Gajim - 2013-11-06

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  2. Asterix dicson: the problem was indentation, right?
  3. dicson yes. but i can't test
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  5. Asterix I can still repro
  6. Asterix we need to use a account
  7. Asterix I fixed it
  8. dicson ok
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  10. Asterix someone is under win and have or can install snarl?
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  12. Ge0rG Asterix: ping. you closed referring to the MUC, so what about fixing the issue?
  13. Asterix I dont own several servers ...
  14. Asterix everybody does like that
  15. Asterix debian provides its keyring as a package
  16. Ge0rG Asterix: even if and are the same box, it makes sense to display the fingerprint in case somebody only cracked the ftpd
  17. Darlan Perhaps Link Mauve, louiz’ or xbright would like to assist in this matter?
  18. Ge0rG Asterix: debian's keyring package is signed by the previous-year debian keyring package, which is part of the installer image
  19. Asterix I can display the fingerprint on, yes, but 1/ very few ppl will read it 2/ if someone introduce on my machine, it can most probably change it too
  20. Ge0rG having the key file listed on the www site and asking the user to apt-key it provides at least a simulation of an out-of-band channel. also, with the current setup I need to ignore the "package unsigned" warning for the keyring, instead of for the actual package :)
  21. Asterix (I don't think many ppl check the md5 of the installer...)
  22. Asterix I did that because it's easier for ppl to apt-get the keyring than to wget it.
  23. Ge0rG Asterix: is it really? you need to add the repo, update, install the key, ignore the warning, update again (so the signatures provided by the key are verified), install gajim
  24. Asterix add the repo and update, you need it to install the daily package anyway ...
  25. Asterix all that can be done via GUI tools for those who use them ...
  26. Asterix but you're maybe right, we're talking about a daily package, not something for everybody ...
  27. Ge0rG Asterix: thanks for listening to my paranoid outpourings :)
  28. Asterix you're not wrong, it's just that there is no perfect solution
  29. Asterix so there are 2 solutions:
  30. Asterix 1/ keep the deb package
  31. Asterix 2/ remove it, add the key on website and change website to give the wget command
  32. Ge0rG 3/ keep the keyring.deb, add the key on website and change website to give the wget command
  33. Ge0rG will allow to replace the keyring in case the old one expires
  34. Asterix for those who have the package installed?
  35. Ge0rG I wonder what happens if you first apt-key and then install the keyring.deb.
  36. Asterix no idea ...
  37. Asterix and no idea on what is the best of those 3 solutions
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  39. Ge0rG Asterix: I suppose the best solution is somewhere between 2/ and 3/
  40. Asterix I don't see the advantage to keep the .deb if website doesn't mention it. Nobody will know
  41. Ge0rG Asterix: so 2/ it is then.
  42. Ge0rG Asterix: when the key is distributed via keyservers and signed by others, it gets more trust. the kering.deb is totally opaque however.
  43. Ge0rG just implemented support for carbon-copied delivery receipts in yaxim. just to make the receipt CCs less useless.
  44. Darlan Should there be an item Add to Roster... for menu Manage Transport and maybe also History?