Gajim - 2013-11-04

  1. miloss Is it just me, or outgoing single messages are not logged? the smtp transport did not even confirm sending that message. + there was an otr error.. I guess I should get rid of plugins I am not using ... 08:08:56 (E) potr exception in outgoing message handler, message (hopefully) discarded Traceback (most recent call last): File "/home/miloss/.local/share/gajim/plugins/gotr/", line 617, in handle_outgoing_msg newmsg =[event.account].getContext(fjid).sendMessage( File "/home/miloss/.local/share/gajim/plugins/gotr/potr/", line 480, in getContext if uid not in self.ctxs: TypeError: unhashable type: 'list'
  2. Link Mauve Is your otr plugin up to date?
  3. miloss not sure
  4. miloss I think I updated it with gajim
  5. miloss I'll check latter, tahnsk for the tip
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  9. Flow how does gajim visualize message delivery receipts? how can I as user verify that the receipt was requested and acknowledged?
  10. Darlan Flow, as long as you do not see an X sign (0.16) or a warning sign (0.15), message was probably delivered.
  11. Darlan In Gajim 0.16, there is an option to display V for every message sent.
  12. Flow Darlan: so there is an indicator that the message receipt was not received but none in 0.15 that the receipt was acknowledged
  13. Darlan Yes, 0.16 will provide a feature to always show an indicator (negative/positive), you do so by enabling a checkbox under Gneral tab in preferences.
  14. Darlan In 0.15, there is an indicator only when message was not received.
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  18. b_b hi
  19. b_b does anyone have told here that latest python-nbxmpp-nightly broke gajim ?
  20. b_b python-nbxmpp-nightly 20131104-1 0 and no more gajim :(
  21. b_b have switched back to gajim_0.16~beta1-1_all.deb
  22. Flow Hmm I've updated to gajim 0.16beta1 with nbxmpp 0.2 and have now the positive_184_ack option, but the xml console shows that the messages are not send with receipt request, although the other xmpp enitity shows receipt support when queried with discover info
  23. Flow any suggestions about the next debug steps?
  24. b_b here the error i got with latest python nbxmpp
  25. Darlan b_b, I have the opposite problem, after upgrading Gajim. You should upgrade both.
  26. b_b i got the latest of gajim and python lib during this error
  27. Darlan b_b,
  28. b_b \o/ Darlan :p
  29. b_b but i only got gajim 20131031
  30. Darlan then downgrade nbxmpp
  31. b_b i'd like but i can't find it on the repo :p
  32. b_b so i've switched back to beta version
  33. Darlan Why do not you upgrade Gajim, instead?
  34. b_b because i use this repo
  35. b_b which (today) only provide these versions
  36. b_b not really a problem for me, i can wait that the bug is fixed
  37. b_b i think i just have to wait the repo ipdate
  38. b_b -i+u
  39. Darlan -i+u (lol)
  40. b_b :p
  41. Kcchouette hello
  42. Kcchouette I have some problem
  43. Darlan howdy!
  44. Kcchouette I upgrade gajim and nbxmpp
  45. Kcchouette :-/
  46. Darlan You can't run Gajim, eh?
  47. Kcchouette I can run gajim
  48. Kcchouette but can't connect to my account
  49. b_b huhu
  50. Asterix could you past the error
  51. Darlan Does it look like this?
  52. Kcchouette
  53. Asterix nbxmpp is not updated correctly
  54. b_b same as surely
  55. Asterix you don't use latest nbxmpp
  56. Kcchouette Asterix, I use the lastest
  57. Asterix hg version?
  58. Kcchouette yes
  59. Kcchouette I upgrade it before gajim
  60. Asterix hg tip ?
  61. Darlan I use the one from
  62. Kcchouette yes
  63. Asterix Kcchouette: what does hg tip gives you
  64. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7546 (Programming Error on attempt to connect) closed invalid
