Gajim - 2013-10-29

  1. stpeter tests out Gajim on his new Linux machine...
  2. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #4374 ([PATCH] Roster contacts with jid only) updated Please set milestone to Plugins Welcome. Edi:Since there are many preferences in ACE, why has not this patch been added?
  3. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #3081 (Patch to support avant-window-navigator) updated I think, this feature should be realized into plugin and be bundled within AWN.
  4. Darlan dicson, if you have access to trac , please close ticket as duplicate and refer to #3951.
  5. dicson Darlan, I can't
  6. Darlan No problems. Until next week, I will ask Asterix to do such tasks.
  7. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #3951 ([PEP] Add pep info to vcard) updated I think, if Gajim would have PEP information (Location, Tune etc.) included in Contact Information dialog, there should be text next to nickname, or anywhere else, that indicates on information of vCard or PEP. steve-e (vCard) ContactPersonal InfoWorkAboutCommentsLocationTune steve-e (PEP) ContactPersonal InfoWorkAboutCommentsLocationTune
  8. Darlan Asterix, #7506 is dup of #3951.
  9. Darlan 0xAFFE: Does not Gajim already support spell checking under Windows?
  10. 0xAFFE Darlan, no, not to my knowledge
  11. Darlan Thank you for your answer and time.
  12. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7506 ([Contact Information] Location tab.) closed duplicate: dup of #3951
  13. Darlan Thank you.
  14. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #3993 (Show roster-contact tooltip on chat banner) updated For record, I want to mention that there are tooltips for PEP icons on banner. Nonetheless, I like this proposal.
  15. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7531 ([PEP] Buy "TUNE-NAME" on WEB-STORE) created Bug description Steps to reproduce Software versions OS version: GTK version: PyGTK version:= problem = No problem but money. analysis You need money. enhancement recommendation After applying #3951. Add to Tune tab hyperlinks to web-stores that would pay you money. Maybe these links would be retrieved from server ​ or ​store.gajim.o[…]
  16. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7532 (Block spam with another CAPTCHA system) created Please replace current CAPTCHA provider with on of the followings. ​Mollom ​Solve Media ​DiCE Captcha ​MotionCAPTCHA
  17. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7532 (Block spam with another CAPTCHA system) closed invalid: None have a trac plugin.
  18. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #3367 (print nickname only once for several lines) updated There is a difference between the table shown in picture to the not genuine table of Gajim. Also, in contrast to picture, Gajim inserts time within the same line of nickname. I suggest to drop preference merge_consecutive_nickname_indent and to construct merge_consecutive_nickname in the following manner (ignore table borders): Darlan [07:00:00]Good[…]
  19. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • overvieworange.jpg attached to Ticket #3367 ​
  20. Darlan There is a bug with contact history log when chat_merge_consecutive_nickname is activated. I will open a ticket.
  21. Darlan 0xAFFE and other Windows users: When clicking on a shortcut of gajim.exe, do you get another Gajim instance or does Gajim open roster of current instance?
  22. Darlan Concerning to issue at
  23. 0xAFFE Darlan, do you want to start another instance
  24. Darlan No, I want Gajim to open roster instead of opening abother instance.
  25. Darlan No, I want Gajim to open roster instead of opening another instance.
  26. pvtlth Can I have two times "@" in a jid? Gajim complains about it, so how can I work around this?
  27. vorner I don't think it is allowed. That's not an email address.
  28. vorner Or, I think you can have another @ in resource
  29. vorner but not in domain and not in nodename.
