Gajim - 2013-11-02

  1. Darlan pvtlth, I prefer flooding of users who have higher quality hardware. I do not want to test flood of /attention against users who have hardware that may poorly handle high rates of Disk I/O and may cause damages.
  2. Asterix pvtlth‎: hg is the development version, the one directly from the mercurial repository
  3. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7450 (/attention vulnerability with notification) updated If the proposed improvement is too complex to implement with due time available, please implement #1 or #2, then revoke this changeset with another one that implements improvement #4.
  4. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Changeset [15139:adf85c2a5f54]: file_props.size is an integer file_props.size is an integer
  5. Darlan Do you have views or opinions about suggested Location tab in Contact Information? <>
  6. Link Mauve Asterix, about #7529, I only get (None, None) when using mimetypes.guess_type('test.svg'), with CRUX’ default MIME types database.
  7. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7470 (Minor UI corrections/suggestions (Post 0.16)) updated Viewing information of MUC Occupant should be displayed under the title Occupant Information (not Contact Information).
  8. Link Mauve And you don’t seem to use any other function from it.
  9. Link Mauve This should be fixed in that database, but I think Gajim should also have a few hardcoded values in case the database is missing or incomplete (as in this case).
  10. Link Mauve Basically, have a dict with a few popular extensions mapped to their MIME type, and use that if mimetypes.guess_type returns None in the first field of the tuple.
  11. Link Mauve Using the extension instead of the MIME type in the vCard is plain wrong.
  12. Darlan Is it only with SVG or with other formats, too?
  13. Link Mauve It does work for image/png and image/jpeg, here.
  14. Darlan So Gajim is problematic only with SVG?
  15. Link Mauve You can try it like that: python2 -m mimetypes -l 'image.png'
  16. Link Mauve Not Gajim, python2’s mimetypes module.
  17. Link Mauve Oh btw, every file in mimetypes.knownfiles is missing on my system, so only extensions in _default_mime_types gets used.
  18. Link Mauve And in python3 it works fine.
  19. Link Mauve I doubt we could get image/svg+xml added to python2’s mimetypes module at this point. :(
  20. Darlan Let's try!
  21. Darlan In this case, this problem of an external factor (python2) should be fixed there, in my opinion.
  22. Darlan Files have to have file extension (filename.svg) in order from python3 to recognize files. It should retrieve such information from system MIME Type handler (shared-mime-info).
  23. Link Mauve I don’t have any such external handler.
  24. Darlan
  25. Asterix Link Mauve: on a test svg I did with inkscape, it worked here
  26. Link Mauve Do you have an external mime.types file?
  27. Asterix no idea, I never did it
  28. Asterix $ python -m mimetypes -l 'gajim.svg' type: image/svg+xml encoding: None
  29. Link Mauve Is it python3?
  30. Link Mauve Look at each files listed in mimetypes.knownfiles, I have none here.
  31. Asterix no it's py2
  32. Asterix $ python --version Python 2.7.3
  33. Link Mauve Ok.
  34. Asterix >>> mimetypes.knownfiles ['/etc/mime.types', '/etc/httpd/mime.types', '/etc/httpd/conf/mime.types', '/etc/apache/mime.types', '/etc/apache2/mime.types', '/usr/local/etc/httpd/conf/mime.types', '/usr/local/lib/netscape/mime.types', '/usr/local/etc/httpd/conf/mime.types', '/usr/local/etc/mime.types']
  35. Link Mauve Is there any of those that exists on your system?
  36. Asterix I have it in /etc/mime.types
  37. Link Mauve Ok, that’s it then.
  38. Link Mauve Try moving that file.
  39. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Changeset [15140:e9b3d913e455]: fix computing hash once socket is correctly closed fix computing hash once socket is correctly closed
  40. Asterix $ python -m mimetypes -l 'gajim.svg' I don't know anything about type gajim.svg
  41. Asterix but we don't put extension in type when we don't find the mime type. We just don't set type
  42. Asterix now if python isn't able to guess svg file, I'm not sure it's our job to do mimetypes's job ...
  43. Link Mauve python3 is, so it will be fixed in the next version.
  44. Link Mauve But it wouldn’t hurt to add a fallback the time being, for 0.16, and remove it again in the next one.
  45. Asterix only for svg files?
  46. Link Mauve I don’t see any other common file format missing from the dict in
  47. Asterix and btw, not receiving the TYPE field doesn't prevent showing the avatar correctly
  48. Link Mauve It does in a small project I did.
  49. Link Mauve You can try it there:
  50. Asterix mylene is really nice ;)
  51. Link Mauve Mylene?
  52. Asterix my avatar on my other account
  53. Link Mauve Oh.
  54. Link Mauve Ok, seen it in the logs. ^^
  55. Link Mauve There is a 24h cache, if you want I can disable it for your tests.
  56. Neustradamus Farmer!
  57. Darlan lol
  58. Asterix if you tell me your app isn't able to read svg correctly without mime type, I trust you, no need to test
  59. hoody_k You get my old avatar Link Mauve
  60. Link Mauve Asterix, it’s more that it trusts the TYPE tag, and if it is an unknown value (or plain missing) it will discard the data.