  65. Kcchouette Asterix, I don't understand :-/
  66. Asterix how did you get latest nbxmpp version?
  67. Kcchouette hg clone
  68. Kcchouette I use hg pull
  69. Kcchouette and hg update
  70. Asterix so please run hg tip
  71. Kcchouette changeset: 65:a7f633ee2fc2 tag: tip user: Yann Leboulanger <> date: Sun Nov 03 17:55:20 2013 +0100 summary: ability to configure cipher list. see #7
  72. Asterix and then what did you do?
  73. Kcchouette what ?
  74. Asterix how did you installed it?
  75. Kcchouette su
  76. Kcchouette and python install
  77. Asterix could you run python -V
  78. Kcchouette ok
  79. Kcchouette Python 2.7.5+
  80. Asterix that sounds good
  81. Asterix but clearly that's not the version Gajim finds
  82. Asterix could you run python
  83. Kcchouette how ?
  84. Asterix just type python in a console
  85. Asterix then type "import nbxmpp"
  86. Asterix and then "help(nbxmpp.tls_nb.NonBlockingTLS)"
  87. Kcchouette I paste the code
  88. Asterix could you give me the prototype of __init__ function you see
  89. Kcchouette
  90. Kcchouette __init__(self, cacerts, mycerts, cipher_list)
  91. Kcchouette I must open a ticket ?
  92. Asterix it's the correct one
  93. Kcchouette :-X
  94. Asterix then it's your gajim that is not uptodate
  95. Kcchouette Gajim is update
  96. Asterix haa
  97. Asterix no
  98. Asterix you use default branch
  99. Kcchouette yes
  100. Kcchouette of course
  101. Asterix you have to use gajim_0.16 branch
  102. Kcchouette no, I prefer to stay on master branch
  103. Asterix default branch is for the moment not used until we switch it to gtk3
  104. Kcchouette :-/
  105. b_b will stay on beta package until tomorrow :p
  106. b_b until the ftp repo is updated
  107. Kcchouette so why doesn't make a branch in nbxmpp for gtk3
  108. Kcchouette ?
  109. Asterix we have
  110. Kcchouette But me I can't use gajim now
  111. Asterix (for py3, not gtk3)
  112. Asterix use 0.16 branch ...
  113. Asterix I can't say more
  114. Kcchouette I don't understand this
  115. Asterix default branch won't work as we don't develop in it
  116. Asterix currently
  117. Kcchouette you can't merge 0.16 in default branch ?
  118. Asterix we decided not to do it, cause we'd have to do it for every commit we do in 0.16 branch ...
  119. Darlan Kcchouette, you need to run an hg command to adjust to 0.16 and all you do after is just regularly updating Gajim from hg.
  120. Kcchouette Darlan, I prefer to stay on default branch
  121. Asterix then go back to previous nbxmpp version
  122. Kcchouette How can I do this ?
  123. Asterix I can't explain more precisely that we develop in 0.16 branch for the moment
  124. Asterix hg up -r 63
  125. Asterix or 64 should work too
  126. Kcchouette thanks
  127. Asterix btw I'll modify nightly build so that it uses 0.16 branch
  128. Darlan nightly build = /downloads/snap/ ?
  129. Asterix yes
  130. Asterix + debian package
  131. Darlan Thanks. Now I will not be worry of whether an update went wrong or I somehow corrupted files.
  132. Ge0rG good morning! I'm debugging XEP-0184 issues between Gajim (0.16~beta1-1 from your debian repo) and yaxim (current nightly). yaxim is announcing 0184 support in disco#info, but gajim does not request a receipt despite the config option being enabled. ideas?
  133. Asterix hmmm could you show me the disco#info result?
  134. Flow Ge0rG: same problem here
  135. Asterix does yaxin supports caps?
  136. Ge0rG Asterix: as of last night, yes.
  137. Ge0rG Asterix: disco#info result: <query xmlns=''><feature var='urn:xmpp:carbons:2'/><feature var=''/><feature var='urn:xmpp:receipts'/><feature var=''/><feature var='urn:xmpp:ping'/><feature var=''/></query>
