Gajim - 2013-09-25

  1. freedomrun hi
  2. freedomrun have a problem here with updating plugin installer, can anyone help?
  3. Darlan What is your problem?
  4. dicson freedomrun, see topic >Don't circle around with questions like "Have anyone used Gajim on Windows?"...
  5. freedomrun v15.4 cannot upgrade plugin installer
  6. freedomrun downloading v16-beta1 to see if this can fix that :)
  7. freedomrun brb to report
  8. dicson 0.11.9 for v15.4
  9. freedomrun got it fixed
  10. freedomrun just to report back as I promissed .. upgraded to 0.16-beta1 and still had a problem updating plugins using plugin installer plugin .. had to go to download all files and put them to zip archive then installed using zip installer in gajim and still didn`t work right away but after configuring plugin installer and unchecking "Use TLS transport" plugins are upgrraded ok :) .. just to let you know
  11. Link Mauve That branch is for the gtk3 branch of Gajim, it seems.
  12. freedomrun maybe this would work in 0.15.4 also with just unchecking "Use TLS transport" in plugin installer configuration dialog
  13. freedomrun well I have it on xfce
  14. freedomrun it works ok
  15. Link Mauve Warning, TLS brings a bit of security, you now basically allow anyone on your current network to execute arbitrary code just by faking the update page.
  16. dicson for 0.16-beta1
  17. freedomrun Link Mauve, thnx for warring, will enable it again
  18. freedomrun dicson, thnx for the link
  19. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim Plugins • Changeset [643:c35c8b4bfcb7]: Colored traceback plugin. with wrong manifest.ui(for devs) Colored traceback plugin. with wrong manifest.ui(for devs)
  20. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim Plugins • Ticket #73 ([File Sharing] Manage Shared Files MIMEType icon and size column) created Add columns Name and Size. Add MIMEType icon before name. P.S. Add menu item View > File Sharing.
  21. henk I regularly "lose" messages, i.e. they seem sent in gajim, but have never been received by the other person. I get no notification about that unless the other person tells me "you have not written anything for over an hour" or something. Is that a known issue?
  22. 0xAFFE henk, not that I know of, at least not to my knowledge and has not happened to me
  23. 0xAFFE henk, is the other user on the same server or on another?
  24. henk 0xAFFE, same server, but an android with xabber, not gajim.
  25. 0xAFFE hmm, ok, s2s troubles can be ruled out, if that happens again, you could open up the xml console and look if the server takes the messages
  26. 0xAFFE or if any xml stuff is sent
  27. 0xAFFE also it could be that xabber does not display the messages
  28. 0xAFFE henk, I assume its not reproduceable?
  29. henk 0xAFFE, I wouldn’t know how … I don’t even notice it unless I have another channel for verification to the other person.
  30. jakob Hello, there is a minor translation mistake in the de.po. Is there a specific policy for translation fixes?
  31. dicson
  32. jakob missed that, thank you
  33. Maranda Henk, that's a xabber bug
  34. Maranda Ping.
  35. Maranda xabber won't show messages which have the same id or come from merged resources in muc (possible in Prosody or Metronome)
  36. mrDoctorWho wtf
  37. Darlan mrDoctorWho, What happened?
  38. mrDoctorWho now is ok
  39. mrDoctorWho Asterix: hi, i every day have problems with joining here
  40. dicson mrDoctorWho, captcha? ))
  41. mrDoctorWho dicson: no, i think, s2s failed
  42. mrDoctorWho i just getting error "remote server not found"
  43. mrDoctorWho usually in the morning
  44. dicson never seen that
  45. dicson
  46. Maranda mutters... *libevent*
  47. Maranda mutters... *libevent* (and/or tcp timeouts)
  48. Maranda _ver
  49. bot Maranda: Prosody 0.9 nightly build 158 (2013-08-30, 27ae988f5b70) // Linux
  50. Darlan Even Tor's manpage has an error. $ man tor <standard input>:73: warning [p 1, 7.3i]: can't break line
  51. Darlan Tor v0.2.2.37 (git-fce6eb1c44e87bc2)
  52. Darlan /me message correction color test
  53. Darlan 1 2 3
  54. Darlan 2 3 4
  55. Darlan Asterix, I have a conversation with a contact in roster. There seem to be no errors and there is one chat tab, but I can't right-click (open context menu) on that tab or banner.
  56. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7493 (Gajim falsely says "insecure connection" and won't connect) created The following is based on a report made by a Windows user. I am, also, experiencing this problem under GNU/Linux. Bug description While using Gajim multiple times my account wouldn't connect, it would ask if i want to connect on a "insecure connection" and when I said yes it would say I can't connect. I would have to remove my account from Gajim and re[…]