Gajim - 2013-09-30

  1. Maranda Hm why does Gajim only read the first identity element presented when rendering up entities in the service discovery browser?
  2. Maranda has posted a ticket...
  3. Maranda :)
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  5. MattJ Hmm, does Gajim support stream compression?
  6. MattJ I thought it did... but it isn't using it
  7. Asterix no, but isn't there some sort of compression in TLS?
  8. MattJ There is, but we disable it by default in Prosody
  9. MattJ As we have no other control over it
  10. MattJ Compression uses a lot of RAM, so while we have control over it we can allow it only after auth, and for selected clients, etc.
  11. MattJ and also control the compression ratio (more RAM, better compression, or less RAM and worse compression)
  12. Asterix ok, Gajim doesn't do more than that. the lib we forked from doesn't support it and we haven't added that support ... yet ...
  13. MattJ Ok, no worries
  14. MattJ I was just testing, and I really thought Gajim supported it for some reason
  15. MattJ Personally I dislike it, as most connections don't need it, it just wastes CPU and RAM
  16. MattJ But users think they need it :)
  17. Asterix compression means more energy consumption in clients, but less in all routers ...
  18. Maranda Routers don't care at all, the difference is neglectable on their resource usage the only thing which affects is the bandwidth usage in the pipes on the long term.
  19. MattJ Asterix, generally there are more clients than routers on the internet :)
  20. Asterix yes :)