can enter "darkgreen" in color picker and get #006400
  97. Darlan darkred = #8B0000
  98. Darlan orange = #FFA500 darkorange = #FF8C00 mediumblue = #0000CD mediumpurple = #9370DB
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  100. Darlan mmlosh, answer, or be answered! :-P
  101. mmlosh Darlan, you didn't ask any question since my last answer
  102. mmlosh or at least you forgot to highlight me
  103. Darlan Do we agree to rename green to darkgreen?
  104. mmlosh yes, that looks fine to me
  105. Darlan Thank you :-)
  106. Darlan dicson, do you want to it or monsieur le chef? ;-)
  107. dicson Darlan, ? /me understanding caps_cache
  108. Darlan I do not understand.
  109. dicson :-)