Gajim - 2013-11-13

  1. Darlan Server icon is different for:
  2. Darlan I just noticed that string "E2E encryption disabled" is fixed; it should be "%(type)s encryption disabled", just like "%(type)s encryption %(status)s act...".
  3. Maranda _ping
  4. Maranda supposes it's not just himself.
  5. bot Maranda: Error! Remote server not found!
  6. Asterix same for me
  7. Maranda Shall I push the S.o.S. button perhaps :D?
  8. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim Plugins • Ticket #84 (Proper UI integration with Gajim) updated Replying to Darlan: Use the shield button to display further information on OTR fingerprint, exactly like how it is being done with SASL encryption in Gajim. (I will detail in comments). Shield button tooltip text: %(type)s encryption %(status)s active %(authenticated)s.\n Your chat session %(logged)s be logged. OTR encryption is […]
  9. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7470 (Minor UI corrections/suggestions (Post 0.16)) updated Rename status message E2E encryption disabled to %(type)s encryption disabled. Reason, neglect the need to re-translate encryption disabled for any other encryption type (e.g. OTR, OpenPGP). See ticket ​#84. See %(type)s encryption %(status)s active %(authenticated)s.\n Your chat session %(logged)s be logged.
  10. Darlan did not hear sound.
  11. Maranda Asterix, any idea what's up with the unread message counts warns on Gajim's windows' upper "title" bar.
  12. Maranda It's a while they seems to be messed up.
  13. Asterix #7560
  14. bot Asterix: (Broken unread message counter)
  15. Asterix this one?
  16. Maranda Yes just that often: On session/tab close, Gajim would reset number of unread messages.
  17. Maranda doesn't fix it either apparently.
  18. Maranda and if I close and re-open the tab I lose the history of the messages I sent
  19. Maranda (as well)
  20. Maranda brb
  21. Asterix haven't have looked at reproducing this problem and debugging it yet
  22. Maranda kk
  23. Maranda ok ok
  24. Maranda brb
  25. Maranda _ping
  26. bot Maranda: Ping from 0.012 sec.
  27. Maranda _ping
  28. bot Maranda: Ping from 2.585 sec.
  29. Maranda _ping
  30. bot Maranda: Warning! Exceeded the limit of sending the same message. You are blocked for a period of 1800 sec.
  31. Maranda :O
  32. Maranda now that's mean.
  33. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim Plugins • Ticket #70 (otr sometimes desynchronises) updated Cc changed Please provide me with exact descriptions of the issues you are facing. Please explain which side can read which messages explain how this behavior is resolved tell me which protocol, versions of chat client and versions of otr implementation (ie. libotr, potr and gotr) are invo[…]
  34. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim Plugins • Ticket #81 (Improve OTR negotiation against ChatSecure) updated Ple[…] • Ticket #8[…] • Ticket #29 (Missing "automati[] • Ticket #66 (Short descriptive[] • Ticket #66 (Short descriptive[] • Ticket #82 ([python-potr] mak[] • Ticket #81 (Improve OTR negot[] • Ticket #69 (otr logs ("record[]
  35. Darlan _ping
  36. bot Darlan: Ping from 0.000 sec.
  37. Darlan _ping
  38. bot Darlan: Ping from 2.581 sec.
  39. Darlan Welcome back, afflux, the GOTR guru :-)
  40. afflux hiya
  41. Darlan Ticket #81 is biased, since I have tested only with Gajim. I want to test negotiation between Pidgin to ChatSecure and then I will start to follow <>
  42. afflux okay, great.
  43. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim Plugins • Ticket #82 ([python-potr] make informative message available for every locale and …) closed invalid
  44. mathieui afflux, oh, btw, do you have any idea as to why the plugin would sometime end the encrypted conversation and set state to unencrypted without going through the otr Context (thus not notifying the application)?
  45. mathieui there was an angry someone that had that issue with gotr a few months back, and I have the same (without any apparent pattern) on poezio
  46. afflux hmmm weird
  47. afflux let me check
  48. mathieui (of course, that never happens when I try to reproduce it with debug enabled and everything)
  49. mathieui Link Mauve, iirc you had that issue
  50. Link Mauve Yes, but since I enabled debug I couldn’t reproduce either.
  51. afflux mathieui, Link Mauve: does it go to STATE_FINISHED or STATE_PLAINTEXT?
