Gajim - 2013-09-22

  1. Darlan ok
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  3. dicson Darlan,
  4. dicson Darlan, You want the plugin. he is ready
  5. Darlan Thanks. I will try it.
  6. miloss hello.. I discovered an issue caused by vorner's giant status information
  7. miloss the "rooster mouseover box" is higher than 1/2 of my screen
  8. miloss when his contact is in the middle of the screen and I mouseover him, the mouseover box does not fit nor from top-to-mouse nor mouse-to-bottom
  9. vorner Uh, do I have a large status?
  10. miloss yes.. that location info is taking a lot of space
  11. dicson :-)
  12. vorner I thought it was rather small.
  13. vorner Ah, location info.
  14. vorner That makes some sense.
  15. miloss 1 line header 1 line status text 1 line status name 2 lines "listening to" 12 lines location 1 line JID 1 line resource spacer line 2 lines idle time
  16. dicson I do not have this problem
  17. miloss how high is your screen?
  18. dicson 1080
  19. miloss mine is 768px - fluxbox toolbar
  20. miloss vorner, can you please add 10 lines to your status message?
  21. dicson :-)
  22. miloss if you have the same DPI as me, 8 lines should be required, 10 for hopefully sure
  23. vorner miloss: Not today. I don't feel especially literary productive.
  24. miloss really? you don't want to make gajim better? :/
  25. vorner But you are free to compose poetry for your status yourself ;-)
  26. miloss I would need way more lines, since I lack the location info
  27. vorner Add it, then. There's a plugin for that.
  28. miloss but oh well.. I guess I could just put 50 lines of status message in
  29. dicson miloss, put 5
  30. miloss how that could help?
  31. miloss the info box needs to be higher than 1/2 of your screen
  32. dicson it is hard to repro
  33. dicson >how that could help? More than five is not visible
  34. miloss aha
  35. miloss I guess it cannot be reproduced on 1080 display.. hmmm
  36. miloss can you switch to 768 I have for a while?
  37. dicson how that could help?
  38. dicson you need option to disable location info in tooltip?
  39. miloss no
  40. miloss I need the tooltip to be visible when it exceeds 1/2 of the screen height
  41. dicson any idea?
  42. dicson hm
  43. miloss so.. it's a regular tooltip and gtk needs to fix it?
  44. dicson not regular
  45. dicson miloss, can you make screenshot?
  46. miloss I could, but there is not much to screenshot on a tooltip that disappears in the blink of an eye
  47. miloss + he stopped listening to music and reading books, so it's 3 fewer lines
  48. miloss I can still reproduce by lowering my screen resolution to uncomfortable 800x600 and putting him roughtly in the middle
  49. miloss *roughly
  50. vorner OK, I'll let the music play while I run around the house
  51. vorner Better?
  52. miloss ys
  53. miloss yes
  54. miloss thanks a lot
  55. vorner Still, you must have a really large font.
  56. dicson hm I awitch to 800x600 and not have tooltip
  57. miloss I am sending you how it looks for me right now at 768p
  58. miloss wut?
  59. miloss FT says "not started"
  60. dicson not work
  61. miloss and 7.4KB/s, 8.5KB sent at the same time!
  62. miloss now you canceled, it, I canceled it, cleared
  63. miloss which got me a Groupchats->Gajim item in the rooster WHILE the groupchat is actually open
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  65. kcchouette Hi, is there anyone who use facebook with gajim hg ?
  66. miloss kcchouette, you sure you read the room title/topic?
  67. miloss nevermind..
  68. kcchouette Oh For me, I can't login to chat in facebook with gajim hg. Has someone
  69. kcchouette *+the same problem ?
  70. miloss :)
  71. dicson I fix height, but width hard to fix
  72. dicson miloss, or I can send
  73. dicson miloss,
  74. dicson kcchouette, I tryed facebook. not work
  75. kcchouette dicson, thanks. It's a problem of facebook ?
  76. dicson kcchouette, I do not know. I don't use that
  77. kcchouette Ok
  78. miloss dicson, when I look on the original code...
  79. miloss hmm
  80. miloss I guess I know why does it close immediately after it appers
  81. miloss it pops up under the cursor -> rooster realizes that the mouse is no longer above the contact (it's above the info tooltip now) -> hides it..
  82. dicson miloss, patched gajim?
  83. miloss not yet
  84. miloss looking what you are doing to it :)
  85. miloss right now I wonder why you moved the check.. is it because the place where it used to be doesn't know the width?
  86. dicson miloss, - if self.preferred_position[1] < 0: - self.preferred_position[1] = 0 - this problem
  87. miloss agreed
  88. dicson x=0
  89. miloss hmm. vorner is away..
  90. miloss running patched now
  91. dicson miloss, Can you write bugreport? I have problem whith english
  92. dicson I will attach the patch
  93. miloss where/how do I write it? or you mean the text of the report and you submit it?
  94. dicson send text to PM
  95. dicson miloss, thanks!
  96. MattJ Asterix, a feature request, it seems like it might not be too hard...
  97. MattJ In the service discovery browser, Gajim should handle error replies
  98. MattJ Instead of just waiting like nothing was received
  99. MattJ As important, it should show the error that was received, and the <text> if any
  100. Asterix we're supposed to already handle error replies. To be checked in 0.16 branch ... I think I did things about that ...
  101. Asterix but error txt is not shown
  102. MattJ Aha, I should update
  103. MattJ Prosody sends helpful messages when it can't reach components, etc. - it would be nice if these could reach the user to explain what is wrong (e.g. DNS failure, connection refused)
  104. vorner Couldn't that be a security issue?
  105. MattJ vorner, example?
  106. MattJ The user could just as easily try to connect to the component manually and find the same information
  107. MattJ or set up their own XMPP server and get it from the log files...
  108. MattJ so, I don't understand
  109. vorner I thought you mean a local component, where there might be more reasons than just the publicly discoverable
  110. MattJ The server doesn't connect to local components, they connect to it
  111. MattJ So no, I'm talking about remote components (on other servers)
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