Gajim - 2013-10-16

  1. michalxo hello guys! Gajim performs very strangely while running and laptop goes suspend. After wakeup, in 90% of times it will "lock" and I have to kill it and start again. Here's what I found.. (only this)
  2. michalxo how should I track for more info? run some sort of "debug/log outputter"
  3. vorner michalxo: Does it never recover? It sometimes blocks for DNS and if the network did not start yet, it may take time to timeout
  4. michalxo in most cases it does not
  5. michalxo (tested with debian and fedora)
  6. michalxo but it used to work properly (in earlier versions.. don't remember in which though..)
  7. Darlan michalxo, please subscribe yourself (CC) to
  8. michalxo stupid question.. how? :-/
  9. Darlan You need to register an account and login. If I had your email beforehand, I would do it myself when I created that ticket.
  10. Darlan Please, note that Gajim developers are not examining chat logs for bug reports. If a bug does not appear at, it will not be foxed.
  11. michalxo sure I got it :)
  12. michalxo I am logged
  13. michalxo commented
  14. michalxo but I can't add myself to CC (it's darkend)
  15. michalxo *greyed out
  16. Darlan So add a comment and you will be added automatically.
  17. michalxo great, done :)
  18. Darlan michalxo, is your comment related to the title issue?
  19. michalxo thank you
  20. Darlan You are welcome
  21. Darlan New issues to be posted from this page
  22. michalxo i hope so.. i had this problem for a long time
  23. Darlan New issues are to be posted from this page
  24. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7417 (WARNING **: Error crea[] • Ticket #7509 (Gajim hangs after laptop suspend & wakeup) created Bug description Hello guys! Gajim performs very strangely while running and laptop goes suspend. After wakeup, in 90% of times it will "lock" and I have to kill it and start again. Here's output.. $ gajim ** Message: pygobject_register_sinkfunc is deprecated (GstObject) /usr/share/gajim/src/ Warning: g_object_set[…]
  25. Darlan dicson, Traceback (most recent call last): File "/home/admin/.local/share/gajim/plugins/gotr/", line 338, in authbutton_cb cc._on_authentication_button_clicked(widget) File "/home/admin/hg/gajim_0.16/src/", line 2315, in _on_authentication_button_clicked dialogs.ESessionInfoWindow(self.session, self.parent_win.window) File "/home/admin/hg/gajim_0.16/src/", line 5117, in __init__ self.update_info() File "/home/admin/hg/gajim_0.16/src/", line 5138, in update_info self.button_label.set_text(_('Verify again...')) AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'set_text'
  26. Darlan Using E2E (verified encrypted session). This error occurs when pressing on the red/white shield icon.
  27. Darlan OTR is not activated, nor it can be activated with the other end (I use Linux, the other end uses Windows).
  28. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7510 (Make Gajim accessible!) created problem People using screen readers want to chat, but cannot use Gajim at all. analysis Only the Windows title and letters you enter will be transferred to screen reader software. enhancement recommendation Please have a look at the GNOME developers accessibility guide ​[…]
  29. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7510 (Make Gajim accessible!) updated comments on our code are welcome about that. We use GTK, so GTK should do the job. If it does[…] • Ticket #7510 (Make Gajim accessible!) updated Accerciser should be a good tool to check/improve provided information by the GUI: ​http://ww[…]
  30. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7509 (Gajim hangs after laptop suspend & wakeup) updated Status changed there are only GTK warning, so I don't think it matters with your problem. I suspend my desktop everyday and run Gajim for weeks, and I have no problem. So I have no idea where the problem could be. Could you run Gajim -v to have verbose output and see if it's usefull?
  31. michalxo Asterix, #7509 - I am here if needed (attached output)
  32. Asterix when did you suspend in this log?
  33. Asterix + it seems you're connected to at least 3 account, right?
  34. michalxo beginning
  35. michalxo exactly 3
  36. Asterix ok
  37. michalxo fb, gnulinux, gajim
  38. michalxo *gmail
  39. Asterix first Gajim should not hang, so there is clearly something wrgong ... but ....
  40. michalxo sometimes even whole gtk windows is "empty" (frozen)
  41. michalxo should I try beta?
  42. Asterix you should really disconnect before going to suspend. because others won't see you'r offline until server tries to send you something and detect you're offline. Gajim listen to upower message for that. So installing upower will help.
  43. Asterix second thing: Gajim tries to reco while you don't have internet connection yet ... I think
  44. Asterix Gajim cannot resolve the domains
  45. michalxo ok, but then it got connection and couldn't "pick one up" for 10minutes? :-/
  46. Asterix I also see strnage things in your logs about clock: 16:28:22 (I) gajim.c.x.idlequeue read timeout removed for fd 36 16:55:29 (D) gajim.c.connection reconnect you waited 30 minutes here?? really ??
  47. michalxo no
  48. michalxo 10
  49. michalxo 28 - dsc (sleep_
  50. michalxo 52 up
  51. Asterix (Gajim can know when the connection is back by listening to network manager messages)
  52. michalxo and I've killed it after 17:02
  53. Asterix ok then it's the time the clock updates after wake up I guess
  54. michalxo sorry, I did not get this one.. "the clock updates"?