  61. hoody_k btw EmotiPonies are awesome
  62. Link Mauve hoody_k, your server just answered very late.
  63. Link Mauve It serves the old avatar until it gets a new one.
  64. hoody_k oh right it's good now
  65. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7529 (Uploading a SVG as avatar don’t set “image/svg+xml” as the MIME type.) updated just to mention: python2 by itself doesn't recognize svg files. with a /etc/mime.types file, it works. python3 correctly detect svg files.
  66. Asterix do you thing it's better to have ____________________ as muc separator, or our current png line?
  67. Asterix (which is centered vertically at least ...)
  68. pvtlth I like the current line, because it is centered.
  69. Asterix this one is centered too: ――――――――――――― why not ?
  70. pvtlth I like it centered in both directions
  71. Darlan ____________________ as muc separator
  72. Darlan kcchouette, ping
  73. Asterix ―――――― is better
  74. Asterix at least it's centered
  75. Asterix other question, in chat banner, we show "is composing a message..." what about "✎ is composing a message..." or "is composing a message... ✎" ?
  76. pvtlth showing my 8 year old sister what an emoticon is :)
  77. Asterix Hi sister of pvtlth ;)
  78. pvtlth :D she doesn't speak English very well, I translate it ;)
  79. Darlan "✎ is composing a message...", when ✎ is as bold and as big as the nickname. Like this, maybe? ✎... .✎.. ..✎. ...✎
  80. Asterix no, no animation for sure
  81. Asterix we're not a kikoolol / MSN-like messenger
  82. Darlan Adium seems to have an animated gif for this event.
  83. pvtlth No Skype-Fake!
  84. Darlan okay okay.
  85. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Changeset [15141:76b20f3deb64]: use ―*20 instead of gajim-muc-separator.png. See #7476 use ―*20 instead of gajim-muc-separator.png. See #7476 • Ticket #7476 (Replace pixmap with text where possible) updated In 76b20f3deb6495d4499a068961c57a04e6440286: use ―*20 instead of gajim-muc-separator.png. See #7476
  86. pvtlth Animated gif can look good but it has to be unique for Gajim.
  87. Darlan I proposed animated text .✎..
  88. Darlan When pausing: ✑ When writing: ✒ (but these are too small)
  89. Darlan Slax ☘ (GNU/Linux)
  90. Darlan XEP-0308 Last message correction ♲♺♻♼♽
  91. pvtlth Whiskey Tango Foxtrott ?!?
  92. Darlan Asterix, new line is better :-)
  93. Darlan And selectable ――――――――――――――――――――
  94. Darlan ✎...
  95. Darlan .✎..
  96. Darlan ..✎.
  97. Darlan ...✎
  98. Darlan >in chat banner, we show "is composing a message..." what about "✎ is composing a message..." or "is composing a message... ✎" ? No, it is good as it, currently, is, in my opinion.
  99. Darlan Too small ⟲ ⟳
  100. pvtlth ✎ Make it bigger then
  101. pvtlth ✎ sorry I couldn't resist :)
  102. Darlan That is much better to my eyes
  103. vorner Hmm. So many nice unicode characters. I need to modify my keyboard layout again!
  104. pvtlth All I need is on the default keyboard layout ;) and if not I'll do good old copy-paste
  105. Darlan Ctrl+Shift+U 270E
  106. Darlan Ctrl+Shift+U 270e
  107. Darlan Result: ✎
  108. pvtlth ✎ nice
  109. bubble hey all, what happened to gajim in debian testing?
  110. Asterix there is a new debian maintainer ... It's not me anymore
  111. bubble oh, that's why it shows as obsolete?
  112. Asterix
  113. Asterix "gajim has no old version in testing" ... where did they saw that!!
  114. bubble indeed
  115. bubble hope will be fixed soon
  116. bubble thanks Asterix
  117. Asterix I'll tell it to the debian maintainer
  118. Asterix it seems one guy has a pb:
  119. bubble it doesn't happen to me
  120. Asterix it doesn't happen to me either ...
  121. bubble don't tell me if a bug report is filled with an high severity the package is automatically removed...
  122. bubble it can't be like that, can it?
  123. Asterix it is ...
  124. bubble omg that's a DoS
  125. Asterix it's the maitainer's job to handle the report and change the severity ...
  126. bubble yup, but i can't see any maintainer notice
  127. pvtlth what a maintainer is this ?!?
  128. Asterix it's Tanguy
  129. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Changeset [15142:202898e4ed10]: [fedor] prefer stronger hash algorithms. Fixes #7541 [fedor] prefer stronger hash algorithms. Fixes #7541 • Ticket #7541 (Prefer stronger hash algorithms) closed fixed: In 202898e4ed1065469ecf0fdab3a2a6bb396ee734: [fedor] prefer stronger hash algorithms. Fixes #7541
  130. fedor.brunner Hello, is redirecting me to the not secured version . What about password sniffing?
  131. Asterix good night ...
  132. bubble nite
  133. Asterix for information: is now under https
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