Gajim - 2013-10-09

  1. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7507 (gajim won't start properly from dmenu_run / gmrun) created Bug description Gajim won't start on my Arch Linux system, when it is started via dmenu_run or gmrun. Actually, it will start but terminate almost immediately. I'm starting dmenu_run with a shortcut (then the gajim is started with execvp). When I start dmenu_run from terminal, then gajim will start normally. Steps to reproduce Arch Linux, 2bwm, dmenu_run -> type […]
  2. scounder Ahh now this is relaxing :)
  3. scounder is livin' it up. skunk life
  4. henk oh great … Gajim gives me a positive ack about a message the recipient never saw.
  5. henk Some developer must really be a bunch of stupid idiots, it’s just hard to tell if it’s someone related to gajim, to xabber or to xmpp in general.
  6. henk But to summarize: IT VERY MUCH SUCKS!
  7. henk Any ideas about why using jabber between gajim and xabber using OTR is that broken?
  8. henk Anything that could be done about it in gajim?
  9. Link Mauve henk, what exactly is broken?
  10. henk Link Mauve, Messages from my gajim do not arrive at my girlfriends xabber even when gajim shows the "message reception has been confirmed by the other end" green dot.
  11. henk I don’t know if they don’t arrive, are just not shown, are dropped for some reason anywhere or whatever.
  12. Link Mauve Open the XML console (Actions > Advanced), and paste me the logs between the moment you sent the message and the moment the green dot appears.
  13. henk Link Mauve, Nothing
  14. Link Mauve Of course there is something, be it the message stanza you just sent.
  15. Link Mauve You can simply paste it there, it will be auto-pastebined.
  16. henk You said "between this and that" and there is nothing between that.
  17. Link Mauve Included, then. :)
  18. henk <!-- Out Mit 09 Okt 2013 13:48:23 CEST --> <message xmlns="jabber:client" to="" type="chat" id="239"> <body>ping </body> <request xmlns="urn:xmpp:receipts" /> <thread>vWhoLPJoWcjffDcSVGgbAKfKOiOLUuKX</thread> </message> <!-- In Mit 09 Okt 2013 13:48:26 CEST --> <message id='rd6zH-665' to='' from=''> <thread>vWhoLPJoWcjffDcSVGgbAKfKOiOLUuKX</thread> <received id='239' xmlns='urn:xmpp:receipts'/> </message>
  19. Link Mauve The receiving client told you it correctly received the message, there is nothing Gajim can do if that other client doesn’t handle it correctly.
  20. Link Mauve According to that stanza, it seems to be a bug on Xabber’s end.
  21. henk thanks
  22. arcade or may be this is a account?
  23. henk arcade, No, it’s two accounts on the same server which is run by me. xmppd is prosody.
  24. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7507 (gajim won't start properly from dmenu_run / gmrun) closed invalid: Hi, I have no idea what dmenu_run / gmrun are, but the error you show is in python itself. You can probably reproduce it with this simple script: import platform print platform.system() So it's not related to Gajim itself.
  25. kcchouette Hi, why are there two links when I publish a link on a chatroom with Gajim 0.16-bdce46f6d2fd ?
  26. pvtlth have you dropped Gajim 0.15.4 plugin update support? I haven't got any updates for quite a time.
  27. Asterix kcchouette: I don't understand ...
  28. kcchouette Asterix, have you gajim 0.16 now ?
  29. kcchouette (Gajim 0.16-bdce46f6d2fd)
  30. Asterix pvtlth‎: no, there are still updates for plugins in 0.15 of course. Last was 5 days ago (for ubuntu plugin)
  31. Asterix yes I have
  32. kcchouette Asterix,éjeu.wav
  33. kcchouette ↑ see the second link
  34. Asterix send again so I can see the XML
  35. kcchouetteéjeu.wav
  36. Asterix arg .. I cleaned the logs just when you send it :/
  37. kcchouetteéjeu.wav
  38. Asterix jaaa
  39. Asterix haaa it's because there is a é in the URL
  40. kcchouette :-/
  41. Asterix and to prevent url spoofing, we add punny-encoded URL between () if there are such chars
  42. kcchouette Ok
  43. Asterix or russian chars that looks like normal chars
  44. Link Mauve Asterix, punycode doesn’t work like that.
  45. Link Mauve It should only be used for the domain.
  46. Asterix we currently use it for the full URL ...
  47. Asterix patch welcome ;)
  48. Link Mauve And even there you are doing it wrong, for example with http://é.fr/ you put it after the r, while it should obviously not be after the tld.
  49. Link Mauve Asterix, hence breaking the whole URL.
  50. Link Mauve Punycode should be used for the domain, and normal %-encoded for the rest.
  51. Link Mauve You are violating more than one RFC with that, I’m sure.
  52. Link Mauve But I don’t know it enough to provide you a patch, sorry.
  53. Asterix we just add things between (), we don't break anything ...
  54. Asterix but you're right