  30. pvtlth In my case I get a username-password-error when connecting to so I guess it wants something like
  31. pvtlth nope, I was wrong, it worked
  32. pvtlth without double-@
  33. Darlan pvtlth, Username must not contain: ", ,&,',/,:,<,>,@
  34. pvtlth I know, I didn't read the myopera info page
  35. Darlan Does myopera provide XMPP service?
  36. pvtlth yes it does. I just came across it
  37. pvtlth
  38. pvtlth But the opera browser doesn't support jabber, and there is no jabber addon. too bad :(
  39. Darlan Use Gajim :-P
  40. pvtlth i do :D
  41. Darlan There is a download manager that supports XMPP; I guess it provides commands to be executed from another resource. It would be very interesting to have such feature in a web browser. I wonder how many ways to troll users such feature would provide ;-).
  42. Darlan s/would/may
  43. pvtlth Opera is webbrowser, email client and irc client all in one. i don't need irc, let's replace it with xmpp :P
  44. Asterix Darlan: that is not possible under win : D-Bus
  45. Darlan How does Pidgin handle such scenario under Windows?
  46. pvtlth what are you talking about?
  47. Darlan Executing gajim.exe while Gajim is already running.
  48. pvtlth ah ok got it
  49. Darlan There is someone I know who opens Gajim several times by clicking on a launcher icon on panel of Windows 7 instead of using systray icon.
  50. pvtlth windows users...
  51. pvtlth someone explain to me please how pubsub works with gajim
  52. pvtlth oh please, not all at the same time
  53. hoody_k :D
  54. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7533 (Display a preciser warning message, if ever) created problem Incorrect and, sometimes, redundant warning message. See ​Monday, October 28, 2013. [21:25:10] <mmlosh> "if you have history disabled, this message will be lost" feels really wrong.. checking the actual history status and replacing it with "if you close this tab, you'll be able to look up the message in history" when the histo[…]
  55. Darlan #3367
  56. bot Darlan: (print nickname only once for several lines)
  57. Darlan May I reopen this ticket? (priority can be low)
  58. Darlan If not, may I reopen a ticket based upon my comment?
  59. pvtlth This is a good idea, but it means to reorganize the whole message-view-thing
  60. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7534 (Nicknames do not appear in last messages received when opening a contact …) created Bug description Nicknames do not appear in last messag[…] • chat_merge_consecutive_nickname-disab[] • chat_merge_consecutive_nickname-enabl[] • Ticket #7535 (`chat_merge_consecutive_nickname` does not work with group chats) created Bug description chat_merge_[…]
  61. Darlan pvtlth, this feature is already available.
  62. pvtlth it is? never seen it
  63. Darlan Go to ACE and enable merge_consecutive_nickname_indent
  64. Asterix _indent is the indentation ...
  65. Darlan chat_merge_consecutive_nickname
  66. Darlan Sorry
  67. pvtlth let's
  68. pvtlth test
  69. pvtlth this
  70. pvtlth hm... doesn't seem to work
  71. Darlan pvtlth, only one on one chat
  72. pvtlth and now?
  73. Darlan Group chat is not suported.
  74. pvtlth oh ok but why?
  75. Darlan Group chat is not supported.
  76. Darlan I do not know.
  77. pvtlth It would be good for groupchat, too
  78. Darlan Yes
  79. pvtlth but it looks weird.
  80. Darlan What looks weird? First line?
  81. Darlan Or indentation?
  82. Darlan pvtlth, please read comment
  83. pvtlth first line yes
  84. Darlan I guess, this feature would be critical if Gajim will support Adium chat themes.
  85. pvtlth what about own ones? we don't need to copy everything from adium.
  86. Darlan Then users would really expect to see a view that has higher fidelity.
  87. pvtlth But i don't complain at all about the logfile-style we have now.
  88. Darlan No, I think, Adium chat themes are compatible with WebKit so all is needed to do is to use PyWebKit and the rest is already ready.
  89. pvtlth the python textboxes support html/css styling, right?
