Gajim - 2013-11-11

  1. Darlan dicson, Traceback (most recent call last): File "/usr/share/gajim/src/", line 994, in hyperlink_handler self.make_link_menu(event, kind, word) File "/usr/share/gajim/src/", line 913, in make_link_menu xml = get_gtk_builder('chat_context_menu.ui') NameError: global name 'get_gtk_builder' is not defined
  2. Darlan Originally, on Windows, but then gajim-history-manager did not work, and now we have this Traceback on Linux. Reproduce by right-click on a hyperlink in Plugin Manager.
  3. Darlan hyperlink of description.
  4. dicson Darlan, latest hg gajim_0.16 brunch?
  5. Darlan I think so "Gajim 0.16-beta1-1868b2a79c4d" (snapshot of 2013-11-11).
  6. dicson Darlan, ok. I can repro
  7. Darlan Why preference "is_zeroconf" exist?
  8. Darlan Now my ticket is invalid, I think.
  9. dicson Darlan, I hope get_gtk_builder fixed now
  10. Darlan I will examine on Windows after next Gajim release.
  11. dicson pending events in systray tooltip broken if option - notification -when new event is received: Notify me about it or Show only in roster
  12. dicson maybe problem in d8f3e9e535f3
  13. Asterix Hi dicson
  14. Asterix you can commit your patch for #7556
  15. Asterix #7556
  16. Asterix hey bot!
  17. dicson Hi Asterix
  18. Asterix #7556
  19. bot Asterix: (Add date to logfile)
  20. Asterix you weren't able to commit recently, right?
  21. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7559 (ACE preferences that should not be displayed for Local (Avahi/Zerocon[…] • Changeset [15159:574cb75e920a]: Fix wro[] • Ticket #7559 (ACE preferences that should not be displayed for Local (Avahi/Zeroconf) …) updated For Zeroconf account: adjust_priority_with_status ano[…] • Ticket #7559 (ACE preferences that[…]
  22. Asterix holidays?
  23. dicson Asterix, ok.I will commit
  24. dicson Asterix, I was not sure that we need the date in the log
  25. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7556 (Add date to logfile) closed fixed: In 07573da02031b3d41c8033ec0ebe48b81d0fbd40: Add date to gajim logs. Fixes #7556 • Changeset [15160:07573da02031]: Add date to gajim logs. Fixes #7556 Add date to gajim logs. Fixes #7556
  26. Asterix dicson: I don't think we need, but that doesn't hurt ...
  27. Darlan Activity and Mood should not be displayed for Zeroconf.
  28. Darlan Alternatively, TXT activity; TXT mood can be added to iChat Presence.
  29. dicson >Darlan‎:Activity and Mood should not be displayed for Zeroconf . where i can see Activity for Zeroconf?
  30. Darlan Status > Change Status Message...
  31. dicson ha yes
  32. Asterix why?
  33. dicson it is not work
  34. Asterix sending id works, maybe Gajim don't listen to those received things when using zeroconf, but maybe other client do
  35. dicson maybe
  36. dicson 16:24:56 (W) gajim.c.jingle Invalid JID: test #2@dicson/local, ignoring it
  37. dicson then zeroconf contact tooltip poped up
  38. Asterix jingle is not pep, but yes there are probably things that don't work with zeroconf
  39. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Changeset [15161:cdc6bee4b259]: improve manage bookmark jid handling. Fi[…] • Ticket #7547 ([Manage Bookmarks] Paste address of MUC to Room field) closed fixed: In cdc6bee4b259[…] • Ticket #7491 (Set layout_style of buttons Add (gtk-add) Remove (gtk-remove) to Center or …) updated […]
  40. bubble hi all, still need some help to finish my translations
  41. kcchouette bubble, translations in which language ?
  42. bubble hi kcchouette, that's italian, but that doesn't matter... it's just to know what to translate and what not to...
  43. kcchouette bubble, see
  44. bubble thnanks mate, i looked before ad general translator advicesm, but there are some strings which i guess are related to advanced config, so i don't know if i have to translate the specific values a parameter can be set to...
  45. bubble *at
  46. dicson example?
  47. bubble hi dicson: \n Set the current status\n \n Status can be given as one of the following values:\n online, away, chat, xa, dnd.\n
  48. bubble do i have to keep them as "online, away, chat, xa, dnd" ?
  49. dicson bubble,
  50. dicson see notes for translators
  51. bubble oh man yes! this one has notes, you're right
  52. bubble my bad
  53. bubble but others don't have notes
  54. dicson no problem
  55. bubble take this:
  56. bubble Status used to autoconnect as. Can be online, chat, away, xa, dnd, invisible. NOTE: this option is used only if restore_last_status is disabled
  57. bubble what should i do?
  58. bubble the same?
  59. bubble there are many strings like these
  60. dicson this is description for autoconnect_as in ACE. but I can't see description for this var in ACE ..
  61. dicson bubble, not translate IMHO
  62. bubble thx dicson
  63. bubble if i'll have some other doubts i'll ask... don't blame me! :P
  64. dicson bubble, maybe better in PM.welcome
  65. bubble oh nice to know, i'll do... i'm more IRCy so asked in "main chan" ;)
  66. Darlan Is it possible to use OpenPGP with MUC occupant?