Gajim - 2013-11-12

  1. Asterix advanced function menu -> assign gpg key
  2. Darlan Thank you.
  3. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7555 (Diffie-Hellman parameters are required for forward secrecy) updated There is currently activity to resolve the problems with NIST standard ecliptic curves and this could be implemented in OpenSSL in few months ​ Until then, I think it's ok to use the previous patch code, with either or log.warning, it's not necessary to implemen[…]
  4. Didínek Hello?!
  5. Didínek Ok i have problem with Gajim on Win 7 and using webcam, choose is gray, i cant select it.
  6. Darlan Didínek, VoIP is not supported under Windows, yet. Please wait while I am looking for references for you.
  7. Darlan References: [Gajim-devel] Audio and video in Windows Trac:
  8. Darlan Didínek, if you know, or think you know, where you might find someone to solve this problem, please invite them.
  9. Didínek Ok as far as I read, there is no solution for end windows user, am i right?
  10. Darlan You are correct.
  11. Darlan Please, if you know of people who might be able to solve this compilation issue under Windows, do notify us.
  12. Didínek What is nescesary skill to solve this?
  13. Darlan I do not know. dicson, Link Mauve may you answer this?
  14. dicson no
  15. Darlan Then Link Mauve, if you may.
  16. Link Mauve No…
  17. Link Mauve And you know it well, I don’t use windows.
  18. Darlan Yes, but you have attempted to solve this, too.
  19. Link Mauve I have spent a lot of time building a simple python software in wine, and it was a nightmare.
  20. Darlan So what is the required skill to build a software from source?
  21. Link Mauve On windows, a lot of patience fighting against the OS.
  22. Darlan Didínek, I guess the skills are, knowing how to build software from source and, maybe, to look where patches needed to be made within source code in order to complete compilation under Windows.
  23. Darlan dicson, should I create a ticket for broken message count, or will you do it, instead?
  24. dicson Darlan, you. if you have time. thanks!
  25. Darlan dicson, Component: notifications or systray?
  26. Darlan Please answer, I must go.
  27. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7547 ([Manage Bookmarks] Paste address of MUC to Room field) updated Thank you for this fix! Gajim seems to allow RTL characters in server. I am not sure whether this is a good idea, but then again, maybe, there are some who would desire to use العربية.org or العربية.com which is possible. I will pay attention to this, in next release cycle, and if needed, I will ask to forbid […]
  28. dicson Darlan, event system ))
  29. Darlan tags: event system, component: ?
  30. dicson nothing
  31. dicson When I insert @ in dialog Join Group Chat with account X, in Room field, Gajim jumps to Server field, while this patch does not and return an error. - not fixed
  32. Darlan dicson, I think this patch is good. Please post comment and I will see how I will respond to you.
  33. dicson comment:7
  34. Darlan #7560
  35. bot Darlan: (Broken unread message counter)
  36. Darlan dicson, I use Gajim 0.16-beta1-8bd293727c0e and it seems to work fine.
  37. Darlan Also, Gajim displays ab error message when attempting to mix "Arabic" and "Hebrew" or "Arabic" and "_".
  38. dicson When I insert @ in dialog Join Group Chat with account X, in Room field, Gajim jumps to Server field
  39. Darlan What is wrong with it? This is how it should be, I think.
  40. dicson hm.ok
  41. Darlan In Manage Bookmarks I can insert שלום_ for Room (bad) but not for Nickname (good). This is trivial, so no problem.
  42. dicson >This is how it should be, I think strange behavior
  43. Darlan This is how it was before I reported on Manage Bookmarks. It seems to be reasonable.
  44. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7533 (Display a preciser warning message, if ever) updated This dialog, too. You have unre[…] • Ticket #7560 (Broken unread message counter) created Bug was discovered by dicson Bug description Unread message counter is broken. Steps to reproduce Please forgive me for not being concise, I have not much time, as I am writing this ticket: Set to one of the following options. Edit/Preferences/Not[…][…]
  45. dicson I do not understand, but let it be as it is
  46. Darlan Did you receive an Email for ticket #7560? I have added Dicson to CC field.
  47. dicson Darlan, yes.thanks!
  48. Darlan You are welcome :-)
  49. bubble when is 0.16 going to be released?
  50. dicson when he's ready
  51. dicson bubble, gajim not ubuntu software
  52. dicson we do not have the date of release
  53. bubble yo dicson that's ok...
  54. bubble i tought some of you knew the month...
  55. bubble but np :)
  56. bubble just curious
  57. dicson bubble, I do not know the year :-)
  58. bubble lol :D
  59. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7561 (EXTERNAL auth always used if offered by server) created It seems that Gajim always tries to use SASL EXTERNAL if offered by the server, even if no client certificate is specified in the account configuration. As a result, login always fails since the user/password is never tried. Attempt to connect to a server that offers EXTERNAL and any other SASL auth mechanism and configure user/password rather than a client cert […]
  60. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7561 (EXTERNAL auth always used if offered by server) updated Do you have such a server publicly available so we can debug that?
  61. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Changeset [15163:a71bbdf23465]: [fedor] enable forward secrecy thanks to Diffie-Hellman parameters. Fixe[…] • Ticket #7555 (Diffie-Hellman parameters are required for forward secrecy) closed fixed: In a71bbdf2346543603daf21a037d76b28d287118b[…]
  62. gideon425 I have added a contact. How can I tell if he has see my subscription request?
  63. gideon425 The entry in the list has an icon with a question mark. Would that be "status" unknown?
  64. Asterix ‎gideon425‎: in information window, in the "More" expander
  65. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim Plugins • Ticket #84 (Proper UI integration with Gajim) created Remove Off-the-Record Encryption menu and menu items Start / Refresh OTR and End OTR (to be replaced with Toggle Off-the-Record Encryption). Activation: Show advanced functions (Alt+D) ☐ Toggle OpenPGP Encryption ☐ Toggle End to End Encryption ☑ Toggle Off-the-Record Encryption Allocating fingerprint: Show advanced functions (Alt+D) > Manage Contact[…]