  90. Darlan I retract, I am not sure
  91. Asterix LOL
  92. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Changeset [15120:d6b1f702927d]: handle caps correctly for pm. Fixes #7466 handle caps correctly for pm. Fixes #7466 • Ticket #7466 (Chat control buttons are disabled against MUC occupants, when should not) closed fixed: In d6b1f702927dc5c8699559f7827b0b215995cb86: handle caps correctly for pm. Fixes #7466
  93. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7536 (Question about compatibility) created To ensure quite possibly the most at ease operate, for[…] • Ticket #7435 (Bad systray after "Unable to decrypt message" warning) updated Status changed I n[…] • Ticket #7471 (Sound doesn't work) updated Status changed I don't have such a problem. What appen[…]
  94. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7536 (Question about compatibility) updated SPAM! • Ticket #7536 (Question about compatibility) updated u englis iz know gut - u ded es? • Ticket #6828 (Icons are too small) updated Maybe there is a solution at #7290.
  95. bubble anyone can help with translation?
  96. bubble i have to translate some words in the file src/common/ in the gajim source file
  97. bubble under the section "location_data"
  98. Darlan bubble, what is the problem?
  99. bubble Darlan, i don't know in which context to translate some words
  100. bubble i.e. area, bearing
  101. bubble speed, text
  102. bubble i guess they should be related to the position of the client user
  103. dicson Need read xep
  104. Darlan
  105. bubble oh thx
  106. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7537 ([Windows] Do not open gajim.exe more than once) created This ticket is similar to #7274. problem When clicking on a launcher of gajim.exe, a new process/instance of Gajim is opened. Opening Gajim in several instances on same machine may lead to failures in the expected and proper operation of Gajim and may also lead to account ban; deletion, block of IP and perhaps other mishaps. analysis Windows users, at large, are re[…]
  107. bubble ok a find a nice table
  108. Darlan I think "text" is free text where user writes additional information. I can't help with the word bearing as it was difficult for me, too.
  109. bubble anyways is it ok to translate that names?
  110. bubble let's say alt->altitudine
  111. Darlan Yes
  112. Darlan bubble,
  113. bubble Darlan, i think bearing is a sort of direction
  114. Darlan I translated it into <הסבה> and I am not sure about its correctness. Hebrew is a primitive old language and it is hard to adjust it to modern and new terms.
  115. bubble i based on the meaning of the description in the xep
  116. bubble in one word it can be expressed as a direction
  117. bubble i think...
  118. bubble
  119. bubble reverse search agrees with me :)
  120. Darlan Then maybe I should change mine to <כיוון>.
  121. Darlan Then again, I am not sure.
  122. bubble maybe...
  123. Darlan Note: all that is in regard to Hebrew, not to any other language. ;-)
  124. bubble np
  125. Darlan Asterix, ✎ when peer is writing, ✐ when peer is pausing. (not important but Adium seems to be using icons to indicate when user is writing). What do you think?
  126. kcchouette I like it, Darlan !
  127. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • chat_merge_consecutive_nickname-enabled.png attached to Tic[] • Ticket #7535 (`chat_merge_consecutive_nickname` does not work with group chats) created Bug description chat_merge_consecutive_nickname does not work with group chats. Steps to reproduce Activate chat_[…] • Changeset [15120:d6b1f702927d]: handle caps correctly for p[]
  128. Darlan :)
  129. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7476 (Replace pixmap with text where possible) updated Can you add the unicode character ✎ when peer is writing, and ✐ when peer is pausing ? Thanks PS : ✎ U+270E LOWER RIGHT PENCIL ✐ U+2710 UPPER RIGHT PENCIL
  130. pvtlth Is Gajim's file transfer encrypted?
  131. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7403 (wrong candidate choosen when doing Jingle FT) closed fixed: In 82ca8c4a9a72dc29137cbd4db9db938187c4b4ce: allow to connect to network ip but not loopback. Fixes #7403 • Changeset [15121:82ca8c4a9a72]: allow to connect to network ip but not loopback. Fixes #7403 allow to connect to network ip but not loopback. Fixes #7403
  132. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7452 ( wants to send you a file) updated Status, Owner changed