Gajim - 2013-10-08

  1. peta Hi, I have a problem with starting gajim via dmenu_run (or gmrun) on my Arch Linux, it will start and then exit (without showing any windows), if I start it via terminal (urxvt, xterm), then it works. I'm using version 0.15.4, but I had the same problem with hg version as well. Any ideas?
  2. pvtlth When I mark some text from a chat, in the rightclick menu is a dictionary link to wiktionary. Can I change this into
  3. kcchouette pvtlth, yes, in edit > preference > advanced
  4. pvtlth thx
  5. kcchouette open the advanced editor
  6. kcchouette and search « dictionnary_url »
  7. pvtlth thank you, it works! kcchouette
  8. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7392 (Better BiDi support for LTR/RTL chatters who use Semitic/Latin) updated What do you think of this algorithm?. For gajim.contacts.get_nick_list in message if message start with gajim.contacts.get_nick_list. Strip gajim.contacts.get_nick_list.
  9. bullgard4 [Gajim 0.15.1] I have tried to set up a second Jabber account. The last (status?) line of the Gajim buddy window now prints: "Available (Not synchronized)" What is here not synchronized with what?
  10. pvtlth It means that not all of your jabber accounts have the same status.
  11. pvtlth Maybe one of them is offline or something
  12. bullgard4 pvtlth, The new account entry shows the Gajim avatar not in green but in gray. How to find out what status does this account have?
  13. pvtlth Gray means offline, i guess. Rightclick it and choose a new status
  14. bullgard4 pvtlth, I roight-clicked it and entered a new status. I obtain the message: "Authentication with "" failed. Please check your login and password for correctnes.."
  15. bullgard4 -o
  16. pvtlth so there you have your problem.
  17. bullgard4 Yes.
  18. bullgard4 Thank you.
  19. pvtlth I don't know gmx. If both username and password are right, maybe you have to enable the jabber support for your account on the gmx website.
  20. bullgard4 pvtlth, I don't know where I could enable jabber support for my account on the gmx website. I have been searching in GMX's website quite a bit.
  21. pvtlth I don't even know if you can or need to enable it at all. I don't use GMX. maybe the jabber support is already enabled. Please check your username and password im Gajim or ask the GMX-support.
  22. Darlan bullgard4, send an email to or to
  23. bullgard4 Darlan, That's a very good idea. I will do this tonight yet. -- Thank you very much.
  24. Darlan They reply within less than 24 hours. I think GMX Jabber account work without additional configuration, as far as I recall, if I am not wrong.