  138. Ge0rG Asterix: entity caps returns <feature var='urn:xmpp:receipts'/> as well
  139. Ge0rG feel free to test with
  140. Asterix I guess you haven't touched the advanced option "request_receipt" and it's still enabled?
  141. Ge0rG btw, the advanced config editor resizes to 5113 pixels width once I try to filter for anything
  142. Ge0rG Asterix: correct
  143. Asterix I don't have time to test and debug that this evening unfortunatly ...
  144. Ge0rG I'll stay here idling... just ping me
  145. Asterix maybe you could add a "print" in at the begining of def _on_sent()
  146. Ge0rG Asterix: False
  147. Asterix then Gajim things it doesn't support it ... the cached disco#info doesn't contain the receipt feature
  148. Ge0rG also dared to enable carbons, which causes gajim to send funny receipts to the wrong JID
  149. Ge0rG is the caps_cache stored anywhere on disk?
  150. Asterix yes
  151. Asterix ~/.cache/gajim/cache.db
  152. Asterix for sctructure
  153. Asterix datas are zipped
  154. Flow Ge0rG: I don't think that purging the caps cache won't fix it. For the new receipts feature a new hash should have been created
  155. Ge0rG Flow: I'm just trying to figure out if it stores the right data
  156. Flow k
  157. Flow sounds like a plan
  158. pvtlth is happy about finally getting his smartphone next weekend :D :) 8-)
  159. Ge0rG yaxim's hash is not listed in caps_cache, unless the hash column is different from the ver field in the <c> xml
  160. b_b hop ++
  161. Asterix it should be the ver in the <c>
  162. Ge0rG are the entity caps results checked for validity before storing them to sqlite?
  163. Asterix yep sure
  164. Ge0rG (and why is gajim sending a caps query to its own full JID?)
  165. Asterix it's possible that hash is not correctly computed on one side indeed ...
  166. Ge0rG Asterix: possible, yeah. will there be any debug output from gajim in that case?
  167. Asterix let me check
  168. Ge0rG the caps packet is: <iq id='22' type='result' to='' from=''><query node='' xmlns=''><identity type='phone' name='yaxim' category='client'/><feature var='urn:xmpp:carbons:2'/><feature var=''/><feature var='urn:xmpp:receipts'/><feature var=''/><feature var='urn:xmpp:ping'/><feature var=''/></query></iq>
  169. Asterix'Computed and retrieved caps hash differ.' + 'Ignoring caps of contact %s' % contact.get_full_jid())
  170. Ge0rG no such info in my log (I ran "gajim -v -l 255")
  171. Asterix -l 255 ??
  172. Asterix gajim -l gajim.c.p.caps=INFO should show this debug info
  173. Ge0rG yeah, I was wildly guessing
  174. Ge0rG 21:39:33 (I) gajim.c.p.caps Computed and retrieved caps hash differ.Ignoring caps of contact
  175. Ge0rG ok, Flow - this is all your fault! :D
  176. Flow that is not yet said
  177. Ge0rG Asterix: thank you very much and sorry for stealing your time
  178. Asterix you're welcome
  179. Asterix not sure which fault it is, but as our algo works for many clients ....
  180. Ge0rG Asterix: it was our fault.
  181. Asterix ok, thanks for info
  182. Ge0rG Asterix: after fixing the entity caps hash, I'm properly getting requests now
  183. Asterix nice
  184. Ge0rG then I found another bug in my app, and now might be a good time for having some fun.
  185. Asterix hehe good luck
  186. Ge0rG Asterix: but I found a bug in gajim as well...
  187. Asterix no receipt should be sent?
  188. Ge0rG Asterix: nope. you should not sent a receipt for a wrapped message not addressed to you
  189. Ge0rG and id="None" is an obvious sign of something gone wrong
  190. Asterix it's because the received <message> have no id I guess
  191. Ge0rG Asterix: yeah, but the <request xmlns='urn:xmpp:receipts'/> is not part of that message either.
  192. Asterix yep
  193. Asterix no time to debug that now ... time to sleep for me ...
  194. Ge0rG Asterix: good night then.
  195. Asterix could you open a bug report? and if you could add a way to repro that would help me
  196. Ge0rG Asterix: I'll see what I can do
  197. Asterix ok thanks
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