Gajim - 2013-10-27

  1. Darlan Would someone like to vote for Tigase Jabber/XMPP server so they get some funds? Give us your vote <>
  2. mgmhm حبا
  3. mgmhm hai
  4. R8,8 كس اماتن ما بيفهمو عربي
  5. R8,8 :-D
  6. mgmhm :lol:
  7. Darlan *Sigh*
  8. Darlan I was trying to recruit someone who would translate Gajim into Arabic. It is uncomfortable since they are from Syria as situation there is, currently, not pleasant due to the war there. I do wish and think that the side of Bashar al-Assad will, eventually, prevail.
  9. Link Mauve Kill ALL the dissidents! o/
  10. Darlan This video was taken a couple of days after the second or first bombing of NATO in Libya: Libya Truth (DnB Soundtrack) (by pimpdarlin) <>. Notice that besides two soldiers (there are two in the car of Gaddafi) in (assuming) every vehicle, there is no fancy protection. In one moment there is a soldier clapping with weapon around him.
  11. pierreghz This is not on topic.
  12. Darlan This whole so called Arab Spring really is fishy.
  13. Darlan Indeed. I will leave in a few minutes.
  14. pvtlth By getting kicked? Just kidding :D
  15. Darlan May be :-)
  16. pvtlth How's it going with 0.16 final? Is there a release date yet?
  17. bubble hey guys what's the maximum file transfer speed you can reach with xmpp, gajim in particular?
  18. mathieui if it’s two gajims with a recent enough version, they’ll have jingle FT, so it will be capped at your connection’s upload/download speed
  19. mathieui if that doesn’t work, then it will have to go in-band (through the server), and that will probably be around 10kiB/s, like most servers do
  20. bubble indeed... so 50 Kb/s is normal
  21. bubble that's my upload speed
  22. bubble thanks mathieui...
  23. mathieui (but it won’t ever get higher than your bandwidth capacity :D)
  24. bubble yup sure :)
  25. pvtlth Why should it? It would be funny if it did :D I'd be happy about it because I've a very slow internet connection :P
  26. bubble lol
  27. bubble also, anyone succeeded with audio/video chats?
  28. pvtlth never tried
  29. bubble i have buttons to enable it greyed out, the same for the contact i'm chatting with
  30. Link Mauve Check in Help > Features that Audio/Video is correctly enabled for both.
  31. bubble thanks Link Mauve i did it... it's supported
  32. bubble i can also select audio input/output devices in preferences
  33. Link Mauve On both sides?
  34. bubble yup
  35. Link Mauve Are you each in the roster of the other?
  36. bubble yep we are
  37. bubble my friend is offline now
  38. pvtlth maybe you're missing some dependencies. My audio/video chat was greyed out until I installed some python libs
  39. Link Mauve Hmm, what could be the other requirements?
  40. bubble maybe i'll check better and report
  41. bubble i installed python-farstream
  42. Link Mauve pvtlth, if the radio button is enabled in Help > Features, it should work.
  43. bubble i'm wondering if it's about the version o gstreamer
  44. bubble *of gstreamer*
  45. pvtlth Link Mauve, it is enabled since I installed the required python stuff
  46. Link Mauve It’s about 0.10 AFAIK.
  47. Link Mauve bubble, which versions of Gajim?
  48. bubble mhhhh... because debian has gstreamer1.0 too
  49. bubble Link Mauve, that's 0.15.4
  50. Link Mauve It might be worth a check with 0.16b1, but I don’t think much has changed in audio/video Jingle.
  51. pvtlth The Help > Features window in 0.15.4 says: Requires python-farstream and gstreamer-plugins-bad. (for audio/video)
  52. bubble pvtlth, i installed both :)
  53. Link Mauve bubble, and your correspondant too?
  54. pvtlth and your contact? You both need these libs. If you both have them, I don't know what's the problem
  55. bubble yes it should... i know, i must check better but he is not online now and not so computer friendly :)
  56. Link Mauve Ah, also this won’t work on Windows yet, nobody so far has succeeded in getting those two dependencies to work on this OS.
  57. bubble anyways python-farstream is present on his distro, he is able to select in/out interfaces too
  58. bubble lol who cares about weirdows? :P
  59. Link Mauve Might be useful to check with Cheese, it also uses Gstreamer.
  60. bubble thanks Link Mauve, as soon as i have some news i'll report if there are problems
  61. bubble i never tried a jingle audio/video session
  62. bubble anyone has some feedbacks?
  63. Link Mauve I dislike that method of communication, but each time I tried it has worked for me.
  64. pvtlth I just tried an audio session but Gajim had a problem and stopped reacting. I'll try to reproduce this for a ticket.
  65. Link Mauve Last time was something like three years ago, though. ^^'
  66. Link Mauve pvtlth, thanks, it would be very helpful. :)
  67. bubble Link Mauve, and did it work?
  68. Link Mauve bubble, yes, both times.
  69. bubble nice
  70. Link Mauve Without having to do anything.
  71. bubble me too... i prefer chatting :)
  72. bubble but you know... some people really prefer speaking with voice
  73. pvtlth Link Mauve, I cannot reproduce it.
  74. pvtlth Can I end an audio session without closing the chat tab?
  75. Link Mauve Try clicking again on the microphone icon.
  76. pvtlth doesn't do anything
  77. Link Mauve Could be a bug, do you have a traceback or something?
  78. pvtlth nope, I didn't log
  79. Link Mauve Try opening the XML console before doing so, also.
  80. pvtlth Wait a sec
  81. pvtlth What's happening with my Gajim? All my bugs are not reproducable. This time it worked with the mic button and the xml console worked too. I'm confused
  82. Link Mauve Heisenbugs are the worst…
  83. bubble lol pvtlth you are having fun :)
  84. pvtlth not really :D
  85. bubble eheh 8-)
  86. pvtlth I'm bored, gimme something to do
  87. Link Mauve What kind? ^^
  88. Link Mauve On Gajim, or…?
  89. pvtlth dk
  90. pvtlth I'm not familiar with python so working on Gajim would end in a desaster
  91. Link Mauve In that kind of case, I’d always go watch an anime. ^^
  92. pvtlth I've some anime series here :D
  93. pvtlth I prefer surfing the web
  94. bubble lol pvtlth are you an hunter or what? :D
  95. pvtlth not yet but maybe I'll become one :D
  96. pvtlth The weather doesn't fit to me this evening so I'm sitting here...
  97. bubble pvtlth, an hunter doesn't care about weather :P
  98. pvtlth yeah i know
  99. bubble lol
  100. pvtlth btw is it possible to encrypt a muc?
  101. bubble i don't think so
  102. pvtlth maybe via bot-in-the-middle
  103. pvtlth but that's no muc
  104. Link Mauve I don’t know any client supporting that, and one would have to think about the wanted security model.
  105. Link Mauve I for one don’t think of the MUC service as evil.
  106. Link Mauve But that’s also because I can trust my own server, I know many people who can’t do that.
  107. Link Mauve And I usually don’t trust their server either.
  108. pvtlth My idea is not about trust, It's about encrypted teamchat. You have some people, who know and trust each other but no one else.
  109. Link Mauve I guess you could build that fairly easily on top of OpenPGP and MUC.
  110. Link Mauve I don’t know about OTR, is it able to encrypt a message to multiple recepters easily with as less overhead as possible?
  111. pvtlth no idea.
  112. bubble nope otr can't do that
  113. bubble but it seems they want to work on that
  114. pvtlth thanks guys. see you. pvtlth out
  115. Link Mauve \o_
  116. bubble bye
  117. bubble bye all