Gajim - 2013-10-04

  1. Darlan Plugin idea: Show in contact row (roster and muc) a clock with the current time of contact. Tooltip, too.
  2. etenil Hi there
  3. etenil I've written a patch for the ayatana plugin but I don't know how to submit it to you.
  4. Darlan etenil, send a ticket to <>
  5. Darlan That is <>
  6. etenil Darlan, here:
  7. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim Plugins • Ticket #75 (Clicking on gajim in messaging menu has no effect) created When clicking on the "gajim" item in Ubuntu's messaging menu, nothing happens. To reproduce: use ubuntu with either Unity or Pantheon enable the ayatana plugin click on the messaging menu click on the gajim item[…] • ayatana.patch attached to Ticket #75[] • Tick[…]
  8. kekeke gajim 0.13.4 seems to have a bug in lighlighting URLs in chats
  9. kekeke test link|/MBOX-MESSAGE/1
  10. kekeke is it fixed in current?
  11. kekeke it highlights the link only till .txt$
  12. 0xAFFE kekeke, yeah it is fixed
  13. Darlan Status messages should be wrapped. I will report a bug. I also think that tooltip should be constant in width, even when entity has no avatar neither status message.
  14. Darlan What if JID is too long? This is unlikely though.
  15. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7505 (Wrap lines of status message in tooltip) created problem Text of status message in tooltip can be ridiculously wide and can also exceed screen width. enhancement recommendation Wrap lines of status messages in tooltip. Instead of: 0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 User should see: 000000000000[…] • Ticket #7506 ([Contact Info[…]
  16. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim Plugins • Ticket #38 (Add[…] • Ticket #11 ([request] Status scheduler) updated Good idea! This is useful also[…] • Ticket #76 (Contact time) created Show in contact row of roster and of MUC a digital clock with the current time of contact, same for tooltip, regardles[…]
  17. dicson Asterix, Hi. Users write to me about Not fixed. Maybe problem in if gajim.config.get('version') == '0.15':
  18. dicson maybe startswith?
  19. Asterix yep, startswith would probably be better indeed. the TransportType.SOCKS5 is only in 0.16
  20. dicson Darlan, about clock... wtf Location data?
  21. dicson I commit?
  22. dicson startswith not needed
  23. dicson we have different repo ))
  24. Darlan >about clock... wtf Location data? PEP of type Location (Personal Events > Publish Location).
  25. Asterix yep right !
  26. dicson Darlan, Timestampp = time when the user has set data. not user time
  27. Darlan Okay, I thought differently.
  28. Darlan I meant to Contact time.
  29. dicson Asterix, thanks!
  30. Darlan When I enable/disable Whiteboard plugin I get this notification: Could not change status of "Local" Please check if avahi-daemon is running.
  31. Darlan Local account indicates online but tooltip says offline. Logging out/in to Local solves this problem. Still, it is strange that Whiteboard intervene with status of account Local.
  32. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim Plugins • Changeset [644:a4cbb40aac4e]: Whiteboard.Fix for gajim version > 0.15 Whiteboard.Fix for gajim version > 0.15 • Changeset [645:f3e4968feec8]: Whiteboard.Remove version check Whiteboard.Remove version check
  33. dicson python-nbxmpp only for hg and 0.16?
  34. Asterix yes
  35. dicson hm. only for hg.. plugin not fixed
  36. dicson
  37. dicson if ver < [0, 15, 3, 0]:
  38. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7506 ([Contact Information] Location tab.) updated Unfortunately, this can not be set for 0.16 release since string of vcard_information_window.ui are in the form of String: whereas strings of are not.
  39. Darlan :(
  40. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim Plugins • Changeset [646:997a53580321]: Whiteboard.Fix for gajim version < 0.16 Whiteboard.Fix for gajim version < 0.16 </p> • Changeset [647:57ebf9f3cc17]: Whiteboard.Fix for gajim version < 0.16 Whiteboard.Fix for gajim version < 0.16 </p>
  41. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim Plugins • Changeset [648:0029eed1e0fa]: Whiteboard.remove unused code Whiteboard.remove unused code
  42. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim Plugins • Ticket #75 (Clicking on gajim in messaging menu has no effect) closed fixed: In c8950f970c07289de59504f2764[…] • Changeset [650:c8950f970c07]: UbuntuIntegrationPlugin. Fixes #75[] • Changeset [652:1ffb3c9ead46]: UbuntuIntegrationPlugin. Fixes #75[]
  43. bubble hi all, hi Asterix
  44. bubble i think i completed italian translation, any advise to submit the .po/.mo file?
  45. Darlan Send it to Asterix or dicson.
  46. Darlan >Ticket #7505 (Wrap lines of status message in tooltip) created Status messages in tooltip are limited in height, to 5 lines.
  47. bubble thanks Darlan, waiting for their confirmation :)
  48. MatthL still having issues where Gajim reports an OTR session is open but actually sends plain text messages
  49. MatthL that is HORRIBLE
  50. MatthL I'm starting to think I should rather use cryptocat
  51. MatthL you guys need to fix it or stop support OTR altogether before it gets someone in Syria killed >_<
  52. MatthL kthxbai
  53. mathieui (fun fact: the OTR plugin has nothing to do with gajim devs)
  54. Dr. Watson If Gajim uses OTR correctly... But I don't know where the problem is. It would be useful to know which version MatthL uses.
  55. Maranda << before it gets someone in Syria killed >_< >>
  56. Maranda eh?
  57. Link Mauve Maranda, encryption isn’t there only to have a good-looking icon in your client. :)
  58. Maranda Link Mauve, yes and if you use xmpp and expecially muc to exchange certain *messages* well something is wrong in the first place
  59. Maranda which makes that comment absurdly uncalled for and frankly stupid.
  60. Link Mauve He was speaking about OTR, not MUC.
  61. Maranda if you use xmpp and expecially muc
  62. Maranda pinpoints.
  63. Link Mauve But even MUC can be secure from that pov, if you trust each certificate of each server involved.
  64. Link Mauve Why would XMPP be wrong in that case?
  65. Maranda indeed but since that's where the holes security wise in xmpp come from, a.k.a. safety of transition points maybe it's better to not revolve on exchanging messages via federation.
  66. Maranda OTR or not OTR, that's what makes that comment very uncalled for and... stupidly enphasized.
  67. Link Mauve If you correctly verify the fingerprint, even OTR over facebook could be considered secure.
  68. Maranda Link Mauve, what has quirks in xmpp is federation, facebook doesn't federate...?
  69. Maranda thinks the point was lost.
  70. Link Mauve I’m going to sleep, good night. \o_
  71. Maranda as a final note OTR can be used in private muc conversations, and still implementation of OTR in xmpp clients is mostly horrid and doesn't have a real proper protocol flow.
  72. mathieui OTR doesn’t have a flow suited for XMPP.
  73. Maranda Link Mauve, and well... as v.v.f. comment: "if you're paranoid about privacy and security maybe using facebook isn't a good idea." C.N.
  74. Maranda mathieui, absolutely agreed.