  52. Link Mauve I don’t know.
  53. afflux if it goes to finished, then trying to send messages will result in an error
  54. afflux if it goes to plaintext, trying to send messages will get them sent in plain through the wire
  55. mathieui ok
  56. mathieui then I must have missed that in the poezio plugin
  57. mathieui but that might be related to
  58. afflux that's a shot in the dark, issue 70 does not specify any actual problem
  59. afflux mathieui: can you answer my question? if the problem occurs, are you still able to send messages afterwards? do they get sent in plain?
  60. mathieui afflux, in poezio, yes
  61. Link Mauve They get sent in plain.
  62. mathieui I will fix that, then tell you again :)
  63. afflux you will fix what?
  64. mathieui in my plugin using pure-python-otr
  65. mathieui I mentionned gotr because someone was very vocal about something similar occuring
  66. afflux I'm confused. what exactly are you trying to fix?
  67. mathieui my OTR plugin, using your OTR library
  68. afflux now add a verb and I may understand you :)
  69. mathieui my OTR plugin, which is using your OTR library
  70. afflux there seems to be a misunderstanding
  71. afflux what behavior do you think you need to fix
  72. mathieui afflux, I’m looking for something I did wrong in my OTR plugin, leading to OTR sessions ending randomly without notification
  73. afflux yes. and apparently this appears in gotr as well?
  74. mathieui might appear, yes, I haved seen that for myself
  75. mathieui but I can find the logs of someone claiming that was the case
  76. afflux I see
  77. dicson Darlan, you send to me icon for gotr plugin?
  78. Darlan Why, is current icon not good?
  79. dicson you or not?
  80. dicson current icon
  81. Darlan I do not recall. I need to check logs. Why do you ask?
  82. afflux i did
  83. afflux because of licensing
  84. Darlan Yep, I guessed so.
  85. afflux do you remember where it was from?
  86. afflux or if you did it yourself?
  87. Darlan I know where it is from. I am now looking for public log. Please hold on.
  88. Darlan No, 2012 for: August 2011 - November 2013
  89. Darlan Date 2012-08-19. [14:12:27] Darlan: A mask would be nice too, but I do not find an icon like this with less complexity [14:14:07] bot: RSS: Feeds for Gajim Plugins • Changeset [429:755567f26b35]: gotr.add icon. default gotr.add icon.
  90. dicson :-)
  91. Darlan Not here
  92. Darlan hold on
  93. Darlan Found! [14:08:47] Darlan: OTR secretive person [14:10:05] dicson: for OTR plugin? [14:10:10] Darlan: OTR secretive person #2
  94. afflux thanks
  95. afflux !
  96. Darlan No problems. Thank you for using Google 2.0 ;-)
  97. Darlan Damn SQLite-based log. I need plain text logs be default!! :-P
  98. Darlan s/be/by
  99. Darlan No log
  100. afflux Darlan: I'm afraid I'll still have to get rid of the icon, since the license is unclear and the author's website is down. If you happen to find something in public domain, .svg or .psd, let me know ;)
  101. Darlan No problems :-)
  102. Asterix there is no way for plugin to modify Manage contact menu I think. I don't think there is a GUI entry point there
  103. Darlan Plugin manager UI should be re-factored (I suggested to clone UI of Blueman), and it may use Standard Icon Names, so we may want to use "user-invisible", for example.
  104. Darlan Asterix, will it be feasible in future?
  105. afflux mathieui: I can think of two scenarios how a context could suddenly appear to be plaintext: 1. a wrong context gets referenced (for example caused by fixed ticket #7428) 2. Context.state get's manipulated from the application code or Context.setState get's called from the application code of course, there might be a bug somewhere else which I'm overlooking right now
  106. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim Plugins • e2e_status_messages.png attached to Ticket #84
  107. Asterix Darlan: you mix things. We're not talking about plugin manager.
  108. Asterix yes adding GUI extension point is easily doable
  109. mathieui afflux, thanks, I’ll look into it when I have more time
  110. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim Plugins • e2e_tooltip.png attached to Ticket #84
  111. Darlan Asterix, which alternative would be best? <>
  112. Darlan afflux, did you read the rest of comment #6?
  113. afflux Darlan: now I did :)
  114. Darlan Alternative #3 is only for Gajim > 0.16.x due to string change, but alternative #2 can be made with Gajim 0.16.
  115. Asterix all alternatives are for 0.16.x due to developper free time
  116. Darlan But #3 requires you to change string so it can't be made within 0.16 cycle, no?
  117. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7435 (Bad systray after "Unable to decrypt message" warning) updated When I have experienced this bug, I have had the following option set: Edit/Preferences/Notifications/When new event is received: Pop it up