Gajim - 2013-10-28

  1. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7434 (Gajim crashes when Show Ofline Contacts is disabled) updated Without a real way to reproduce the problem each time, it's not easy to debug unfortunately.
  2. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ch[…] • Ch[…] • Ticket #7207 (Gajim won't log a Single Message that was sent to a contact not in Roster) closed fixed: In[…]
  3. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7530 (fix translated strings) created use %(contact)s / $(name)s instead of $Contacts / %name ​here and ​here • Ticket #7427 (Missing notes for translators) updated It must be just before the translated text, which is not the case here. That's why it doesn't appear in pot file. But indeed here we can and should use %(contact)s / $(name)s see #7530
  4. Asterix short survey: who prefers the chars proposed here: instead of the gtk-yes/no icons for XEP-184 ?
  5. Asterix short survey: who prefers the chars proposed here: instead of the gtk-yes/no icons for XEP-184 ?
  6. Link Mauve It’s true that with small or big fonts the default icon isn’t really adapted, and doesn’t scale at all.
  7. Link Mauve GTK+ doesn’t use vector images, so scaling is out of question.
  8. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7403 (wrong candidate choosen when doing Jingle FT) updated Doing some test, I got the following xml stream. sw 2010-05-22T14:51:32 11795795 kuPjpzqEXovdojZhLChEYSVwzejlUkbg CertificateHash MIIBjjCB+AIBADANBgkqhkiG9w0BAQQFADAQMQ4wDAYDVQQDEwVnYWppbTAeFw0x MTA2MjAyMjUzMjBaFw0xNjA2MTgyMjUzMjBaMBAxDjAMBgNVBAMTBWdhamltMIGf MA0GCSqGSIb3DQEBAQUAA4GNADCBiQKBgQCyWNQyXqKYBuP7fWZqRkTCUEa/xjP/ l0[…]
  9. Darlan Asterix, welcome back :-)
  10. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7519 ([PATCH] Add/Remove …) updated Actions/Start Chat… data/gui/roster_window.ui a b   3434 <object class="GtkMenu" id="actions_menu_menu">  3535 <child>  3636 <object class="GtkImageMenuItem" id="new_chat_menuitem">  37  _Start Chat   37 _Start[…] • Ticket #7530 (fix translated strings) updated Partiall[…]
  11. Asterix Darlan: :) one week of semi holidays ...
  12. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Changeset [15119:b8c77933e74e]: use ✓ and ✖ instead of gtk-yes / gtk-no icons for XEP-184 marks. Fixes … use ✓ and ✖ in[…] • Tickets #7445,​7476 batch updated In b8c77933e74e9ac4d69d9506cd36fe6240acd88e: use ✓ and ✖ instead of gtk-yes / gtk-no icons for XEP-184 marks. Fixes #[…],7476
  13. Darlan :-o
  14. Darlan ✓ and ✖
  15. Darlan ✓ is too bright. We can wait for criticism by dicson, kcchouette and mmlosh.
  16. Darlan ✓ is satisfying. This would be restyle-able if Gajim would have chat-style support using WebKit
  17. Darlan Low priority.
  18. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim Plugins • Ticket #82 ([python-potr] make informative message available for every locale and …) created The following text should be translatable and be stored in several languages for the purpose of sending this message in accord to locale transmitted by stanza. ~/.local/share/gajim/plugins/gotr/potr/ self.defaultQuery = '?OTRv{versions}?\n{accountname} has requested ' \ 'an Off-the-Record private conversation. However[…]
  19. pvtlth what are you talking about?
  20. Darlan When Gajim does not get a feedback from a sendee that a message has been received, it shows a yellow warning icon.
  21. pvtlth yes
  22. Darlan Gajim has an ability to show an icon confirms receiving (Preferences/General/Show icon when your messages are received). This has been changed into Red and Green ball. Now, Asterix has changed it into ✓ and ✖.
  23. pvtlth I don't have this feeature. Is it in 0.15.4 implemented or is it new with0.16?
  24. Darlan 0.16
  25. mmlosh I haven't seen the red and green balls, but I am pretty sure I would strongly dislike them
  26. mmlosh I think I was quite happy with the yellow warning signs. given that they should never appear if everything worked fine, looking distrubing was correct
  27. mmlosh now.. how does the new thing work? marks all confirmed messages with ✓ ?
  28. pvtlth if it doesn't destroy the look'n'feel of Gajim it is ok i think. But be careful with placing them. Place them somewhere they don't annoy :D
  29. mmlosh Darlan, what exactly does "bright" mean when talking about fonts and symbols?
  30. mmlosh interesting... I do have that feature avaialbe in whatever this build is
  31. mmlosh D'Oh those gtk-yes and gtk-no balls were so large my eyes struggle with focusing on the message text :D
  32. Asterix mmlosh: we show ✖ in red when message is not received and we can optionally show (disable by default) ✓ in green when message is received
  33. mmlosh aha.. so that's what that preferences toggle does? enables ✓ for confirmed messages?
  34. Asterix yes
  35. pvtlth That's good. Not showing something on success sounds good in my opinion.
  36. mmlosh right now it kinda sounds like it would enable "msg confirmation" in general
  37. mmlosh agreed, the default setting is good
  38. mmlosh I think those symbols might work out nicely.. Can't say till I actually see them , though
  39. mmlosh I wrote a message to myself and then attempted to close the tab with mouse pointer. I got You just received a new message from "" If you close this tab and you have history disabled, this message will be lost.
  40. Asterix yes, what's the problem?
  41. mmlosh there are two. I think I have read that message, the tab didn't lose focus and wasn't marked with "*" to indicate it actually having a new message.. I think I must have read the message in there. I could be wrong, though
  42. mmlosh and the second is the last line
  43. Asterix it's a timing thing. If you close the tab within a few seconds, you see this warning (Gajim think you didn't read it 'cause you received it 1 or 2 seconds ago)
  44. mmlosh "if you have history disabled, this message will be lost" feels really wrong.. checking the actual history status and replacing it with "if you close this tab, you'll be able to look up the message in history" when the history is enabled would be better
  45. mmlosh hmm.. ok, that is reasonable
  46. mmlosh there is actually a set of specific short messages that people send to me as a conversation-stop-markers after which I immediately log out and leave the computer.. where that feature slightly annoys me
  47. pvtlth And you don't want to wait for three secs before closing the tab, i guess.