Gajim - 2013-10-19

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  5. Asterix Darlan: please, stop reporting tickets like you do ... #7185 has 50 comments. opened -> closed -> opened -> closed ... This ticket is now unreadable. Do a clear list or don't open a ticket and try to find a dev that has time to do it.
  6. Darlan No problems.
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  8. pvtlth Is it possible to send a message to all clients who are logged in to the same xmpp account?
  9. dicson pvtlth, select all and send message to group
  10. pvtlth ok thx
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  12. Darlan Thank you, dicson.
  13. Darlan When user is selecting an invalid emoticon set, Gajim should reset Emoticons to Disabled, instead of leaving the combo-box as is, so it would not show that warning dialog at startup. Your thoughts, please.
  14. Darlan Another reason to do so, is this: When invalid emoticon set is selected, the smiley icon of chat control, which is null, remains - not good.
  15. Asterix my thought is that user should never have an invalid emoticon set
  16. pvtlth But if he has, Gajim should be able to deal with it.
  17. Asterix it doesn't crash ...
  18. Asterix why should it have? all the emoticon set we provide (wiki, emoticons package) are valid ...
  19. dicson at moment - if user have invalid theme gajim crash and broke valid theme
  20. dicson
  21. dicson but need restart to change theme...
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  23. Darlan When will beta2 of Gajim is to be released? The ACE of beta1under Windows is exceeding the conventional width and is beyond screen's width, and I would like not to have it.
  24. ambush hi all
  25. ambush hi, do you have problems with reconnect after sleep/suspend modes?
  26. dicson ambush, ?
  27. Asterix I don't have any problem with that using upower and network manager
  28. Darlan CPU level is somewhat high when reconnecting but there is nothing unusual for me, too.
  29. Darlan Concerning to false "Insecure Connection" bug <>; I want to know if it is possible, under Windows system, to dump verbose log by running "gajim.exe -v 2>output.txt" from a .bat file.
  30. Asterix go in ACE, enable verbose option, restart, and you'll get the gajim.exe.log with logs
  31. Darlan Thanks.