Gajim - 2013-11-08

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  3. mkesper If I start gajim automatically on Windows startup, how's that done? Is there any possibility to enable "verbose" logging for that way of starting?
  4. Darlan mkesper, "verbose" is a preference activated in ACE. You can put a shortcut to gajim.exe in Startup folder.
  5. mkesper Darlan, I just wasn't sure whether that was the right place to look at. I mean there's about 150 ways to automagically start things in Windows. ;)
  6. Darlan Yup.
  7. Darlan did not hear a sound notifying on Group chat highlight.
  8. mkesper Darlan, if I start gajim -v, should there be something logged instantly?
  9. Darlan heard now :-)
  10. Darlan mkesper, what do you mean, and why do you need to use gajim.exe -v?
  11. mkesper Darlan, I have several users that use gajim without problems when sitting at the machine but get regular crashes when logged in via RDP. I don't understand it yet at all.
  12. dicson -v = "verbose" is a preference activated in ACE.
  13. mkesper Maybe something with colour depth or popups or something like that
  14. Darlan mkesper, I do not understand.
  15. mkesper Darlan, when you connect via RDP, certain things are different. Eg you can suppress desktop backgrounds, you can have lower colour depth (at 256 colours, Gajim is plain unusable, showing white text on white background) and probably you suppress menu and window animations (eg notification popups and the like)
  16. mkesper Maybe that triggers a bug in gajim
  17. mkesper What adds to the complexity is that it seems to affect users who connect via RDP through VPN to an Terminal Server and from there to their Desktop running Gajim
  18. Darlan Then you need a log.
  19. mkesper Darlan, right. :)
  20. mkesper But I don't get any usable logs. :(
  21. Darlan [11:05:29] mkesper: Darlan, if I start gajim -v, should there be something logged instantly? I think, anything.
  22. mkesper Darlan, to be concrete, there should be a gajim.exe.log, right?
  23. Darlan I think so.
  24. mkesper Because I only get gajim.log :(
  25. Darlan I guess that is the file we want.
  26. mkesper Really? OMG...
  27. Darlan mkesper, this is what you need to do: Start Gajim with logging enabled. Perform the actions (if any) to reproduce the bug. *Gajim crashes* Send log to Asterix, and write down the time when crash happened.
  28. mkesper ok, thank you
  29. Darlan Do not forget to compress gajim.log with 7-Zip or another software. On GNU/Linux, I use command "gzip gajim.log".
  30. Link Mauve Darlan, LZMA is xz, not gzip. :p
  31. Darlan did not hear sound.
  32. Darlan Link Mauve, I do not understand.
  33. Link Mauve The compression used by 7zip, LZMA, is available through the xz tool, gzip uses another much less efficient but faster compression scheme.
  34. mkesper or use p7zip
  35. Link Mauve It’s not a standard tool, while xz is.
  36. Darlan I did not know, I do not use Windows, nor 7zip frequently :-P
  37. Darlan mkesper, this is fine. The purpose of compressing is to make file smaller so it would not be marked as spam.
  38. Darlan dicson, bug! Right-click on Start chat *Traceback*
  39. dicson NameError: global name 'log' is not defined ?
  40. dicson fixed
  41. Darlan :-)
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  44. Ge0rG Darlan: re #7552, I have no useful opinion. I'm not a regular gajim user, and I have no available best practices for end-user level debugging
  45. Ge0rG Darlan: maybe having a cmdline option + start menu for "debug mode" to store logs in a file, and a separate automatic feature to look for that file and open up a mail program if the file is there?
  46. Darlan Yes, sounds reasonable; I think, though, the latter "separate automatic feature" will be accepted as Patch Welcome.
  47. Ge0rG Darlan: I have no stakes in #7552
  48. Darlan did not hear sound.
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  50. Darlan Thank you for your time :)
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  52. Darlan fedor.brunner, there is a built-in LiveHTTPheaders in all WebKit web browsers.
