Gajim - 2013-10-13

  1. mixx941 hi all. I'm using 0.15.4 and have chat state notifications set to "all" for both send and display, however am not sending or receiving any (confirmed via the XML console on multiple servers). any ideas on what to look at next?
  2. mixx941 this is going to sound odd, but it just started working. the only change I made was in the ACE, activated "tabs_always_visible". then a user messaged me, a new tab opened, and inbound/outbound states started working as expected
  3. mixx941 odd again heh, but after the user signed off and back on, it stopped working again. they are using pidgin if it makes any difference (still nothing in my gajim XML console in or out)
  4. Asterix mixx941: for the protocole to start working, there is a need to send and receive at least one message IIRC
  5. Asterix and it does not work (yet) with muc private messages