Gajim - 2013-09-26

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  2. dezant "<mrDoctorWho> Asterix: hi, i every day have problems with joining here" - I have it 2
  3. mrDoctorWho dezant: you're from
  4. arcade +1
  5. dezant mrDoctorWho: xmpp
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  7. albi hi
  8. albi can anybody helpt me to get audio with gajim 0.15 on ubuntu 12.04?
  9. Darlan What seems to be the problem?
  10. albi it says I need python-farsight
  11. albi I installed python-farstream, new name?
  12. Darlan You need to upgrade Gajim, I think. What is the exact version you use?
  13. albi 0.15
  14. albi A GTK+ Jabber/XMPP client GTK+-Version: 2.24.10 PyGTK-Version 2.24.0
  15. Darlan Switch from python-farsight to python-farstream
  16. albi normal repo from ubuntu 12.04
  17. albi repo old :-(
  18. albi can't you push Ubuntu :)
  19. Darlan Either install python-farsight or use Gajim 0.15.1 or Gajim from HG, just download and run
  20. albi did I tell I don't like to hear that? :)
  21. Darlan I do not use Ubuntu because they have so many old and unsupported software, they mostly update popular software regardless to security updates.
  22. albi ok, is there I repo I can add for gajim? I think I read there is one
  23. Darlan albi, you just extract and run it, not installation is needed.
  24. albi ok I try that
  25. Darlan albi, use the Debian repository of Gajim; it is working with Ubuntu too
  26. Darlan
  27. albi I found
  28. albi but this is old :(
  29. Darlan Use the Debian one, it is working on Ubuntu with no problem.
  30. albi the deb file?
  31. albi on web page: Latest version of Gajim is 0.15.4
  32. albi But I find no download link
  33. albi only 0.16-beta1
  34. albi Ahhhhh, old releases...
  35. Darlan
  36. albi deb package does not run
  37. albi python-nbxmpp not available
  38. Darlan Do you have python-nbxmpp in repository?
  39. albi no
  40. Darlan Did you obtain 0.16-beta1 manually or via repository?
  41. albi manual .deb
  42. Darlan Do you have a link?
  43. Darlan Theses is available but I do not know how to build a .deb from it.
  44. albi
  45. Darlan Oh, try this
  46. albi ./configure: line 3907: intltool-update: command not found checking for intltool >= 0.35.0... found configure: error: Your intltool is too old. You need intltool 0.35.0 or later.
  47. albi compile is not possible
  48. albi makes it to difficult for friends, I can do this, but otheres not
  49. Darlan This is a Python software, compilation is needless.
  50. Darlan albi, the main developer can assist you better than I :-)
  51. Asterix albi: what's your problem with deb files?
  52. albi missing dependecies
  53. Asterix python-nbxmpp is there:
  54. albi ubuntu repo says I have 0.15.1
  55. Asterix (you should install via repository
  56. Asterix (you should install via repository)
  57. Asterix ha ubuntu, no idea for this distro, I manage debian repos
  58. Darlan Asterix, Ubuntu has Gajim 0.15 while not making farsight available (farstream is available instead).
  59. Darlan albi, 0.15 or 0.15.1?
  60. albi info in gaim says 0.15 ubuntu repo says 0.15.1
  61. albi same one gajim
  62. Asterix debian package should work on ubuntu
  63. Darlan Use the Debian repository of Gajim; it should work for you \.
  64. Asterix you should add repos as explained here: and apt-get install gajim_0.16
  65. albi ok, install nbxmpp and then 0.16 beta does work. thanks!
  66. albi but no it says remote client doens not support audio :(
  67. albi win version
  68. albi 0.15.3
  69. albi does he need 0.16 beta of win gajim?
  70. Asterix win does not have audio / video support unfortunatly
  71. albi even 0.16 ?
  72. Asterix even 0.16 ...
  73. albi :(
  74. albi why?
  75. Darlan
  76. Asterix because there is no farstream and python-farstream for windows available ... if you're able to compile it, we'd be very happy!
  77. Link Mauve I’ve spent weeks just to be able to compile my python game on windows (wine actually), it was very painful.
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  79. Asterix I've spend days to compile gstreamer, but it seems I didn't have enough plugins to compile farstream ...
