Gajim - 2013-10-23

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  2. pvtlth Somebody help me please. I can't find some how-to-use information about python-nbxmpp
  3. dicson information?
  4. pvtlth I found the doc directory in the download file but it doesn't make any sense to me. I want to know how to send and recieve a message.
  5. Maranda hmm small question, why Gajim attempts to perform SASL external if the account has no client certificate set? :)
  6. dicson pvtlth, ?
  7. pvtlth dicson, xmpppy and recieving messages... I've tried it and it didn't work. Isn't htere an easier way with nbxmpp?
  8. Maranda coughs.
  9. dicson nbxmpp - fork xmpp
  10. pvtlth well... so if I get xmpppy working for me I don't need nbxmpp, or what do you try to tell me?
  11. dicson pvtlth, yes
  12. pvtlth what's the difference between xmpppy and nbxmpp?
  13. pvtlth just the name?
  14. dicson python-nbxmpp is a Python library that provides a way for Python applications to use Jabber/XMPP networks in a non-blocking way. This library is initialy a fork of xmpppy one, but using non-blocking sockets.
  15. dicson
  16. pvtlth what does this mean?
  17. dicson pvtlth, I can write about it only in russian
  18. pvtlth i see. thank you :D
  19. dicson use google for non-blocking sockets
  20. dicson and for Asynchronous
  21. pvtlth ok
  22. dicson Maranda, I think only Asterix know
  23. Maranda dicson, kk :)
  24. dicson coughs
  25. dicson coughs not helps
  26. Maranda dicson, it does help when you make questions and do not get an answer :)
  27. pvtlth Can I get my Jabber passwords in plaintext using Gajim?
  28. Asterix pvtlth: if you don't use gnome keyring, it is stored in plaintext in config file
  29. pvtlth I do use gnome keyring
  30. pvtlth well, forget about it, i just remembered my password
  31. Asterix then it's stored there. you can probably use something like seahorse to see it
  32. pvtlth Bye folks!
  33. bubble hi all... admins, where do i send gajim translation files?
  34. kcchouette I think open a patch report
  35. Asterix no, there is a trnalsators ML
  36. Asterix http:/
  37. Asterix bubble: for which language is it?
  38. bubble can i subscribe there?
  39. bubble Italian
  40. Asterix
  41. Asterix bubble: yep you can subscribe there
  42. Asterix bubble: it's for the 0.16 branch?
  43. bubble i translated from 0.15.4 files
  44. Asterix ho :/
  45. Asterix better than nothing, but 0.16 should be released in a few weeks
  46. bubble oh... because i started some weeks ago :)
  47. Asterix if you could have translation for 0.16 that would be great!
  48. bubble maybe i missed the new release
  49. Asterix not yet released
  50. Asterix it's in beta for the moment
  51. bubble where do i get it?
  52. Asterix first send me your current translation so I can put it in 0.16
  53. Asterix then your work will be merged
  54. Asterix then you'll be able to get the new po file
  55. bubble yep i found the 0.16
  56. bubble oh thanks that would result in an easier work
  57. bubble do i send it via mailing list?
  58. bubble or just to you?
  59. Asterix as you wish
  60. Asterix that doesn't matter
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