  55. Asterix so now I see it newly. Each time Gajim tries to resolve a host, it hangs, because you don't have python-libasyncns installed. that's why you see some hangs. But that still doesn't explain the final total hangs
  56. michalxo well, to be honest, I think almost everyone with laptop does this thing (nobody cares about going offline.. you know.. laziness)
  57. Asterix when you wake up, the OS clock still have the time you had when going to sleep. When you wake up it takes some time for the OS to update the clock to the new time. not a problem but that explains this hole in the logs
  58. michalxo yes
  59. michalxo 16:28:22 (I) gajim.c.x.idlequeue read timeout removed for fd 36 16:55:29 (D) gajim.c.connection reconnect
  60. Asterix ppl can install tools to handle that correctly : upower, network-manager, etc...
  61. michalxo i have NM
  62. michalxo NM-applet
  63. Asterix you see it checked in help -> feature?
  64. michalxo yup
  65. Asterix and upower?
  66. michalxo y
  67. Asterix hmmm you use 0.15.3?
  68. Asterix ho yes it's a 0.15 version ...
  69. michalxo y
  70. Asterix so yes please could you have a try with 0.16 beta1 version?
  71. michalxo do you have some repo for betas?
  72. Asterix you also need to install python-nbxmpp:
  73. Asterix I have a repos but for debian only, that won't help you
  74. michalxo i have debian
  75. michalxo *too :)
  76. Asterix ha, then there is a repos on
  77. michalxo thx :)
  78. Asterix see
  79. michalxo debian version is 15.4.. so pretty much the same
  80. Asterix yes, but not in my repos on
  81. michalxo alpha2-dcf..0cb
  82. Asterix add it to your source.list (as explain on gajim,org website) or get .deb files there:
  83. michalxo hm
  84. michalxo this one works
  85. michalxo i should try to upgrade fedora too :)
  86. Asterix works -> you mean you don't have freeze anymore with beta1 package?
  87. michalxo on debian
  88. michalxo alpha2
  89. michalxo (gjaim-nightly)
  90. Asterix haaa
  91. Asterix ok that's a bit different from 0.16 beta1, but not that much
  92. Asterix ok perfect, thanks for the tests man!
  93. Asterix so I can close the ticket
  94. michalxo i'll try few more times on debian
  95. michalxo and try clone that hg you got there..
  96. michalxo (for fedora... cause that burns me more)
  97. Asterix there are daily tarballs if you prefer ...
  98. michalxo btw reconnecting is much faster imo
  99. Asterix for python-nbxmpp, just run "python install" once untarred
  100. Asterix and for gajim, just run without compiling anything
  101. michalxo eeww..
  102. michalxo where is
  103. michalxo i haven't found it in hg repo, nor in tarball 16-beta1
  104. michalxo ok, i'll build it
  105. Asterix ‎[17:41] ‎Asterix‎: for python-nbxmpp, just run "python install" once untarred
  106. Asterix it's for python-nbxmpp package, not Gajim
  107. michalxo python install python: can't open file '': [Errno 2] No such file or directory
  108. Asterix you need it with 0.16 version, and it's not packaged in distros as only Gajim uses it
  109. michalxo find . -name "*" (nothing)
  110. Asterix you don't have python-nbxmpp tarball then
  111. Asterix
  112. michalxo ok, there;s no in gajim tarball :-/
  113. michalxo ok, build.. gonna test it
  114. Asterix yes right, only on hg repos ... then "cd src python" should run it
  115. michalxo seems like it's fixed :)
  116. Asterix excellent
  117. michalxo yeey! History has finally more intuitive icon! :)
  118. michalxo perfect, you're great :)
  119. Asterix :)
  120. michalxo thanks for help
  121. Asterix thanks for the tests
  122. michalxo np ;-)
  123. Darlan There is version 0.2 since July 26th?
  124. Darlan There is version 0.2 of python-nbxmpp since July 26th?
  125. Darlan When will python-nbxmpp be included in debian GNU/Linux?
  126. michalxo Darlan, i already had it
  127. michalxo *from asterix repo though
  128. Darlan Yes, I know about this repository. I referred to official debian repository.
  129. Asterix ask debian devs ... but it will have with 0.16 for sure
  130. Darlan >but it will have with 0.16 for sure Good, this is what I wanted to know.
  131. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7509 (Gajim hangs after laptop suspend & wakeup) closed It has been reported to work correctly on 0.16 beta release. Thanks for the tests!
  132. Asterix 0.16 can't work without it ...
  133. michalxo Btw guys, I am creating python script, which uses my email password & username. I want to automate it. (run it once a day) via cron(?).
  134. michalxo the question is, how to work out password input? (I feed it from input so far (keypass.keypass() function...)
  135. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #6030 ([Gajim:14.1/Windows]No video) updated Did anyone check <<a class="ext-link" href="">​</a>>?
  136. mkesper Where can I find a list of Debian packages that gajim build-depends on?
  137. dicson mkesper, apt-cache depends gajim
  138. mkesper dicson: too easy. ;)
  139. mkesper thx
  140. dicson no problem ;-)
  141. mkesper dicson: that does not tell me build packages...
  142. dicson build packages? you can use nightly builds
  143. mkesper I get stupid configure errors: error: possibly undefined macro: AM_GLIB_GNU_GETTEXT
  144. mkesper dicson: I wanted to build the hg version
  145. dicson hg version in nightly builds
  146. dicson mkesper,
  147. dicson see readme.html in source dir
  148. mkesper dicson, I read that readme but it's not that clear to me
  149. dicson ibgtk2.0-dev - Development files for the GTK+ library do you have this package installed?
  150. dicson libgtk2.0-dev
  151. mkesper dicson, no, naturally not...
  152. mkesper D'oh
  153. dicson mkesper,
  154. mkesper dicson, thanks a lot. now it worked.
  155. dicson nice