  80. Darlan We must have this page either linked from the main page or available somewhere in horizontal menu "Home Screenshots Download Documentation Wiki Development"
  81. Asterix: I tried to install gajim 0.16 on ubuntu 13.04, but it says "Some packages could not be authenticated"
  82. Asterix yes of course, if you didn't installed the GPG key I use, it can't authenticate it. That should not prevent installing it (though I don't know ubuntu at all)
  83. How do I get the GPG key?
  84. Asterix
  85. Asterix gajim-dev-keyring_2007.06.12_all.deb
  86. Asterix or apt-get install gajim-dev-keyring if you have our repos configured
  87. Asterix as explained here:
  88. Thank you. Looks like I'm able to upgrade finally :)
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  90. Darlan Does anybody else, other than myself, think that group chat banner should have a constant height, just like MUC-PM and Direct chats?
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  92. Asterix why? reserving 2 line for subject while some room don't have subject sounds bad: loosing space for nothing
  93. Darlan This is true. I will raise this query after 0.16 release. I think UI would make better impression if the banner would have a constant height like the non-GC banners.
  94. Darlan By the way, Psi+ developers have said that, in future, Psi is to be based on Farstream to utilize VoIP features.
  95. Darlan dezant, Hello :-)
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  97. Darlan A contact has removed a subscription from me, I chose not to remove him and he is still displayed as online in my roster.
  98. Asterix that's the last status Gajim got. If you go offline and come back, you'll see it offline
  99. Darlan I will check. Maybe this is because he added me on a different account with the same nick as the one he removed me.
  100. Darlan Yes, now he seems as offline, but not in Observers group.
  101. Asterix what's his subscription value in info win?
  102. Darlan None
  103. Asterix then you probably already removed his subscription
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  105. Darlan So if he is an observer he should have me in his roster?
  106. Asterix no, you just said me he removed you ...
  107. Darlan Yes.
  108. Darlan Observers are observers if they have permission to see my status, while I do not have permission to see theirs, and they have me in their roster, is that correct?
  109. pvtlth Do I get it right? I can subscribe to someone but if he refuses, I see him always offline. And he doesn't see me at all.
  110. Darlan He will see whether you are online/offline if you allow him to see your status.
  111. pvtlth But he has not subscribed me, so I'm not in his roster, no matter if I show him my status... right?
  112. Darlan No.
  113. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7496 (Use gtk.Widget.set_direction to properly align roster items) updated Second priority: Disco banner and Disco item. Since it is almost always, if not always, in English (i.e. LTR), RTL users (minority) are affected the most.
  114. Asterix pvtlth: yes you're right. If he doesn't have have you in your roster he won't see your status. If he adds you to his roster and then refuse to give you subscription, he'll see your status until you "forbid him to see it"
  115. Darlan Asterix, Is there a public TODO list or is it kept private?
  116. Asterix trac is the todo list, then there are milestone
  117. Darlan Milestone is easier to follow, the rest is difficult.
  118. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7494 (High Priority Gajim Projects) updated It's open source. Every body is free to work on what he want. Yes, this is correct, but this sort of advertising could, hopefully, bring more attention and more manpower to assist you, and would, also, result in people posting about this issue on Blogs, Emails, Forums, IRC, XMPP, instead of you and a few others who would work on this compilation problem on their free time. To realize th[…][…]
  119. dicson Darlan, maybe gtk3 in TODO list? ;-)
  120. Darlan This is an obvious one. I want to see a ordered list of priorities and wish lists if there are.
  121. dicson :-)
  122. dicson Darlan, you want TODO list for 100 years?
  123. Darlan No :-P
  124. dicson Darlan, port to gtk3 not 15 minutes job.
  125. Darlan I assume it will not be easy.
  126. dicson And maybe it's impossible to finish.
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  128. Darlan If it is impossible to finish what would you do?
  129. pvtlth what is impossible to finish?
  130. Darlan GTK+ 3 port of Gajim.
  131. Darlan Might*
  132. Asterix our best, as always
  133. pvtlth well... I don't know about it...
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  135. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7495 (Bad group chat topic title color in banner) reopened It works correctly for me …