  53. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • IT04_xp_2013-11-08_cut_gajim.7z attached to Ticket #7523 Win XP, version 0.16-beta1
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  55. Darlan #7531
  56. bot Darlan: ([PEP] Buy "TUNE-NAME" on WEB-STORE)
  57. Darlan dicson, what do you think of ticket #7531 and <>?
  58. dicson :-|
  59. Darlan Then <>?
  60. dicson need thinking
  61. Darlan ok
  62. dicson maybe as plugin
  63. Darlan Which one, location or tune?
  64. dicson location and tune in vcard
  65. dicson Darlan, Address, Coordinates,GPS - gtk.Expander?
  66. Darlan Yes, just like Address under Work tab.
  67. dicson :-/
  68. Darlan Are you writing a plugin for it, right now?
  69. dicson no
  70. Darlan good
  71. dicson :-D
  72. Darlan Otherwise it will be to high.
  73. Darlan We have a lot of time until GTK+3 release, I guess.
  74. Darlan fedor.brunner, there is a built-in LiveHTTPheaders in all WebKit web browsers. Drop FF.
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  77. Darlan mmlosh, ping.
  78. mmlosh Darlan, pong.
  79. Darlan Did you read this?
  80. mmlosh I am sure I did not
  81. Darlan Gajim is using red ✖ and green ✓ for XEP-0184. There is also a new MUC line. No change was made, yet, for message correction.
  82. kcchouette Darlan, « This character or one of these ( ♲♺♻♼♽ ) may be used for XEP-0308 » I don't like it :-/ ; but good idea for the ascii animated text ^^
  83. Darlan Asterix does not like animated ASCII idea, even though Adium seems to apply it, too, with an animated GIF.
  84. Darlan Do you have a better choice for XEP-0308?
  85. mmlosh I am more than just fine with green-glowing text for typing people
  86. mmlosh animations would be IMO pointelessly distracting
  87. mmlosh animations would be IMO pointlessly distracting
  88. mmlosh btw: This version of gajim is using "spellchecker icon" for last message correction indicator
  89. Darlan I wanted to use ✍ (original size: ✍) for XEP-0308, but it is too small.
  90. mmlosh that's indeed tiny
  91. mmlosh I think I would like something like a yellow pencil for LMC
  92. Darlan And gtk-spell-check may be to big for other users.
  93. Darlan This ✎?
  94. kcchouette U+27F2 is good too, no ?
  95. mmlosh it would be nice if it had two colours
  96. kcchouette
  97. mmlosh which fonts don't
  98. mmlosh kcchouette, looks better than the barely-recognizeable pencil
  99. mmlosh I think that would work for me
  100. Darlan So you want ⟲?
  101. kcchouette yes
  102. Darlan Asterix, do you want to apply ⟲ instead of gtk-spell-check?
  103. Darlan kcchouette, which color?
  104. kcchouette I've no idea, green or red ? and in bold ?
  105. Darlan I am for blue or purple.
  106. Darlan and bold.
  107. mmlosh kcchouette, green or red seems inapropriate
  108. kcchouette Ok :-/
  109. mmlosh how does the char look in bold?
  110. mmlosh I was thinking more about the same colours as Darlan
  111. kcchouette
  112. mmlosh ⟲ v.s. ⟲ .. hmm..
  113. kcchouette ⟲ vs ⟲
  114. mmlosh imo green is taken by "xxx has left/joined" status messages
  115. mmlosh and red is for errors.. and this is not and error
  116. kcchouette vs ⟲ or ⟲
  117. mmlosh hmm. no rich text copying
  118. mmlosh (from the received messages)
  119. mmlosh argh.. "undo" undid my whole message, not just one formatting step
  120. mmlosh kcchouette, + isn't "red blob after a text line" and "green blob after a text line" taken by ✓ and ✖ ?
  121. kcchouette I don't know
  122. mmlosh I am pretty sure the tick is green and the cross red
  123. mmlosh I am pretty sure the tick is green and the cross red